War3 beta CD key for grabs

I’m done with the beta - new cpu, new bios, lost cdkey for some reason and don’t want to d/l again on modem - so if someone around here hasn’t for some reason been able to play it before now i’ll send it to someone. There are still a few weeks left before the beta ends despite going gold today. Its pretty different, with lots of new items as well as the new heros and units, so if your interested leave an email or some way to contact. I dont’ want to post it since it would just be first come first serve : ).

Isn’t this, like, REALLY against whatever NDA you signed?

send me teh b3ta key (check your private messages)

NDA? wtf is an NDA? heh…

No, they didn’t make the 30,000 plus beta-testers sign a NDA. I don’t know if there was something in the EULA about it, but I suspect Blizzard’s level of caring about it ranks up with the sudden resurgence of the Ottoman Empire.

Well the only thing non-disclosure about it was the license agreement; just look around at all the information available on fansites. And, as far as i can skim i haven’t seen anything expressly prohibiting giving your key to someone else, just in making multiple connections, although it does say your only supposed to make one copy of it. I thought i had good intentions since it would’ve just sat idle, might as well put it to work for someone else. Whatever. : ) The ‘beta’ test is just a lottery anyway, they want numbers as well as balance input and ive given them suggestions enough.

The Selfish Gene,

did I win the lottery?!? My PM box is empty :(

I generally love all the changes in the beta. It plays like a completely different game than “classic” WC3, and a lot of previously marginal units are useful now. Well, except for gyrocopters.

My only remaining beef is that they really, REALLY need to change Chimeras. Make them 7 food, or reduce their damage. Massed level 3 air* is tough-- but possible-- to counter. Massed chims are well nigh unstoppable, unless you scout it early on and attack.

In a recent 2vs2, I was lucky enough to force an early attack because I suspected this strategy by the NE player. Sure enough, there are two Chim roosts in the back of his base blazing away. Only one spawned before we took them down.

Lately I’ve begun using an almost exclusively level 1 unit strategy as humans-- a single barracks, constantly producing a footman rallying to your hero, steady basic unit upgrades, combined with a relatively quick 2nd tier town hall upgrade and a second hero. The single barracks means you don’t overspend yourself, eg, you typically have exactly the right amount of money to keep footmen production going 95% of the time, and enough left over for the town hall and armor/attack upgrades you need at the time you need them. The trick is to power-creep like a madman, I mean as quickly as humanly possible from creep camp to creep camp. This is absolutely critical, maximizing the hero exp benefit of quick L1 unit production. Then, right as your opponents would be producing their first major level 3 units (see above example), attack with your levelled heroes and massed/upgraded level 1 units.

It can go sour, but it’s rare. Once we did this and we attacked the OTHER player, eg, NOT the one producing chimeras. We did a lot of damage, but it didn’t matter once the chimera army rolled in. That was ugly. It’s my own fault for not scouting, of course.

  • We’re talking about Warcraft 3. By “massed” I mean, like, six. Or maybe eight at most. Yep, that’s a huge air force in WC3. Shocking!

The thing about chims is that they’re the only reliable tech path NE can go and feel comfortable with, at least in team games; although bears can be good on stranglethorn vale if you can keep the NE from being rushed. What else do they make, mass DoTT like in vanilla?

I just dropped the keyboard and it erased everthing…sigh.

With humans i used to like fast expanding but in 1on1s i prefered double summons with the Beast Master; it worked wonders on Turtle Rock although Whirlwind is still better for early expansions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tiny Great Halls, best it3m 3v4|2. Most orbs are crap but the UD one is nice. Statue/Fiend is the cheeze of the month. Many of the less loved heroes like the Death Knight and Paladin are now considered some of the best, where others like the Dread Lord have fallen out of favor (sleep is so horrible in anything above 1on1). Of the new heroes, only the Shadow Hunter is a considerable improvement and the others are only complementary. I’m sure youve experienced the fun of double AoE / Breaker madness.

I think they just gave up on the Gyro. :)

[edit] 8 is a HUGE flock of Chims btw :). Whats the leet speak of the day? ggthxnore. Oh i forgot, aren’t there Frost Wyrms still in the beta, cause i sure never saw a one. With less gold per mine they’re simply too difficult to tech up too, and with such high wood requirements they’re only viable if you keep an army of ghouls at home or a shredder.


did you give teh b3t4 k3y out yet???