Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS

From the creators of Darkness 2

Trailer is short but nice

The same with this one

RPS says

As a quick refresher, Warframe’s not actually competitive. Rather, it sounds like Horde Mode with a bit of Left 4 Dead thrown in for good measure. On top of that, levels are procedurally generated – though obviously, that feature could turn out incredibly hit-or-miss. Tossed in a blender with showy sci-fi katanas and lots of neon lights, though, it sounds like it could make for a pretty refreshing recipe – at least, as far as F2P offerings go.

You can sign up for the beta here. (it should start this Fall)

I wish i knew what a f2p coop tps was!?

Free to play cooperative third person shooter, of course.

Awesome! Loved Darkness 2, hope they can bring the same energy to this game. The war frames look just like the dude in Dark Sector.

Edit: If three people sign up for the beta with this link I’ll be a beta VIP!: https://playwarframe.com/?ref=86154141

I’m sure I’ll remember you when I’m a VIP and you’re a beta scrub.

Done. I hope you’ll remember me when you’re rich and famous and have a higher dps sword. If anyone’s similarly inclined:

and I promise I’ll be even more helpful than Giaddon’s likely to be ;-)


Anyone have a spare beta key?

There’s free beta keys at that IGN link. I got one. It reminds me of Vindictus in that you go out on co-op missions with 4 other players and it’s extremely twitch-based shooting and swords combat. Other than that you go out on missions, kill lots of bad guys and gather up loot and XP to unlock new areas. It’ll be amusing for awhile, though I imagine there’ll be a F2P system that encourages you to pay or be left quickly behind.

I’m in, but I didn’t have the time to try it properly.

Warframe is having an open beta weekend from the 15th to the 19th.

I’ve been playing this off and on for a few weeks, and I like it so far. It’s a pretty fun mix of gunplay and melee combat, and I’m a real sucker for mission-oriented games like this (I spent way too much time just running missions in MMOs like AO and CoH).

Wargasm! Wargasm never changes!

This is pretty cool. Reminds me of Lost Planet 2.

I do not like the art style on any of the warframes. :(

If you sign up now (through tonight) you’re in the beta forever, not just the weekend, so if you have any interest, do it.

I’ve been messing around with this all day. I really like it. The warframes are super-agile. I’m constantly sliding, flipping, wall running, clinging on walls, jump-shooting, etc. The melee is well-integrated, with different moves when you jump attack, slide attack, flip attack, and so on. Each 'frame also has 4 special abilities that you gradually unlock.

It is a lot like Vindictus, as mentioned above, with the key difference that the maps are randomly generated, which goes a long way preventing grind burnout. There are prefab rooms that are stuck together, sometimes with interesting results (a chasm that seems impassible, until you realize you must wall run along a pipe). I’ve replayed some of the same missions ~4 times and each time felt fresh.

I’m not sure how the F2P stuff is integrated, except there’s a lot of stuff I can’t access yet. Seems like a lot of XP grinding unless you’re willing to pay, standard stuff I guess. Worth checking out for sure.

Totally in agreement with Giaddon. Thanks to a beta key from J Thomas I spent some time playing this. And honestly, I really love it. I particularly like the part where if you’re knocked down (sort of like GW2) you can sort of scoot around and still shoot the bad guys. It’s very different, in a good way. I actually had to click down the sensitivity on my G500 mouse so that I wasn’t just spinning all over the place. I’ll be playing this, I mean beta testing, as often as I can. Thanks again, JT.

Exactly what I was thinking when I saw the thread title. Nice to see that this issue is already covered! :D

I watched a Giant Bomb quick look video on Warframe, and one of the guys kept calling it Warface. Yeah, the name might be a problem.

RPS has over 300 keys left - Claim yours here

damn…they are all gone for some reason, even though it says 355 keys left.

I still have five keys from buying a Founder’s Package.