Warcraft III arrives :)

Anyone else get the collector’s edition today? Usually, publishers just send me normal versions, but this monster contains a DVD of cut scenes with audio commentary, a soundtrack CD, a manual signed by the team, a “The Art of Warcraft” book, and lithos of the four races. Sweet!


I bet Blizzard wants you to give it a good review in the new york times. They must have forgot you are not playing computer games anymore because of Sept. 11.


I got a copy of the CE today too. It’s a nice package. I’m tempted to watch the DVD with the cinematics, but there are probably some spoilers.

I could have waited another week until I finished NWN. Guess I’ll just split time now between the two games.

The cinematics actually don’t make a lot of sense unless you play the game. A lot of the story only comes out through the cutscenes created with the game engine.

There are some nice moments in the cinematics, but I found them pretty disappointing. They’re certainly not as good as Eternal Darkness. :)


Good Lord! I need to become a reviewer. It would be nice to not have to go out and buy games, just have the companies send them to you. Collectors edition, no less!

Selling computers is starting to wear on me, I think. You know what I get from vendors who want me to push their products? Keychains, cheap ass pens, and beer coolers that say “Compaq” on them. Nice huh?

Needless to say, I never sell Compaqs. Not because they suck (well, not JUST because they suck) but because of the bastards who pester me and send me their cheap crap.

Sorry, waaay off topic here.

“We apologize for the inconvience.” - Douglas Adams

Actually, James, only the most exalted and prolific writers or editors get the fancy stuff :) Most companies these days don’t send much out, and schwag has traditionally been small stuff…like you said: keychains, notepads, pens, and bacteria petri dishes. As for becoming a game reviewer, stick with hardware sales. Even in a crashing PC market, you’ll probably make more money.

That said, the Warcraft III CE does sound pretty cool, but most press will probably get the regular edition.

What I want is a soundtrack of the Warcraft II music. That was nice music!

Is there any way one could be a game reviewer on the side? It would be great to be able to maintain my current job and still get the coolest new games for free…

Tom, do you get the free stuff because of your website or because of your magazine reviews?

All of a sudden I’m inspired to write game reviews… faced with the prospect that no one will care what I think about a particular game, how does one go about making an impact?

The Collector’s Edition is only $15 more than the rather expensive $60 regular game, and worth EVERY PENNY. Really nice box, cinematic DVD, four lithographs, soundtrack CD, and a really nice “Art of Warcraft” book.

Mr. Ace,

I’m on some press lists probably because I write for a few different publications and I’ve been doing this for so long (since 1995). But the only time I’m assured a press copy is when I’ve been given a review assignment. I still buy a lot of games.


Thanks for the tip Tom.

At the moment, I’m more interested in writing reviews than I am interested in free games. What does one do? Go to college, lie/cheat/steal their way into an internship with a game magazine, capitalize on that, etc?

That was the only scenario that came readily to mind, I’m sure there are other people who managed to build their fame totally online. Penny-Arcade (http://www.penny-arcade.com), for instance. I take their opinions on games pretty seriously, for the most part they position themselves as fans more than reviewers. Then again, they sucked me in with the comics, but now I come back more for the newsposts than anything else.

I thought the cinematics were fantastic. The guys at Blizzard could (and do) give the Squaresoft animators a run for their money. The one at the end of the human campaign is great.

Don’t watch the cinematic DVD or look at the Art Book (Collector’s Edition) before you play the game, however. There are plenty of spoilers in each.

You know not of what you speak.

You come home from your day job and have to do more work. Games will no longer seem like games any more, even in your favorite genre.

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m projecting again…

And most people who review games do so on the side, I believe.

My experience is totally limited, but hopefully will grow, but I’d be one in that book, should I ever reach that degree of “notoriety.”

>Don’t watch the cinematic DVD or look at the Art Book (Collector’s Edition) before you play the game, however. There are plenty of spoilers in each

Thanks for the warning – I was just about to flip through the art book. Another vote for the CE – it’s one of the best packages I’ve seen for a game.


Yeah. it’s a fantastic package well worth the extra $15 (alternately, you could argue that the regular version, at $60, is a bit overpriced). The art book contains a bunch of minor spoilers and one really big one. If you are concerned mostly about the big one, feel free to crack it open after you have finished the human campaign.

This is Reason Number One why I haven’t written a piece for CGM/CGO in over two years now. The writing was fun at first, but eventually transformed my fun, engrossing hobby into a joyless, tedious chore.

There’s nothing like bringing home a hot new game and having to throw it on the pile because the review deadline on the game you’re writing up is scant days away. Or playing the new game anyway and feeling completely guilty about the fact that you should be working on your review instead. Or burning out on a good game for an assignment and never playing it again. Blah.

While packing for a recent move, I found a stack of old magazines that I’d saved because I’d contributed to them. It was fun to read some of my old stuff from 1993 (especially the MOO preview I’d written from an early beta)… but I have no immediate desire to write any more. I’d rather be playing. :D

When gaming becomes work, it certainly can affect your appreciation of the games. I haven’t reached that point yet. Despite having almost all of my markets die on me, I still like games enough that I just can’t quit completely, and I have plenty of distractions on the side (one 2.5 year old now, and a new baby due in December).

Ace, just query editors at magazines you like. 90% of the time they won’t answer (they’re deluged with email every day), but sooner or later someone will give you an opportunity if you truly have the desire and the competence for it. Also, it helps if you’re willing to write for free :)

Darn it, you guys have me convinced I have to go buy a W3 CE now!

“At the moment, I’m more interested in writing reviews than I am interested in free games. What does one do? Go to college, lie/cheat/steal their way into an internship with a game magazine, capitalize on that, etc?”

The poor man’s guide to becoming a game reviewer:

(1) Participate in usenet discussions - pick your genre and dive right in.
(2) Eventually some site will post in usenet that they are looking for reviewers willing to write for free - but will give you a “free” game. Take them up on their offer.
(3) Hope somebody notices your high quality work or bombard editors with examples of your high quality work until they respond. [Note-don’t bombard SportPlanet :) ]

Some sites post want ads, others don’t. I’m speaking about the online side of things. I’ll let the mag brethren address that media.

Everybody that I know that writes reviews does so by candle light or during times otherwise allotted to their families [or at least that’s what my wife claims]


Bernie, try a web search for ‘warcraft 2’ and ‘midi’ and you should be able to find the music pretty easily.

I’m doing the poor man’s review gig, meaning I only review titles that I’ve shelled out for. This works great. I’ll probably like the title since I probably wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. I also have no problem complaining if I feel like I got burned. The down side is trying to review in a timely fashion. Admittedly, there are some press copies of upcoming releases around, but I’d have to get them rerouted via our site director.

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