War and Peace? Far West? Chariots of War?

All the above are supposedly out this week at EB, and I’ve heard nothing about any of them… any buzz from the strategy gamer cognoscenti here?

No buzz = massive suck.

Chariots of War is expected to be a minor step forward from Slitherine’s Legion. Set in the Ancient Mideast (Assyria, Israel, Hittites, Egypt, etc.). A little more city building than Legion, but the military engine is not being tweaked much.

The Paradox message board has more details, though only the dedicated fans tend to hang out there.


The Wargamer’s War and Peace review by Bill Trotter.

There’s also some talk on war-historical. Apparently the game’s fairly impressive as far as the vistas are concerned, though the actual gameplay is rather basic.

I think there’s a Far West demo out there.

I own War and Peace. Imported from France, bought in Oz last Christmas. Looks good but WAY WAY to complex and BIG to be playable IMHO.