Want to meet in London (March 14th or 15th, 2011)?


I’ll be in London on business from Monday, March 14th until the 16th, 2011. Anyone want to meet up for a drink and a talk? I’m always happy to meet fellow forum dwellers.

I don’t know my exact itinerary yet but Tuesday evening is likely the best bet. I’ll gladly dodge any colleague-induced outings in favour of you guys!

  • Jarmo from Finland

Might be able to for a quick lunch, but my month of heavy work has been extended for another two weeks. Which parts of London are you working in?

I don’t know yet :-) I was on holiday when the workshop was set up and I haven’t been at the place before. I’ll know on Monday morning.

Ah, yet another Qt3 American tries to get the UK contingent together!!

Good luck!!

My current understanding is that I’ll be working near Piccadilly Circus and rooming near the British Museum. I’ll arrive in London late on Monday and leave on Wednesday soon after work so Tuesday lunch/night or Wednesday lunch are the openings.

Easy enough for me to get to!

Excellent! Let’s discuss details when we play our Blood Bowl match tonight.