Wardell: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

HAH! That’s not my bad!

I’m cool baby, I’m cool.

What bothers me about so many of these “interviews” is that they generally seem phony and constrained. It’s as if the conversationalism gets edited out…which is too bad really.

But not a McMastersession!

I think this is, by far, the best interview I’ve ever read. It’s totally organic. It’s like you just called the guy up and started talking about stuff and had a great conversation and then wrote it down.

Very entertaining!

Hey, this Mechanical Turk approach to real-time article editing is a neat idea. :)

On a separate note, why aren’t more U.S. indie developers doing competent 4x games? Seems like there’s a good niche there, and there are enough niche wargames out there that must be just as difficult to create?

I really, really liked that interview. The conversational approach made for a very cozy read. And the types of topics covered and the back and forth made for a far more entertaining read than the usual dry journalistic approach. Just a couple of gamers talking, rather than some dry marketing copy disguised as an “interview”. Tres cool. Thanks, Jason McMaster, and Brad Wardell.

Yeah… Brad is definitely one of us. And it was a good read.

Yeah. I’m still playing it. I actually went to read Qt3 because the game of MoM I’m playing just crashed.

…except there is already a game called Lords of Magic. It was decent.

Nice. :)

OMG Brad wears a tie! And he’s making Paradroid for the Xbox 360! Woot!

Also, congrats on 200,000 copies of GalCiv2 sold. Don’t worry about Master of Magic, Atari won’t live long anyway and then you can buy the license from someone else.

Get over the hump by humping someone’s leg on Obsequious Drone Wednesdays! :D :D :D

What the hell are you talking about?

APPLE APPLE APPLE! (that should get him here quicker)

If I steal your Archon for 360 Arcade idea (but don’t call it Archon), will I get sewd?

I’ve been thinking of playing around with XNA. Or funding someone.

700 Club FTW!

That picture is probably the last time I wore a tie and it was some years ago.

Like most people, I presume, I wear trade show shirts to work every day – they’re free! I even have a cool Qt3 polo shirt I wear every time we have an office LAN party.

I have to say, it’s really interesting to read the interview myself because it was a phone interview and it’s amazing how much writing can affect how things are presented. When I’m writing in response to an interview, I have time to say things just so. Whereas, when I’m talking, I’m just blabbing away.

Definitely had fun doing it though, it’s great to talk to other people woh are into games. It’s too bad that Qt3 is “virtual”. If only we could BEAM to the Qt3 bar and hang out and talk shop!

I edited out the parts where Brad threatened me with a knife if I didn’t call him Lord Supreme K00L Dude

You can fund me. I was going to port Land of Legends to XBLA, but lack the funds. It’s even written in C# already!

Somebody must have some mad Photoshop skills to have gotten rid of the “ELDER WARDELL” badge he’s wearing in that photo. I don’t see any artifacts at all.

I think that is because from what I understand, almost all of those constrained game interviews are email interviews. The interviewer sends some questions by email, and the interviewee responds, so there is no chance for any conversation to to be edited out since it never took place and the whole thing becomes a boring Q&A.

Old Man Murray did the ultimate send-up of one of these email interviews with Armchair Empire. There should be a rule that if your email interview is this good, then you can use it. If not, you have to do the interview by phone.

Why don’t more game writers do phone interviews?

Lies. If that were the case, there would be another identically-attired smiling guy guy right beside him.

Besides, he’s not wearing a jacket, so he wouldn’t be up to code anyway.

And…well the whole ninja incident was of course removed…