Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


I guess that I fall into this category, but it’s more than that. Some of the tile sets seem to be made with the Parkour 1.0 system in mind. I ran a few missions over the weekend using the Void and mining asteroid tile sets, and felt clumsy and slow getting around the maps. The Void set in particular; I almost died a couple of times trying to get past some of the traps.

I dunno, maybe I need more time to acclimate to the new system, but it seems like they ‘fixed’ some things that weren’t broken.

I like the double-jump at least.


Bear in mind that I’m acclimating to the new system as well and that I haven’t run a Void since Parkour 2.0, but what can’t you do in the new system that you could do in the old? From everything I’ve seen thus far (bearing in mind the caveats I mentioned), this is Parkour++. Bullet jumping combined with double jump has allowed me to get to all kinds of places I couldn’t hope for previously.


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Imagine the player in between the lines. Under the old system, I could leap onto the first wall, wallrun along, leap off at the end, latch onto the second wall and keep wallrunning, etc. The leap from wallrunning would launch the player forward and slightly outward, and certain tiles had walls placed just so to take advantage of this. It took a little practice, but it was very rewarding to pull off correctly, and it was [I]fast[/I]. Not only is wall-hopping slower, but the new system seems to lack the momentum necessary to make the leap from one wall to the next.

Latching onto a vertical surface seems to be more finicky too. I could sprint towards a pillar, jump towards it, and run up it to an upper level. It was very forgiving; even catching the edge of the pillar worked. Last weekend, when I tried the same thing I sailed on past the pillar, even running dead center towards it. I have to stop sprinting now to latch onto the pillar.

Hope that makes some sense. I really wish I had made videos of the old parkour. Didn’t think ahead of time about making before/after comparisons.


I’m new, and playing on console ( I’m not sure how much that matters), but like I said earlier, the animations/how they relate to the environment feel janky as all hell. Perhaps it’s the frame I’m using (Mag).

Played some more. I really like the mission variety. I’m sure they’ll get old, but I especially like the Spy missions- I don’t really like platformers, but the ‘puzzle’ of finding your way in while stealthy is great. The Excavate, on the other hand, are total WTF. I managed to clear a couple earlier, but seriously. I can’t even.


Thinking about it more, I think what I like about the new movement system is that it makes the environment more a part of the gameplay.

The older system had “set moves” that you could train, which were neat, for sure, but they were sort of self-contained “neat tricks”. With the new movement system, the environment itself now presents a gameplay challenge, a min-game of sorts (“how stylishly can I combat using this environment?”) and you sort of discover it as you go, you’re constantly on the move. No part of the environment is out of bounds (apart from those that literally are, i.e. where you “fall off” into parts of the map that just have graphics), it’s all [I]usable[/I] in some way to make cool moves in combat. (Btw, J Thomas, that doesn’t sound right, think you might need to just sit with it a bit more to get the hang of it, because it’s precisely the opposite for me - that type of maneouvre is ten times easier than it used to be for me.)

Which, actually, is more like real parkour - the environment, [I]using[/I] the environment in creative ways, is part of the “thing”.


The new movement system improves this, IMO.


Okay, so I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now. Some observations.

Weird learning curve. Lucky there’s a good wiki about the game.

There was a long stretch of nearly no progression a little way in. You max out your first frame fairly quickly, and then you need Neural sensors to build anything else. The only place to get those is the boss of the fifth planet, or you can buy them 12 plat apiece, which is absurd. Once past that hump, though, most mats can be gotten with a little effort. Only thing I can’t seem to get are Argon Crystals, to get me a Kubrow pet. :(

I still really enjoy the mission variety, though a couple are pretty similar. I finally got everything to build the Archwing. Simultaneously cool and hard to control, and seemingly completely disconnected from eventing else in the game. Awesome that they put that in there, though!

Apparently, they don’t do plat discounts on consoles for login rewards, and I started playing the week after the summer sale. Still, I’ll probably drop $20 on it soon, so I don’t have to delete character slots. I’ve got a steady stream of new frames already lined up. My original frame (Mag) is still pretty great- I just potatoed her, and holy hell she kicks ass. My second frame (Valkyr) is kind of underwhelming. That’s fine, though, Ember will finish building tomorrow, and Rhino just needs me to press go. I have most of the pieces of Oberon, and the Vauban print, but none of the components, which is a bummer, because he sounds interesting.

All in all, I’m finding it pretty fun, at least until The Taken King shows up. Though, apparently v17 (with the new movement, etc.) was submitted to cert on the Xbone today, and they say it’ll take a couple weeks to work thorough that… which puts it in direct competition with the Destiny expansion. Which will hold my interest?


Don, Argon Crystals are a rare resource found in the Void. They’re unique in that you can’t stockpile them, as they decay over time.

