Warcraft III mods?

Do any of you guys have any experience with mods for Warcraft III? I understand there are some pretty cool CTF options and such, but I wouldn’t begin to know how to begin to wade through all the files typcially available on sites like Warcraftiii.net.

Can anyone recommend any specifics maps/mods?


Defense of the Ancients. Basically team-vs-team base destroy. The only unit you control is a hero you select from about 12 on your faction (there are 2 factions, Elves and Undead). Troops spawn continuously from troop buildings at your base and take 3 routes to the enemy base, down specific corridors through the forest and the like. Your job is to assist your troops with your hero, through your hero’s abilities and the like. Surprisingly strategic, and very fun once you get the hang of it.

I’ve seen some cool ones on Battle.Net, but never downloaded any. I’m interested in findings, too.

Addendum: Liken Defense of the Ancients to a Warcraft III version of Dynasty Warriors. You control the general, and assist your independent troops turn the tide of battle. Very popular on bnet, but it’ll take a few games before you get the hang of everything.

ya, DOTA is quite good. probably the most popular variant. also cool is wintermaul. a lot of people like tower wars, and it is interesting for a short while, but i got sick of it quickly.

Being the hip cutting edge guy I am I have just become interested in Warcarft 3 mods. I’ve been playing Elements and Defense of the Ancients, and both are a lot of fun. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Tower Defences: Wintermaul is a little boring and long but a good introduction to tower defense maps. Element TD 3.0 is really fun what with the different combinations of elements forming something like 200 towers. Sprout TD is one of the best, but it’s really hard, same with Gem TD. Spore and Gem TD are really innovative and engaging, it’ll take a few games to figure out what all the stuff does and how to use it but once you have figured it out they’re really deep games.

DoTA: I don’t know anything about DoTA, I was not met with kindness when I tried to play, and while I don’t really care if a bunch of 12-years olds want to throw lame insults at me, there’s nothing I can do to stop them from kicking me from the game.

Nothing else is really popular. There used to be a whole bunch of cool arena games where you fought monsters and heroes and one player was basically the DM, but no-one hosts them anymore. My advice is that unless you want to play DoTA, you don’t need to download maps ahead of time. Just go to custom games, browse until you see a game name or map name that interests you and join it. You download the map from the host if you don’t have it, the only reason you can’t do this with DoTA is because the maps are friggin huge and you’ll be insta-kicked for even trying to download from them.

EDIT: I was going to say that all the qt3 people could meet on b.net to try out some of these maps I’ve recommended, but upon searching I discovered that I never saved all my old WC3 maps when I wiped my hard drive, and so I lost all my old good maps, some of which were never hosted anywhere, they were just passed from player to player, like FFTactics heroquest, which was like a 6 hour game that you had to save your progress in via codes, so hardly anyone played it.

Shopping Maul (har har) is also pretty fun, with the added bonus of gaining exp as you play which can be saved via codes, eventually unlocking more advanced races and towers. You earn more exp per level the higher difficulty you are on, so there is some incentive to try and challenge yourself.

Every WC3 game has codes now-a-days. So dumb.

I was always a big fan of Skibi, a tower defense custom map. Don’t know what its status is nowadays, though.

I haven’t played in a few months, actually probably about 6 months, but last I checked Skibi’s was still being played. It’s another good one that I had forgotten about.

I enjoy castle fight (http://www.eeve.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=309)… cute game where you build army producing buildings, buff/debuff buildings, and some towers (though towers hurt you economically). I find it pretty relaxing, as there is no micro, the only thing you have control over is your builder unit… calmly making choices based on armour/weapon type, flying/ranged/melee, safety vs economic advancement.

Are there any of these WCIII mods that are good for solo play? I’m somewhat interested in DotA but I have little interest in trying online play. Is it playable solo? If so, how is it?

Most War3 mods are multiplayer, I think the best way to begin is joining random games on the custom game list. Slowly you will see a trend of the maps people play, the trend changes from time to time. For example, there was a time Sheep Tag was really popular, then Footman War and Cube TD. The fact that Battle.net let you download the maps in the lobby is why it is such a success. If you see a game you are interested, just join and try it.

p.s. Try to avoid Dota at the beginning, it is very newbie-unfriendly. If you have never played it, I suggest downloading the AI map and practice a bit (think of it as a tutorial).

Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome. Im downloading and trying them out now.

What about those TD mods? Are they also MP?

They can be played either way. I like Elements just to play alone. Though if you play multiplayer then you both play in identical zones and the challenge is to see who lasts longer. Its pretty fun and my wife likes it since we get to play together but arent directly against each other.

Multiplayer TDs are awesome for 2 reasons: 1) I’d much rather be right beside someone else competing with them than competing against some kind of abstracted score, and 2) because if you are a beginner it is always helpful to be able to look and see what 4-9 other people are doing to get an idea of how to play.

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a lot of fun and fairly intense. The downside is the people you play with are the biggest bunch of ass holes in the PC gaming universe. Other than that, though, it’s fun.

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