War costs $20k per family?


holy crap. are you guys in the US getting your moneys worth? The only positive thing I’ve seen so far is to Inspire game devs to make Call of Duty 4 a kick ass game, but that’s not worth the trillion dollars IMHO.

I dunno it was a pretty damned good game. Plus the probable expansion …

I prefer to think of it as $60,000 per liberated Iraqi.

Freedom isn’t free.

We should bill them.

Apparently, the bill collectors are having a bitch of a time getting to the oil.

Yoo would have been cheaper to give ole saddam a tenth of that money and an caribean island to live for the rest of his life in peace… But now he is dead and the money is spend tenthfold ;)

Ah… Anyone remember those halcyon days when the war was going to cost about $10 billion, and then would pay for itself with oil revenues?

That 20k has really bought you a lot of freedom huh? No wait. It hasn’t! You were being satirical right?