Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Sadly I’ve been unable to play it, as I’m one of a few suffering from a problem where you start a mission ok, then you get microstuttering, then stuttering, then eventually slideshow.


Hopefully fix it soon, it is the biggest -woa- reveal they’ve ever done :)


So apparently before you can do the new quest, you have to do the Natah quest. To get that quest, you need to scan a sentinel thing that randomly appears or something? How often does that happen?


It’ll happen enough times over the course of a few missions - 3, 4, 5, that order, I think it’s 2 scans total needed.


Finally did the Second Dream quest. It’s very well done - it got me emotionally involved in a way that only the best kinds of quests in Bethesda or BioWare/Obsidian games have done.

Lore-wise, it’s not a total surprise (The Zariman incident was always one of the biggest clues in the previous lore). All in all the reaction on the forums and in-game seems to be positive - I think for some people it’s knit the whole thing together in a very satisfying way, but for some it’s imposing something too rigid on their headcanon, or even breaking their headcanon altogether.

I also like how it’s a neat synthesis of the antitheses of “Tenno are fleshy beings” and “Tenno are energy”.


I’m always torn reading about this game. It sounds like it’s getting better and better and yet simultaneously like a HUGE grind. And I don’t have time for that, nor do I particularly like paying money just to skip grind.


It’s an incredibly addictive game - watch out!

Fortunately, it also gets a bit boring after a month or two’s stint, and you suddenly get sick of it. Then a few weeks or a month or two later, you get a hankering for it again, because there’s nothing quite like it out there; then you find yourself crazy in love with it again for a while. And so it goes.


We have had some people away for 60 days, when they return they’ll have 2 major updates with new content to enjoy.

It isn’t a massive grind in the sense that, you’ll always progress. The grind only kicks in if there is one thing you need and there is NOTHING else that will be good for you until you get that item =)


Reading a bit I find that the normal lenses give 2.5% focus out of 50% XP gained on weapons, whereas it gives it for 100% xp gained on the Warframe.

I did a quick draco run, 2 waves very slowly to 100% (about 20 minutes total) and gained 4300 focus on frame and 3800 on my weapon. This was a LOT more efficient than what I did prior, like a 40 minutes Survival mission that only gave me 800 focus on weapon (before I put lens on frame) or the “Daily mission” yesterday which was a 20 wave Defense mission that only gave me 463.

The XP gain on weapon however is based on your damage/kills, and I believe the same is true for the Frames. WHich means you kinda have to pick a dps frame to farm xp for that. I used a Trinity with Energy Vampire which seemed to give enough focus. Also you get more XP if you stay close to team members, so to get max Focus you’d have to find a place to “farm” where everyone is staying together.


Ugh, those rescue and spy sortie missions are a major PITA.

Ciphers are disabled on sortie missions. I bought a ton of ciphers before DE removed them from the market circa- U10, so I basically haven’t played the hacking minigame in over two years. I bought a left-handed mouse last year, so the pieces on the corpus version rotate in opposite directions now. The grineer-specific version was introduced post-U10, so I haven’t done that one at all.

I’m slowly getting the hang of it (again), but I’ve been failing them left and right for the past couple of days. And there isn’t much room for error on the rescue and spy missions, so a failed hack or two can mean a failed mission. At least I can solo the missions, so the puggers don’t have to put up with my learning curve.


Just practice and you’ll get it evnetually.

The biggest problem I have with some of the hacking missions are those where you are just to ‘tag’ the objects around, but your “targeting” reticule is moving clockwise/counterclockwise, since usually the background has nearly the same colour as the objects you are selecting making it harder.

The one where you connect lines I seem to have down pretty well by now. But i’ve probably done like 1900 hacks through the 900 hours of warframe :)


It’s amazing the amount of discussion the lore reveal has kicked off on the forums. A straw poll with accompanying thread shows a vast majority love it, but there’s a strong vocal minority who really, REALLY hate it. (Similar reaction to Parkour 2.0 actually, come to think of it, only this time with distressed lore hounds instead of distressed coptering addicts.)

Such a ballsy, risk-taking move by DE.


I am really hoping that I can get the Natah quest finished and start on Second Dream before it inadvertently gets spoiled for me. :D


My brother was very excited today about warframe. He had to show me something new.

Then browsing the forums, it seems the game has done a cyclical rotation and now is even a more awesome sci-fi thing.

This video condense the spoiler for “Second Dream” is a quick way:

This is soo awesome, make me feel bad for abandoning the game a million of years ago. I did because it was hard to progress without doing orikin missions, and these did not had matchmaking.

oh, everybody is already talking about this. Well, it was new to me :D


That video is the last 1 1/2 missions of the Second Dream quest. Absolutely do not watch it if you plan on doing the quest.

And yeah, it’s awesome.


I second that, you should do that quest and not watch it on the -tubes. It will ruin things for you :)


It’s still worth “living through”. Like, if you play the game for a bit, get some progression going, and get a bit attached to the game again, going through that quest would, I reckon, still be something special. (Void quests have matchmaking now.)

But I second J Thomas and instant0 - if anybody’s watching who’s even thinking of playing the game or getting back into it - [B]DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK[/B].

Granted some involvement in the game, it’s one of the most immersive quests yet done in any game, and rivals the best of BioWare/Obsidian or Bethesda quests, for giving you the feels.


Latest 18.5 update has a crazy number of changes.

  • Better graphics overall
  • New Warframe (A Sandstorm/Scarab frame with group heal)
  • New chat
  • New game mode
  • New tileset
  • New Loadout mode
  • New quest
  • Loadout randomizer
    etc etc

Gonna have to dig in and see if I can finish some of the missing frames (4 or 5 now…! i’m falling behind!) and get some of the new weapons.

Really is one of the best, if not THE best F2P game in terms of what they are offering as well as the scale/rate of updates.

Tried it out now, the graphics update seems major. Stuff ran smoother and looked better than ever.
I’ll try it without Re:Shade and see how it is ;)

Gonna be twitching some from the new version.


Tried it out now, the graphics update seems major. Stuff ran smoother and looked better than ever.
I’ll try it without Re:Shade and see how it is ;)


I spent some time playing post-Update 18. It wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, but 18.1 made some significant changes to the way stealth works. Social aggro obeys LOS and noise distance rules now. Just because one enemy see or hears you, the entire map doesn’t automatically become alerted to your presence anymore, making it much easier to recover from mistakes in a stealth run. I leveled up Atlas, which isn’t exactly a stealth-friendly frame, by stealthing Spy missions using only a silenced Sonicor and an Enemy Radar mod. It was as much fun as I’ve ever had in this game.