I wouldn’t worry about a kubrow for a while, though, they can be a credit sink IIRC. I actually prefer the Carrier sentinel myself; his Vacuum ability is such a nice quality of life improvement that I can’t go without anymore.


Nearing 900 hours played now. :) Outside of World of Warcraft I believe this is the game I’ve played the most.


Yeah, but as far as I can tell, there’s no in-game way to get sentinels, yes? You have to buy them for plat. Plus, A dog is way cooler than a stupid hovering orb.


Sentinel blueprints are available for credits in the in-game (DE’s) market (Equipment -> sentinel blueprints, at the bottom in the middle)

The dogs are indeed cool and fun - they have a [I]huge[/I] ceiling for modding (i.e. the number of pips you can max out on relevant mods way exceeds even a potatoed Kubrow, you need a potato plus like 5 to 7 forma to truly max out their potential), and can become absolute death machines when so modded. But be prepared to be a bit disappointed with them out of the box - till you get the shield/health mods for them ranked up a bit (even just a few pips will help a lot) they tend to die often. Tip: you can customize their looks, they have an Appearance tab in their arsenal page when slotted, and there are “masking” kits that give you more colours and fur patterns, that come as alert rewards or plat items.

Carrier is a life changer - you can run around more freely without having to worry about precisely running over all the colourful sweeties on the ground to pick them up, the Carrier auto-hoovers them from a fairly generous area around you. It’s so good it’s almost OP in a sense, and it’s hard to go back to schlepping for the pickups if you lose your Carrier in a mission. Carrier also has a pretty powerful shotgun.


No, the blueprints are in the market.


I’ve been playing steadily again for the past couple of weeks, installing eximus slots in some of my frames, and picking up some of the more recent prime gear. Someone told me that mirage can be a good CC frame in raids using the blind feature of Prism, so I tacked a couple of polarity slots on her while I was farming the Void.

I’ve had a tonkor sitting in my inventory for a little while, and at one point I had the bright idea of using it in conjunction with mirage’s Hall of Mirrors ability. Good lord, this is a fun combo! The tonkor is a powerful weapon, but I found it a little hard to hit the enemies with the projectiles. That’s not a problem when using HoM, and the illusory projectiles still do a lot of damage. I can sometimes clear a room with one shot. Best of all, the enemies go flying when they’re defeated. Watching a pack of mobs ragdoll all over the place never gets old.

There are also a couple that come from clan research facilities, and a couple of prime versions that can be built from components given as Void mission rewards.

None of them are platinum-only. Same goes for weapons, frames, and mods for that matter.

I missed this post earlier. The easiest way to do excavation missions is to bring a frame that can buffer the excavator from enemy fire. Frost is tops, zephyr is a good choice, maybe nyx as well. A frame with CC abilities can also be helpful. I duoed an excavation mission on Triton with a mag player, and he really did a number on the corpus using Pull to gather them and Shield Polarize to 'splode them.


I tried that a wee while ago, and it is indeed lots of fun, but unfortunately my Tonkor isn’t forma-ed up enough yet to make it really uber - not like my Amprex, which is one of my most forma-ed weapons, and with HoM and the HoM augment (Hall of Malevolence I think it is) makes Mirage an absolute beast. Whenever I want to stroke my ego and top the post-mission damage charts every time (unless there’s a Mesa in the team, grrr :) ) I pull out that combo, most gratifying :D

The current hotness with the Tonkor is Zephyr with the Turbulence augment Jet Stream (which adds projectile speed) and the Rifle projectile speed mod, Terminal Velocity - very enjoyable to use, as the tonkor becomes pretty much a “normal” rifle (in terms of aiming and hitting things) with a big boom.


Damn, this game is terrible for parents of young kids. I just got out of the tutorial finally (I think) and started a mission, then had to do some kid-related business for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I had been joined up with some other random person and I didn’t realize it. When it first loaded I thought I had an AI partner for some reason. Came back and realized the guy had taken off killing stuff and was stuck at some door that needed both of us to open it. I figured out I needed to pick ‘Friends Only’ on the squad interface after that. But still, it really sucks not having a hard pause in this game. It was really annoying the Souls games too.


Rowe, ‘Solo’ mode from that squad interface has a hard pause, just hit the ESC key during the mission. The other modes don’t have pause options.


Oooh thanks, will change to Solo mode now that I know it’s an option. Must have missed it I think - I’m on PS4 but I assume it works pretty similarly - thanks!


Syndicate primary weapons were released on PC in today’s patch.

I have positive rep with Perrin Sequence, Red Veil, and New Loka. I’d be happy to trade weapons with someone who has rep with the other three factions.


PC? If so I have the other three factions, I’ll have to take a look at the faction weapons to see of there’s something I’d like!


Yep, PC. I’m of the ‘collect them all’ mindset, so I’ll trade (for) any or all of them.