Wanted: Boston area game developer, must love kids

I got an email today from Mr. K-B at Fenway High School, no relation to the place where some of you might have resorted to looking for 360s. He’s interested in a visiting a local game developer, but the catch is that he’ll have a few high school kids in tow.

Having visited plenty of game developers, I can only imagine how shocked these poor kids are going to be when they see that it’s not all about sitting around and tightening up the graphics on level three with a gamepad. It’s long, hard, tedious, thankless, low-paying work in which you’re usually surrounded by unabashed displays of action figures. I’m just glad someone other than me is doing.

If any of you Boston area developers are reading, I hope you’ll consider contacting him. Here’s his message:

Boston’s Fenway High School is planning for its upcoming “Project Week”. During that week, students get out of the building and learn more about the Boston area. One of the groups will be learning about technology around Boston, and we would like to take our group (around 12 students + 3 teachers) to visit one or more video game software companies. If you would be willing to host a group of high school students for a tour (maybe 1-2 hours), here are the details:

Dates: April 10 or 11 (time is flexible, but prefer before 3:30)
Contact info:
Eric Kemp-Benedict (otherwise known as “Mr. K-B”)
[email protected]
cell: 617-590-5436
home: 617-661-8170

And if you want to know about Fenway HS, it’s a small public high school in Boston: http://fenwayhs.org/.


Eric Kemp-Benedict

That’s a fucking great idea. I’d sign up to this if I were a dev… in that area.

Has he thought about Muzzy Lane? They are in that area and do educational software.

So the kids can be even more bored.


A friend of mine might fit the bill, I’ll pass this along.

Paging Ken Levine?

I’ve passed this on to my boss, I think it would be a great thing to do.

But don’t let the young children near TrunkDr.

edit: Or the middle aged women.

Yes, I might eat them!

also, that officer manager is gone and has been replaced by another.

… huh? I was referring to your notorious birthday bash in toronto… what are YOU talking about?

what about turbine down south a bit… although not sure how great an example they would make ;)

I like how this thread turned from an earnest query into showing high school kids a positive experience into the world of game making . . .

. . . into an implied story about fucking the office manager.

(was America, now: Canada!) I salute you!

Me n Trunk are Canadians.

I was referring to your notorious birthday bash in toronto

Oh… yeah… forgot about that… fuck!

We do this all the time at Mythic. Got a kid coming up next Weds, as a matter of fact.


Tom, just got back from vacation. Is he still looking to come see a company?

“Class, say hello to Mr. Chumpface.”