Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Got back into it recently, having a blast. It’s quite friendly to periodic obsessions. Everything’s logical enough that it’s fairly easily remembered, but the constant development means there are always a few tweaks to learn after a period of absence, which keeps it fresh.


My God this is [I]such [/I]a good game, just perfect for periodic, insane bouts of addiction that end after a week or two when you surface in a moment of clarity, thinking “what the hell did I just do for the last couple of weeks?”


That’s my pattern of play as well. :)


This game in particular shows the power of good art in a videogame.

I mean, apart from the warframes themselves, which are wild, whacky and amazing, all the guns and stuff, they’re so beautifully painted and rendered, and so conceptually varied, so [I]solid[/I]-seeming, that they’re almost literally like candies that you want to pick up and eat. Nom nom.


Hmm, after initially hating the Archwing content, cursing the devs for sticking some half-baked hype-train in the game; after not knowing what the hell I was doing for a few missions, and dreading having to complete the Archwing content in order to be able to deploy my extractors again; I’m now thoroughly enjoying the Archwing content as a great change of pace from the usual. It’s really nicely done “aerial” combat IMHO and [I]feels [/I]like what it’s supposed to be. They just need to work on the new player experience of it, and improve the drop rate for Archwing (& associated weps) mods, and work up some more missions types. Also, melee is so OP compared to the relatively useless guns, that needs to be looked at. Room for improvement, but the core is solid.


The current event has the Grineer sending fomorian warships to destroy the recently-opened hubs. Players run missions to gather components to build shield disruptors, which are used in an archwing mission to temporarily disable the shield around a warship’s core and let the players do damage. It’s a server-wide effort; players have around 36 to 48 hours to bring a warship to zero percent integrity before it reaches a hub. There’s even a holographic countdown timer in the concourse of a hub under threat.

It runs for the next couple of weeks. There are rewards for attacking certain numbers of warships, yadda yadda, typical event fare.

Except the warship attacking the Strata Relay hub, orbiting Earth, was not neutralized in time.

(video recorded by a player from the Warframe forums)


Are the hubs available to everyone now?


I think so, but I’m not certain. I know that services have been enabled on the hubs. Most of it is just stuff you can already do on your ship, but they also added a trader who appears occasionally and sells unique items.


So how are you supposed to solo the interception mission on Earth? I mean, I don’t really want to solo it, but nobody else is playing this mission (at least not in matchmaking), and it’s on the main path, so I’m kinda stuck.


Brakara - Well it’s entirely possible, since you capture points /really/ fast solo.

Or you could join Lone Rangers. No commitment, no-drama, etc.

I’m a member. It’s pretty good for older members (like, er, me) giving you stuff too.


But I’m unable to capture them fast enough, and especially since they just take it back with a push of a button.

Thanks for the clan suggestion, but I forgot to mention I’m playing on the Xbox One. I actually have a PC profile as well, but there it’s more casual, playing with friends just once a week or so (and I want to stay at the same level as my friends).


Their capture is not instant, though, you’ve got time to kill them after they go to the console.
You need a slightly higher score. So you need to capture three, then defend two. Don’t try and defend them all.

What warframe are you doing it with? Nyx for example can get them fighting each other rather than capturing points.

And ah, right.


Nyx? No, I started out on Xbox only a few days ago, so I’m just rocking a basic Excalibur (level 16).


If a lower-end planet gets invaded by the Infested, if it spreads to the boss then the boss become “Phorid”, and you can get the Nyx from it.

(One random part from three per run, and it drops some nice mods as well for newer accounts)


There are two different map layouts for Gaia. One has the capture points spread out over a large area, and the other has them clustered pretty close together. The latter map is much easier to solo; if you get the former map, just restart the mission.

Basically, keep capturing and recapturing the points. The grineer will try to take back some right away, but sometimes they’ll leave some points alone for a while. Try to stop any that you see running for a console, but don’t sit and play defense in one spot for very long if you aren’t in control of all the points.

I don’t know the current state of Radial Blind on the Xbone, but it can be a good AoE CC ability. Try it, see how well it works for you, maybe bring along some energy restore consumables if you need them.

I wish you luck. Interception missions are a real PITA to solo. Certain frame builds can help a lot, like Nyx as Starlight mentioned. If there’s anything like a recruiting channel on the consoles, try using that to find another player who’s willing to help (or who also needs to unlock the node).


Thanks for the tip. I’m actually building the frame now, though it takes 72 hours before it finishes. I also bought the Volt frame since it was only 75p (decided to buy some platinum since it was 33% off on Xbox this week), since I always regretted taking the Excalibur. And I definitely don’t regret buying it because the Volt is a lot more fun using than the Excalibur, or at least it fits my playstyle much better.

I actually have a decent build now, with a level 30 Volt, a level 25 Latron (+ a level 30 Braton), a level 30 Aklato and a level 29 Dual Ether. This, combined with getting matched with a good team for the Interception mission, made it a cakewalk compared to trying it solo with a low level build. I still think soloing missions where you get swarmed being a tad too much though, especially compared with those exterminate mission which are super easy.


I played this when I first saw it on Steam awhile back and almost immediately wrote it off. Played it over the weekend on PS4 and was pretty impressed. This is actually a game now! My only question is should I continue to play on the big screen or the superior controls of the PC master race.


PC gets updates a fair bit sooner, if that’s of any concern. PC is on 15.13, PS4/Xbox are on 15.5 (eight updates behind).


I’ve been playing it quite a bit. Feel free to look for me there. It’s rhamorim as well.


Eight updates behind! That sounds like a lot. What sorts of things are us console users missing with the updates? Are these just bugfixes and tweaks, or are they meaningful content?