Wardell: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I recently interviewed Brad for Gamasutra and thought some of you guys might be interested. Sorry if this seems like pimping, but it’s not my site :)

Brad Wardell SPEAKS

Speaking of an MMOG RTS-ish game kind of like what Society is described to be…

I got to the point in NWN where you have a stronghold. I really like that part of managing it and trying to grow it. I really thought that in it was the seed for a MMOG game. You could have your player character as you do now in any other MMOG, but you also have your strong hold which you need to develop.

You need to pacify the lands near by, you need to gather troops, train them, equip them, and assign them duties. You also develop economies, give quests out for adventurers, do major quests yourself, see to the peasant populations, and eventually participate in world events.

Which one of you misspelled Archon?

I just wish more companies would handle their digital distribution like Stardock. I can preorder and preload online so I am playing the instant it’s released, and for a few bucks more I get a physical copy sent at a later date? I freaking loved that. I wish Steam copied this.

Oh Matt, you and your clever wit. You’re the living end. Seriously though, is that your hobby?

Also if I remember correctly you can unlock the games on pretty much all your computers and play them simultaneously?

Oh, to answer Matt’s question, I’m the culprit, it was a phone interview.

Wow … fucking wow. I LOVED Master of Magic. It brings back a flood of all the warm feelings I had for the Microprose titles and it led me down the Heroes of Might and Magic and Age of Wonders line as well. That game was on my hard drive for years. It spanned the length of several upgrades to my system.

And to see it all fucked over by an Atari opinion that they held something so valuable in a name, they could only let it “be used” in some over the top way. Way to go Atari. Rot in hell.

To Brad Wardell and the wonderful crew there (I loved Gal Civ 2 by the way) I hope YOUR game goes far beyond what Master of Magic did, and I will be looking forward to purchasing it myself.

Man, Stardock’s upcoming games are almost all games I want to play. They just keep doing things I like, a la Space Rangers 2 without starforce. I think I’ll buy another Stardock game just to say thanks or maybe just post this message to say thanks.

Nice read. I want to ask though, do you both really feel like KOTOR is a departure from BG2? Its obviously different graphically/perspective wise but aside from that I think its very much like BG2. The NPC interaction stuff took what BG2 did and expanded on it. The combat, with the autopausing, etc. is very much the same. Those two parts make up the bulk of the gameplay experience.

I liked KOTOR so much (and KOTOR2) in large part because they are the only games I have played (not counting the just released NWN2) that feel even remotely like BG2.

Short of the atrocious interviewer and that picture of Brad looking like a Microsoft intern, nice job.

BW: Alright, do you remember named pipes? That’s old. I shouldn’t say that, because someone’s going to say something about networking code.

Hey, we still have named pipe support in our networking code! Though I don’t think anybody’s actually used it in years and we don’t even mention it in the doc anymore… (And on NT, though I think they were compatible with OS/2 ones over NetBIOS.)

I got to the point in NWN where you have a stronghold. I really like that part of managing it and trying to grow it.

Kinda like a … DWARF FORTRESS?

Actually my pathological fear of roguelikes has prevented me from playing that game. I just like saying “Dwarf fortress”

I think you need to ease up on the coffee. Or something. Maybe play some Haylow or some Burnedout 3 to work out some of that anger.

I had the misspelling corrected so there’s no more need of harsh “slams”.

What is this? “Suck up to Developer/Writer/Editor Day”?

Not to be a jerk, but the link to http://www.societygame.com/ is also misspelled.

Eeek Gad! He wears a tie!

Also kick your editor.

www.soceitygame.com is a broken address. A spellchecker would have fixed it. :P

Seriously, man, relax.