Warcraft III warezed already

Saw a thread about it on Gone Gold. Those pirates sure are fast. They apparently have the entire game for download.

I’ve heard talk of people who had a warezed version over a month ago. Don’t know if it was the beta (but I’d bet it was), or some “leaked” build. Of course, it couldn’t have been the gold copy, since it wasn’t gold at this time, so I wonder if they’ve got the gold copy now.

Speaking of piracy, and veering way off-topic: I’ve been fighting the urge to go download the warezed version of Lord of the Rings that I know is out there. It’s not on in theaters around here anymore, and not out on DVD yet, so it’s really easy for me to justify it to myself…I’d still buy the DVD when it came out, so I’m not robbing anyone of money. I just really want to see the movie again, but don’t have the option at this point. It sucks. But I haven’t, and I’m sure I won’t. It’s just tempting.

So, anyway…Yeah – back to Warcraft III. Warezed, huh? Not surprised, but I wonder if it’s the gold copy, or just something that they’re claiming is “complete.” Like I said, there’s been something out there for months.

As much as I hate elaborate copy protection schemes, the warez thing is getting out of hand. I don’t know which is worse, SafeDisc or looking up keywords in the manual. Gah!

  • Alan

SafeDisc, by a country mile.

It’s likely that it’s the full game. Blizzard is doing a worldwide simultaneous release, so the game must be in duplication already.

Once it goes to the dupe factory, all it takes is for one person to walk out with a copy and post it on a warez site.

Welcome to the global marketplace!

  • Alan

I wish I was cool enough to hack games. I wouldn’t do it (I don’t think), and I wouldn’t distribute them all over the place via warez sites, but I sure would like to know how.

Chances are you can find a DVD transfer of Fellowship of the Rings online because New Line sent out DVDs of the movie to academy award voters as part of their Oscar promotion campaign (same with Black Hawk Down). These will inevitably get to someone who can rip it and put it on the net, hence there are some real high quality MPEGs out there of the movie.

— Alan

Yeah, Alan, I know for sure that they’re out there. I’ve visited other message boards where people commented that they had downloaded them.

Knowing that they’re there makes it so hard to not download one…Just until the DVDs are released!

But I’ll be strong. Gandalf would want it that way.

My best friend has a screener copy of LoTR, it looks great and he has burned it to a DVD. The crawl pops up from time to time. He doesn’t sell it to anyone though just in case. I have resisted the temptation to get a copy made so far.

Chris :)

>My best friend has a screener copy of LoTR, it looks great and he has burned it to a DVD. The crawl pops up from time to time.

Those were widely available in New York for 10 bucks starting the week prior to release. I had a copy - the best part was the option to include English subtitles, which were unbelievably bad. The quality was otherwise pretty much normal DVD quality, except occassionally the color was pretty faded.

Yeah, I’ve got that one myself… with the “Property of New Line Cinema” crawler on it an everything.

As for buying the DVD, will I get it in Sept? Nope. I’m waiting for the “real deal” that comes out around xmas. They’re not tricking me into buying that one twice, hehe.

Heck, a guy could end up owning 6 different copies of Army of Darkness if you had to get each new “special edition” when it came out.

I’ll probably buy both, but I’ll sell (e-bay, to a friend, something) the non-collector’s edition one once I buy the collector’s edition.

My wife’s exact words were “You can get both, but there’s no sense in owning them both at the same time.” It’s not even about the money. But I can’t wait until November to see it again (though there’s always Netflix…), but I want the collector’s edition.

I’m not sure what to do about it. I hear the November release has all the extras plus the National Geographic Tolkien biography special. Tempting, especially for any deleted scenes. My question is: will this November release feature the original theatrical release too? Or is it one of those annoying “all the extra footage is spliced into the film” dealies.

I (usually) prefer to get the version I saw in the theater. Often I find the new scenes superfluous or poorly shoehorned into the narrative (See Apocalypse Now Redux)

Anyone have the scuttlebutt?


Actually, in this instance I’d rather have the scenes spliced in. Many “extra scene” features on DVDs focus on scenes that were cut for narrative reasons (i.e. to make a better film). In the case of Fellowship, I’m guessing that all of the included scenes were merely cut for time.

Just picked up the Legend DVD, by the way, and for Legend fans out there, it’s a great set. The original theatrical release and the director’s cut (which is actually a very different film), all in one package. Nice.

Ah, good to know. I could do without a) Tom Cruise and b) the constant downpour of feathery, twinkly fairy-bellybutton-lint in just about every scene of that movie, but Tim Curry was just satan-tastic. I’ll have to check it out.

I understand the Director’s cut even has a completely different musical score and over 20 minutes of new footage. Cool that they included both versions, though. God bless Ridley Scott.

Legend fans? I wasn’t aware there were any such creatures.


“My question is: will this November release feature the original theatrical release too? Or is it one of those annoying “all the extra footage is spliced into the film” dealies.”

Yes. If you want the theatrical release, you need to buy a different DVD. They’re going to put out two DVD sets.


Worse, I won’t know which one I want to own until the November one comes out.