War in the East: Baba Yaga's hut

Title War in the East: Baba Yaga's hut
Author Bruce Geryk
Posted in Game diaries
When March 28, 2011

The German crossing of the Dnepr River and the subsequent battle for Smolensk has been the subject of relatively few wargames..

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I am really enjoying your write up
As well as the game
For a wargamer, there is nothing quite like Barbarossa


TEC, CRT, SPI, AH, VG, TSR, GDW, S&T!!! Woooooo....

Nothing like a good acronym wargasm.

I'd love to see a German victory in a realistic* game like this. Get it done, Dr. Geryk.

*How can I call War in the East "realistic" when it doesn't model wells properly?

Excellent write-up with excellent writing. Please keep it coming.

Very nice episode

Thanks guys. There will be a one-day break (no diary today) and we will resume on Wednesday.

I always like the look of mapgames, but it's just gray envelopes vs. brown infinity symbols to me. Nice write up.

Having only ever dipped my big toe in the well of serious wargaming, I'm finding your articles to be very informative Bruce. As others have mentioned, you're doing a great job of revealing the "joys" of wargaming not easily discernable from a screenshot of hexes.

It's all about Raus....

and Glantz of course...