Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


And, remember, friends-

We all lift together.


That video and song are so great. I’m really looking forward to this expansion. I play on Xbox, so it’ll probably be a few weeks. Right about the time I’m done with Destiny 2: Forsaken, I suspect.


Fortuna will finally release tomorrow. Really excited for this. But anyone knows when Codename: Railjack will release?


DE_Steve live on Twitch now talking about Fortuna:

Apparently there was a bug with the Floofs… so they are scrambling to get ready :)


Not until 2019, surely.


Well, they say before the end of 2018, apparently?

Edit: that’s an old date. It’s apparently 2019 for sure.


Thanks, watching the stream now. Looks like Fortuna is being sent out to the update servers. Calling it ‘preheating.’


And it’s live.

Patch notes:


Downloading now…


Exciting! I don’t know if I’ll have time to try it for the next little while, but that’s probably for the best. Gives them time to iron out some of the most glaring kinks!


Panic is authorized.

I will watch from my console and live vicariusly trought other people experiences.

Warframe players, good luck and thanks :-)


Patching now…

While patching.


I’ll be busy this evening, but I may have time to log in for bit later on.

How do Twitch drops work? I linked my Twitch account to my Warframe account. Do I just tune in to a streamer with drops enabled? Is it automatic (i.e., can I wander off and do other stuff)?


Warframe is one of those games everyone raves about, everyone loves and looks boring as piss to me.

I can’t explain why. I know I’m wrong, but… bleh. Maybe it’s the art, but I think a lot of it is the jumping and sliding all the time everywhere. And the 10 billion things. Mods and frames and guns and swords and whatevers and stuff and things. Anytime I’ve ever seen a streamer go to their tab to equip a weapon it’s like he’s doing his taxes with 50 people telling him the best way to get the biggest deduction.


Yeah, it can get a little over involved. I just ignore a lot of it, equip what I think is cool and / or fun and just enjoy the shooting. I hate hate hate shooters - FPS or TPS - that have you plod around like a lame brick and I love the “jumping and sliding”. I’m not terribly good at it but who cares. I’m not playing it with the target of being the best I can be. You can basically choose how deep you really want to get with all the collections.

As for art, I like that it deviates a little from the generic template normally used for armors in these sort of games (Destiny 2), but of course that very subjective and everyone’s got their own taste in art.

Mine is better ;)

  • FInd a gun you like
  • Use it
  • Try other guns
  • Try other warframes

After a few hundred hours you’ll notice you can put mods on stuff, potato stuff, etc… to make everthing even better and maybe even craft some stuff.

It is only complex if you try to do too much stuff at first.


Wonder what exactly will be in the switch version at launch…

Hey, did anyone clone their account to consoles when those version released? As I understand it, you keep most non-prime stuff. What I want to know is: is progression in the game reset?


My biggest issue with Warframe is movement. Mostly because I’m old. The need to constantly be doing slides and jumps just to move forward makes my hand/pinky cramp something fierce. The screen is very busy so I also have trouble at time parsing what I’m looking at, but that’s just down to learning (and getting past my movement issues, which absorbs most of my focus).

My son just laughs at me, and has no issue. So I’m likely making things harder than they really are.


Remap slide to your mouse middle button, or even RMB. Your pinky will thank you.


I dusted off the game again today after a long break and was pleased to discover that Saryn can still comfortably solo elite onslaught up to wave 8 np. Now I just have to check if anything changed regarding Mesa, Rhino, Ivara, Nidus or Equinox.


I use a Razor Orbweaver and mouse buttons which helps me a lot. I did have to get my son to pass the MR8 test though which was all about movement. I am really bad at climbing up walls.

There is also some mods that can make movement better.