War of the Monsters for ps2 is Amazing

I never thought anyone could make a game like this. Everything I played in the demo was just fucking perfect. Im going to put some money down on it tomorrow.

Giant monster fighting games rock.

What’s it like? Can you describe how it plays? Give any specific details about what exactly impressed you?

Is it comparable to King of the Monsters on NeoGeo? Rampage? (Albeit in 3D) Is the camera erratic?

Does it compare to Powerstone or Choukousenki Kikaoih as far as 3D destructive brawlers are concerned? Oh and have you tried that Godzilla game on Gamecube? Is that one any fun?

War of the Monsters is a far better game than Godzilla GCN in almost every respect. 'zilla has edge visually, but KOTM leads in every other category. The pacing of the combat is better - think King of the Monsters in 3D - the control tighter, the collision detection spot on and the environmental destruction both comprehensive and exceptionally well implemented (as you’d expect from the makers of Twisted Metal Black). My only peeve is, as usual, that the camera could be slightly better, but all in all this looks like a winner.

Could have told you that after playing Mail Order Monsters back in the mid 80’s.

Link to a good review?

It isn’t out until next year according to this:


Angry where did you get the demo?

– Xaroc

Is it on the OPM disc this month?


Any one remember the old SSI game Crush, Crumble and Stomp? Strategic-level city munching. Lost a few hours playing that one.

Nope. Never heard of it.

[size=2]HAR! HAR! HAR![/size]

The answer is yes, I confirmed this at lunch when I picked it up. :)

– Xaroc

Most obscure orchestration of_Night on Bald Mountain_… Ever…

I think that was Epyx, and it ws “Crush, Crumble and Chomp!” :)


Yes, that’s the title. I still have it around here somewhere on cassette tape for the Atari 800XL. :D