Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Cool! I’m looking for the Penta from the Perrin Sequence. Trade you a vaykor Hek for it (it’ll probably be sometime around the weekend before I have the standing to grab it, just FYI).


Sounds good, I’ll earmark the Secura Penta for you. PM me when you’re ready to trade.


Oh, I missed the patch.

New Sentinel… damn, still haven’t gotten Carrier. Time to farm!
and 6 new guns!.. Good thing I am at 125 with 4 of them , but it will take me a while to ‘rank up’ again after I spend the rep.


New sentinels are cool, but I cannot live without Vacuum. I really wish they’d make that a cross-companion mod, or an exilus slot or something. The new sentinel’s sniper gun looks cool, though.


As a newbie still, should I just keep doing random missions and unlocking new ones until I finally max out all my starter gear?


Might as well, especially if you need access to the other planets. For me what helped was to look through some blueprints in the market and see what weapons or warframes I wanted to play around with. When I found an interesting gun or warframe, I’d see where the resources/parts dropped, then headed over that way to put it together. Mid-term goals like that are kind of what drive me in the game.


One of the current Hot Topic questions sorta addresses this. Unfortunately most people are voting for diversity over shared abilities.


Thanks for linking that!

I’m all for diversity overall, I just find vacuum to be such a quality of life improvement that it shouldn’t be restricted to one sentinel/item/build. Now personally, my preferred change would be that all mods/resources that drop during the course of a mission don’t even need to be picked up, they’re awarded at the end. This resolves other issues, like mobile defense when various idiots are fighting down hallways halfway across the map, as if that makes it go any faster. I don’t even care if they need to reduce drop rates to compensate.

As it is, I know I’m not the only one that won’t play without Carrier (of course there’s plenty of people that do play without it, typically those who aren’t in need of pickups anymore). I’d sure like to play around with Kubrows and new sentinels, but damn it’s hard me for me to give vacuum up! :)


Carrier is the only one I use as well, for the Vacuum ability. It’s not just mods and resources; the ammo pickup is glorious. It’s such a huge timesaver that the abilities on other companions pale in comparison.

I think that DE should go all the way and change the default pickup range and behavior for everybody to that of Vacuum. Call it a QoL improvement.


Buy every blueprint you can get your hands on, and all the weapons you can buy with Credits, since you need the XP to rank up. After Rank 8 it doesn’t matter much I suppose, except you get access to extra ‘templates’ so you can quickly switch to warframes instead of having to re-equip them when you switch around.


The patch dropped on the Xbone yesterday. I fired it up today and ran through the movement tutorial. Wow. Crazy good. I’m amazed they revamped such a basic system I in such an amazing way. I haven’t actually used it in combat yet, but man, it is slick.

Trouble is, I’m now neck-deep in Witcher 3. #firstworldproblems, I know.


Stop me if you veterans already know this but…

I noticed there was a Nightmare mode on Cambria (Earth level 1-3 Spy). What the heck I will try it, so I loaded up my Rhino and jumped in. The security is the same as the level 1-3 spy (easy). The enemies are level 30ish but I can run past them. 7 minutes later I have a reward of 2 nightmare mods!

So of course I ran it a few more times. Rhino’s Iron skin is great for the no shields nightmare mode. His shields are great for the vampire mode. It was so easy it felt like a glitch. Only farmed for under an hour and picked up:

Stunning Speed
Focus Energy
Seeking Fury
Animal Instinct
Lethal Torrent

And after running dozens of Grineer survivals and not finding a Streamline my cute Kubrow “Lucy” dug one up.


Gratz, that’s a sweet little haul :)


Not all nightmare missions are created equal, but I think they all use the same reward table, so you may as well try to run the (relatively) easy ones. I haven’t tried a nightmare spy mission since the Spy 2.0 revamp, but that sounds like a good tip for players who need the dual-stat mods.


Maybe it is because there is no voicecom, but I get the impression the people playing Warframe are a older in general than those playing Destiny, and they also seem to be less shit – or maybe it is just cause a lot of the Destiny players are smoking weed or something.

Anyway, nothing to make you want to play 10 hours of Warframe like doing 1 hour Crucible in Destiny…

Prime time tonight so hopefully some new information. Missing 2 warframes and one sentinel, hopefully get them before they add more :)


And DE continue to be cool: recent update introduced a mission based partly on community lore and fanfic.

New mission: [I]Man of Few Words[/I]. Rescue Darvo K’Teer’s friend Clem, a lovable, dumb-as-rocks Grineer clone whose Queens conditioning failed, who likes Tenno and wears a scarf in imitation of syndanas, and loves, just [I]loves[/I], his two Grakata.

Lexicon for non-Warframers:-

Tenno: the game’s players play superpowered space ninjas, who wear the eponymous “warframes” (equivalent of classes in other games) - like Iron Man suits but with nanotechnology that melds them more intimately with the Tenno’s flesh.

Darvo: a renegade merchant friendly to the Tenno, former Corpus (the big bad megacorp in the solar system).

Grineer: genetically engineered hive soldier clones, who fight for the mysterious “Queens”, who are bent on conquering the solar system.

Clem: the Grineer have a language that’s vaguely reminiscent of English, one of the things they shout in combat is “Get clem!”, “clem” being the Grineer word for “them”; but the community amused itself by imagining that Clem was some sort of person the Grineer are trying to get. Recently there was some fanfic related to this imaginary “Clem”, including some cute cartoons. DE ran with it. Perhaps (some cynics say) partly to defuse some rabble rustling that had been developing about the possibility of changing some fundamental mods in the game.

Syndanas: decorative, ceremonial scarf/cloak type things the Tenno wear (fluff bought with f2p currency).

Grakata: a characteristic Grineer full auto weapon.


Yea, the clem thing was kinda fun. Did the quest first, then read up about the fan-fiction that inspired it. Good one.


17.5 is out. New Earth/Brawler themed Warframe. A few Ability changes (notably in the energy drain for toggle abilities) and Warframe tweaks. Some new Archwing mission types and QOL changes. Loads of little fixes.


They finally nerfed Mesa. Bye-bye easy defense missions.

Valkyr was buffed though, looks interesting. I wonder if melee range mods can affect Hysteria now. I’m playing other games at the moment, but I’ll have to try out the changes next time I jump in.


Mesa is a nerf in some ways, a buff in others (actually more damage, but more focussed damage rather than 360 degree aimbot - you kill what’s in front of you where you turn, with a cone that narrows, the more it narrows, the more damage you do).

I think the change was aimed more at Draco-type shenanigans. T4Ds were never actually much faster with Mesa and 3 lemons than with a team of all 4 firing on all cylinders, in my experience. But Draco was. But there are other ways of doing Draco (current hotness is Equinox’s AoE with its mild slash DoT, amplified by maxed Banshee Sonar - nearly as fast, and actually a bit safer).

The biggest practical change is really that all “toggle” abilities have Duration factored into their energy cost. Notionally, the longer the duration of the toggle, the less energy cost per sec. Maths boffs are working out the nuts and bolts as we speak. This is an indirect and long-overdue nerf to the “mandatory” nature of Fleeting Expertise (ultra-high efficiency, at the cost of duration). Now you can’t take too much of that duration hit with impunity any more, if you have such toggles.