War on the Sea by Killerfish Games

This just went live today and I can’t find any gameplay videos or streams (which makes me concerned). Anyone besides me want to take the plunge and buy it anyway?

I’ll get it eventually, but I asked was specifically told there ARE in-battle saves! Yay!

I enjoyed Atlantic and Pacific Fleet. I will get this.

You are my only Steam friend that wants this game :-)

(Although I have very few friends there so maybe that is meaningless LOL)

N’aawww. hugs

I like the title of this game because it could either be about warfare that occurs in the sea or it could be about declaring war on the sea.

Could’ve been a great game about Caligula, but it’s just another WWII Pacific game.

I was expecting this game to be about modern humanity’s war on the sea (as in, against the sea). But it’s just about wars we’ve had while floating on top of the sea, that’s disappointing…

Boughtenized with extreme prejudice. I love my little boom-boats. Loved everything Killerfish did so far, and I’m certain I’ll love this.

The environmentalists could easily boycott this game.

Either way, I bought it. I never buy things on release day but it’s been so many years since I played a good naval game.

Are there any games set in the Netherlands or a near-future coastal city where you build dikes and earthworks to hold back the ocean from your dry land?

I liked but didn’t love Atlantic fleet. If it has a good campaign I might buy it, but it is my wait and see category right now, until reviews come in.

If you see something, say something! Don’t let The Sea win!

They’re probably chatting about this release over at subsim.com. I’ll check in there before picking this up.

edit: trailer here. https://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?p=2723954#post2723954

The sea has already won, any breakfast bagel sandwich.

Bought and installed (only 3 gigs, so sucked down right quick).

Looks like a fun time. Got some tutes’ done, then on to a battle. Got whooped. Two cruisers vs all of the Imperial Navy it seemed. Guess I picked the wrong side ;-)

It doesn’t look particularly spectacular. I guess WoWS has me spoiled for pretty boom-boats. I do love the granular detail and amount of control you get while still being generic enough to work for everything from a Gato submarine to a Yamato class battlewagon.

The fact that the game has a theatre menu built in strongly hints to future Atlantic and Mediterranean expansions.

Do you control the airforce as well?

Yes you do, and if you want almost directly. Just short of grabbing a joystick and aiming the bombs yourself. Or just click on the map to tell 'em to go there and bomb that.

Well the War on the Sea was bad for the environment. When I did so wreck diving in Guadalcanal’s iron bottom sound in the late 1990. Some of the locals were complaining that oil leaking from sunken ships was hurting the reef. Evidently the Japanese had plug the leaks of many of their ships. I rather snarkly suggested that Japanese should do the same for the American ships also since they were the ones who were responsible for sinking them.

Reviews are not happy with the game. This gives me pause.

I’ve played through most of the tutorials, albeit in a pretty disjointed manner (hey, it’s lunch, let me do 2 of them) but it seems pretty intuitive on the tactical level.

I watched part of a stream yesterday and he found a few bugs. They all sounded pretty minor and a patch would fix those. Unlike when I played TF1942 back in the old days and my ships couldn’t even manage a “line ahead” formation.