Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


I used to check out the videos on the WIKI before doing the mastery rank once I realized that a failure would set me back 20+ hours before I could try again. Stuck at MR22 for ages now though.


I can’t use it yet. I just recently got into doing stuff for Simaris. Anyway I managed to complete it today so onward and upward.




Sorry, I meant the practice space in the Cephalon Simaris area, not the simulacrum itself. It is off to the right as you walk in, and IIRC you can practice MR tests all you like even without unlocking the simulacrum.

And congrats!


FWIW even if you’re stuck on one of the mastery tests, you can still level up gear and gain mastery xp which will count towards the next rank. I say this from experience, as I have definitely failed my share of mastery tests.


I’ve never failed a test. Always do practice first and don’t stop until you can pass it.


That’s good to know. I was holding off on leveling gear unnecessarily.


I’ll be looking for that, thanks.


I hate how tons of stuff in this game has huge artificial scarcity just for the sake of being rare.

This week there were three time limited events at the same time: Armada, acolytes and the void trader. Each one gives items significantly more powerful than you would otherwise get. The first two are not just time limited, but they have a limited amount of lives.

I did Armada probably 50 times and still didn’t get all of the mods. This also requires a decent amount of farming to get the materials needed to make the key.

I’ve done Torment and Malice 30ish times each and haven’t got either of the rarest mods to drop. I’ve done violence about 20 times now with the same.

Realistically i am not going to get these even if i spend the whole weekend farming them.

Rather than spending dozens of hours farming them, i think i am just going to buy them from other players for around $1.40 each. Then if i end up getting them, i can sell them a year from now for five times that.


Still, if you have the area unlocked, make sure you get everything except the most rare mod. I just got weeping wounds which sold for hundreds of plat before if i remember right and it is not that rare now.


Since I verified and optimised the installation from the launcher I’ve had no more hard locks after a few hours play, fingers crossed. I also managed to finally complete the Archwing mission I was having difficulty with, finding the Orokin cache which I’d previously not been able to reach. I’m sure this was some failure on my part to navigate the map successfully, but I guess I got an easier layout this time. Anyway, the Archwing story mission was a lot of fun, and now I can finish off those Earth missions that were locked.


The Razorback Armada is linked to the invasion mechanics, so it comes around every so often. If you didn’t get all the mods this time, you’ll have other opportunities.

Most of the mods and weapons (like the Vandal/Wraith stuff) that are hard to get were originally tied to unique one-time-only events. If you didn’t participate in the events and get the rewards when they happened, you were SOL.

Unsurprisingly, the limited availability of those items had been the source of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. DE has over the years re-introduced the event rewards and made them obtainable by other means. I suspect those means are intentionally difficult as an attempt to keep the items special to some degree.


New event: The Pyrus Project. On the PC version we’re rebuilding Earth’s orbital relay that was destroyed during the Eyes of Blight event. May be a different relay for the console versions.


A bunch of rewards for doing it, so get going.


I got two of the objectives. Now need to have the Grustrag Three to spawn.


I heard defenses are better for this event, since people is in a single place.

But this is second hand info, on PS4 we have nothing, nada, we are like super poor :(


Have had them spawn twice now. Rest of group ignored them :(


Yea, I had to mark them and fight solo for quite a while before my party returned…


For the Grustrag Three, do quick capture missions solo.

I tested it a few times and it doesn’t seem like it is possible for them to spawn twice in a single mission, so long missions (ie defense) are not worth it.

It also didn’t seem like they spawned in to faction rep missions unless i got unlucky.

What i did was the following:

  • Start a capture mission
  • Go afk for a few minutes (someone mentioned that they have a chance to spawn in the first 5 minutes, but i’m not sure this step adds anything)
  • Generally if they are in that mission, the screen will flicker before getting to the capture target
  • Repeat

The rewards are also so-so.

A new pistol which doesn’t sound very good and a pistol riven. Worth doing if you can, but not world shattering like some events.


I started to play Warframe and it is fun but the learning curve seems high. I have been watching some YouTube videos to increase my knowledge and there seems to be a ton of them. Can anyone recommend anyone in particular especially geared towards beginners?

I am playing on the PC with k/m setup. The hardest thing at the moment is trying to come up with the best layout to do the bullet movement with out twisting my hands to pieces.

I have a razer orbweaver that I am experimenting with along with my Logitech G502 mouse. I am doing better with this combo than the keyboard directly. Trying to separate the sprint, crouch, and jump keys to use two hands rather than using one hand.