War & Peace

Anyone else interested in this? It has Paul/Eli Sunday, Cinderella/Downtown Abbey girl, and the evil bastard from Happy Valley (he’s also the voice of Dragon Age’s Cole). Starts tonight on A&E.

I’ve watched it and It got me bored. I know Russian language and I’ve read the original book. It is as boring, as the show is.
Good acting, nice costumes, but boring plot spoils it.

Watched it with the girlfriend. It’s an interesting expensive costume drama that has a little bit of action in it–though the (visual) descriptions of battle are a little simplified (for instance the battle of Austerlitz is depicted at the end of the episode but is never really mentioned by name and is depicted very basically).

— Alan

YMMV and all… It is my favorite novel! Didn’t know there was going to be a show of it. While I have my doubts, will watch an episode to see it they captured some of the magic of the book.