War World XBLA/split screen gaming

Anyone know if War World on Xbox Live Arcade does split screen MP?

If it does, I’ll proably buy it to play w/my son. Otherwise it’s no sale.

On that note, anyone have any suggestions for split screen action games for X360? The kid’s got better reflexes than his old man, but I’d still like to play him. :)

Castle Crashers is same-screen 4-player action, and what little I’ve had time to play was fun.

Split Screen action games:

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 or 2, Gears of War, Halo 3, X-Men (same screen)

I guess some of these might be inappropriate depending on the age of your kid. There are tons of sports games that are really fun both co-op and vs (FIFA 08, NHL 09).

I don’t know what War World does, because the demo was literally 60 seconds long. After probably 2x that time in loading times. Worst demo in XBL history.

Sounds like someone didn’t play the Battlezone demo!

Geometry Wars 2 has some really great same-screen 2-player action. Heavy Weapon (is that the one with the little atomic tanks?) is also fun same-screen co-op.

I don’t know any good split-screen games to recommend because, even with a ginormous widescreen hdtv to play on, I hate hate hate split-screen gaming.