Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Began now. 300k viewers on twitch, a lot of people wanting that prime nekros :)

Holy shit, The Empyrean spaceship combat boarding parties sabotage hand-to-hand combat multiple squads working together thing.

Looks pretty impressive. Nice live demo!

Tennocon Stream happens around 30 minutes here

Shorter videos of Railjack/Empyrean here -

and Duviri Paradox here -

New War trailer -

Wukong Prime [which comes with Ninkondi Prime and Zhuge Prime] which are out now with the new Nightwave.

New New player cinematic too

Been having fun leveling new frames this weekend and testing out with restream.io.

They really did a nice work with Orb Valis? that frozen planet - did a little stream session trying to do the event…


Could never get the event going though, but did a few bounties at least. Seems like there’s an achievement to do 6 of them in 1 hour, except the questgiver only gives you 5?

Unfortunately, even at 6kbps the stream quality is horrible :(

By “event” do you mean the thermia fractures? Did you have a coolant canister to plop into them? They drop from the smaller spiders that follow the Exploiter Orb as she wanders around the Temple of Profit. (Tried to find your attempt(s) on your stream but had no luck.)

Yea, I queued from the orbiter but all I ended up in was doing normal bounty missions.

Some time later I think I found one fracture with a party, but there were no spiders around.

Even later I tried to queue for that event again, and ended up in a group that were doing the mission - and successfully closing those fractures… but then the HOST left, and we got kicked to orbit with failure, so didn’t get any progress on it…

Decided fuck it, I’ll never get 100 of those closed with it being so tedious and mindnumbingly stupid to do. If I go there solo, it will be too hard, if I queue (and then most likely end up in somebody elses party - for some reason the game never makes me host…), the host is likely to emo-out and the mission will fail, so either way it will be a waste of time.

00:00 I queue for event and get sent to city
01:37 I queue for event and get sent to a ongoing fracture event where host bails and we’re fucked (01:43:32)

I did that event solo using Zephyr with a Turbulence spec. She trivializes the canister defense portions.

The event recurs, and your progress carries over, so you’ll get it eventually. I imagine some of us would be happy to lend a hand if you can catch us on (I’m (you’ll be surprised to know :-)) Calelari in game).

Q: I - just in the nick of time - got all 100 done when it was first released so haven’t poked at it recently. Public was pretty random. You’d just go into the open world and hope the people you were grouped with were working fractures (Exploiter was new, so a lot of times it ended up being that - not that I’m complaining!). Did they add an actual mission/bounty specifically for fractures?

Is Melee 3.0 out yet? I also saw a screenshot with Operations not too long ago and was told by a friend of mine it’s supposed to come in one of the future patches - what’s the status on that?

Wukong uses the current incarnation of Melee 3.0; they’re using him as a testbed for concepts. Otherwise, we’re at 2.9 or 2.75 or however you want to define it; it’s kind of awkward as its messed up manual blocking and channeling.

Thanks, it sounds like I can wait a few more months before returning to the game.

The gunplay is still as awesome as ever! Unless you had some sort of build focused on specific melee tricks like Guardian Derision or gunblades (problematic because blocking is automatic now), it’s not really that bad.

I think the instant switching gun <-> melee is worth the other hassles. But then, I don’t have builds/a playstyle that focuses in the now-awkward mechanics.

I didn’t have any real melee builds to be honest, I’m MR24 and quit because I felt the game was stagnating. They keep adding new content and items but the power creep in the game is insane and I hope one of the future patches will make minmaxed builds actually worthwhile.

Right now the game is basically Pokemon.

Yeah, that’s a common complaint among the folks that have every weapon they want, optimized rivens for them, etc. I think fixing it would require overhauling a pile of interlocking systems - damage and armor scaling, frame powers, boss fight scripting, etc. I think it would be a huge undertaking that would draw a significant number of man-hours away from new content creation. And that would probably cripple a studio depending on F2P income.

Though I completed that event on it’s first iteration, I did it as MR4 Excalibur using the “Recruiting” channel. A simple “LF Fractures” message netted me a dedicated group in about 3 mins each time. I was amazed by how friendly, helpful and including the community was towards a deadweight newbie like me. :-)

That’s good to hear, as I’m considering becoming one. Though I have one family member that plays, and another interested. So I have the “phone a friend” lifeline. ;)

Going to play solo a couple of missions while I remap controls. I will mention why, and see if there are suggestions. Due to age, reasons and overuse, my left pinky is now in the phase of arthritis calcifying in the last joint (that’s the painful but not stable phase). I learned I can no longer use l-shift,l-cntrl heavily in NMS with the similar combat/jump boost there. The family member, who is near two decades younger, but also in a type heavy profession, said they limited their playing time in Warframe when hands got stiff (to not end up like me).

A different family member mentioned getting a foot pedal, which is how they are coping with the same aging hand and type hot-key heavy tools (they don’t game). While I think that is creative, for (reasons - physical therapist requested) I am often sitting cross-legged or with one or the other foot up. So …

Key remap suggestions? I have two buttons on the mouse, one which I used for “combat” in NMS to offload the left pinky. Would making one mouse button sprint, and one crouch to get that onto a finger that still works do it for this game? Is there another I should map from the far left?

The community is indeed one of the nicest you can find, but don’t be fooled - most of the content is so easy with a maxed out frame and weapons that you could solo carry 20 people at once. I doubt they even noticed you were there.

Last years I used macros for several things, like this, helps a whole lot:

Thanks. Have a Logitech mouse (of very few buttons, but the right thumb also has limits but not arthritis). My keyboard is a Ducky Shine (which I love and it has been long lived and reliable - but it is not multikey macro capable).

I may want to look into the weapon fire one for an open button there. My secondary weapon pick may be better with it. I did put the hold-to-crouch and the tap-sprint on my two adjacent mouse keys. Just using in-game remaps. Mash together for a perfect slide! Some of the “advanced” combat things seem to now just flow using those together (or apart) and just one or two keys on left hand (that aren’t pinky), like melee and jumps. I didn’t intend it, but I was doing the spinning jump attacks, ground land attacks and flying kicks before I logged out. More randomly than intentional. But at good times for them.

Nice thing about soloing the intro is teammates don’t care that I want to spend 10 minutes practicing wall running. =P