War on Whuuuuut?

I just saw an interesting Wal-Mart commercial during the ABC Nightly News. It was promoting Veteran’s Day, with a WWII veterean talking about fighting for freedom, etc.

It then identified various veterans working at Wal-Mart, Korea, Vietnam, etc. One was a veteran of “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” but that’s understandable.

But another person was identified as a veteran of the “War on Terrorism.”

Huh? What the heck does that mean?

There’s a joke somewhere in there about Walmart employing the veterans of the losing side in the War on Poverty.

The Pentagon had a campaign medal for the War on Terrorism made up… I believe its been renamed though.

So then there must be veterans of the War on Drugs too. And what about the other side - are there retired drug smugglers and terrorists who are veterans too?

I’d guess Afghanistan.


I wonder if my dad can now claim he’s a veteran of the Cold War.

How about the War of Illiteracy? War on Child Abuse? We’ve fought many wars, and there have been many veterans. Can they all get some cash out of this?