"War on the Sea" from Cold Waters dev

You have my full attention.

Can we put that video in the “trailers that give you chills” thread?!

I do not think I’ve played a good naval battles game… and good means 1) game engine works well (AI doesn’t send do crazy stuff with their ships), 2) good graphics and 3) relevant subject matter with a decent strategic layer. Totem makes some interesting games but they’re all weird periods and weird nations.

But there’s no indication of what kind of game this is. Is it action-y? hard-core grog stuff? What level of command and control? The ship and plane models are ok, but not outstanding (certainly not as good as say World of Warships, which for all of its flaws has beautiful ships). I’m interested, but sort of in the dark still.

Heavily inspired by the classic computer games “Great Naval Battles” and “Task Force 1942″, “War On The Sea” puts you in command of securing the South Pacific during World War II.

Do you have it Jeff? I’m wondering if it’s like Atlantic Fleet or Pacific Fleet. Same developers, Killerfish. Both great games.

It better be (but with a better pacing)

Yeah, I get that.

Nope, but I’ll be watching it with great interest. I don’t think it’s coming for a while yet.

Cold waters bounced really hard. Could not figure out the interface. Was looking for a Red Storm Rising clone and did not fine one.

Where’s the info from? The video just seems to have, well, video.

Oh, saving during battles might be a thing!

A fancy Atlantic Fleet, oooh?

I loved the GNB games and TF42 when I was new-ish to PC games. To be honest, I loved the idea of them because I remember them being buggy messes. I’d have my ships in a line in TF1942 and they’d randomly change direction and my shooting line would look more like ants crawling around randomly.

I actually played TF 42 while I was a LT. in the US Navy. It was Spring of 93 I think. I was at the Defense Language Institute and I did a presentation in my at the time pretty broken Arabic to my class on the Battle of Iron Bottom Sound (Salvo Island) which I played a bunch of times as a scenario. Always got wiped by the Japanese long lance torpedoes if I remember correctly. Lots of star shells and gun flashes at night. It was really fun to play. Hope this scratches that itch.

Edit: Sound no Bay lol

Pretty much this. TF1942 ships will happily march across land. Divide by Zero just could never get the GNB series in decent shape, and Fighting Steel was a marred last effort.

I think that the ass-backward-appearing Steel & Iron series does the best job of simulating metal behemoths lobbing high explosives at each other. Killerfish’s previous Pacific and Atlantic Fleet efforts were mighty good efforts, though.