Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


So, how do I "friend" people in the game, and how do I see my own ingame name? Just completed the tutorial and it looks rather interesting.


So....Warframe. Worth the time investment?

Im glad they finally got to use the art direction for the early Dark Sector (no, not the original space-based/FPS). Its has a great look that makes you do a double-take.



See posts 8, 10, 14 and 15, above.


My Bad. Just too lazy to read thru the thread


Just wanted to chime in and say I've clocked a lot more time on this over the last week than I'd been planning to. It's really quite a lot of fun once you get used to the way it controls, the drop-in party system is superb, and there can be some surprisingly intense firefights at times. There's no need to invest any money into this for at least 20 hours, and even then you're never really forced to pay for anything unless you need more inventory slots. The default set will prove to be plenty, and they give you enough in-game money to buy yourself a little extra breathing space.

Once you move further into the game and start seeing some new environments and enemies, it really starts to take on a life of its own.


So how does the new item system work? I logged in and all my old mods were melted down to some crap that I don't know what to do with. I looked around for a long time trying to find tooltips or help but just logged off in confusion.

Sorry, same for the skill system. I had a max level warframe, sort of confused about skills as mods and why the slot cost varies so much depending on where you put them and what any of it means (red numbers?)


They've moved to a card style system. Now when you level up frames/guns they get more points that can be allocated. Each card has a point value, which is halved if you can place it on an affinity slot, you'll know these by the symbols in the corners. Cards can be combined with other cards or fusion mods to level them up, the slots on the left of the card will show how many levels a card can be leveled. You can swap cards in and out at no cost, which lets you mess around a bit more than the old system.


So, I've started playing this a bit in the last couple of days, after watching my son get started in it. Pretty neat. It's like this weird amalgam of Borderlands and 40k. I think the IAP setup is fairly palatable, at least on what I can tell in the early going. There are limited revives that regenerate with time, and I'm usually opposed to that kind of system, but at least there's no energy requirement to go on missions or anything like that. There are good reasons to want premium currency, in terms of gaining broader access to play options (multiple warframes, weapons, etc). But near as I can tell, it looks possible to experience what the game has to offer with minimal investment, if that is a concern for people.


One thing about revives that may not be obvious is that they are counted per frame. Each frame has 4 revives per day; if you use up all the revives on one frame, you can switch to another and have 4 more revives with that frame. Also, other players in the mission can revive you an unlimited number of times.

You'll have to start over collecting mods. Once you find some, you can use those fusion cores left over from the old mods to power up the new mods. It's a very different system. I kinda liked the old mods better TBH, but they were way overpowered at the top end.


Thanks for pointing out that each frame has its own revives, J Thomas. I didn't know that. A good reason to have more than one frame, I suppose.

One really nice thing is that you appear to be able to play with widely disparate warframe levels without issue. I was using a level 3 frame yesterday, and my son is at...maybe 15. I can't do his missions (they are locked for me) but he helped with mine. I got heat xp, and I think he did as well. He said the enemies were still tough enough that he had to still pay attention to what was going on.


Thanks for the tips guys. Played around with the new system some, seems like a nice enough idea.

I bought an account a while back with the gold warframe. Made me sad that it was a straight duplicate of the non-gold one, which I picked (and leveled to 30) before realizing this would happen.

Sad lately is also that I decided to buy one of the packs that come with 2 rares guaranteed, and the 2 rares were duplicate rifle mods. Both can't be used at once :/


You can combine them via fusion to boost the stats on them though.


Yeah, but who really spends real money currency for 2 rares and wants to pay for one plus a fusion core when every drop in the game can be a fusion core? I mean, I don't care if they duplicate existing items you have laying around, but paying for 2 and getting 1 is crap.


Oooh, the new ether swords are shiny!

Apparently, the glaive from Dark Sector is coming soon as well.


Played it a bit, It doesn't hold a candle to Mass Effects coop combat in my eyes, its just to much running around pointlessly. Large unfocused maps make it a dreary affair of getting lost instead of actually playing the game.

Also, weapons feel similar and uninspired.


Fusing the same mod is much more effective than random mods. I'm always HOPING to get duplicates.


The glaive is in now by the way. I was lucky enough to pick up the blueprint as an alert reward. I never played Dark Sector so I don't know how it compares, but you use the charge attack to throw it, and it'll hit your target, bounce around 2 or 3 times, and return to you. Charge damage on the glaive is high, so it should OHK normal mobs in most cases. The ricochets are not random, so with enough practice I might be able to use it to attack targets indirectly. It's also possible to use the ricochets to hit multiple targets; I've only run a couple of missions with it, and my record so far is 3 kills with a single throw, including one that was sliced in half on the return arc. You can also do normal melee attacks with it, including slide attacks and ground slams, but it's an unremarkable weapon in that respect. I need to play around with it some more, but so far I like what I've seen.

Oh, on both missions I also managed to accidentally break some exterior glass with ricochets, causing area decompression. Oops.


Yeah, it looks cool, but I love my ether blades too much to give them up. Instead, I decided to get a Lex pistol for long range use, and am planning on building a Boltor rifle as my primary (saving up for it, and looking for the neurodes to build it now).

The Lex is a huge contrast to the Furis pistol I was using, but it is fun in a different way. It's also far more ammo efficient. There's simply no way you could run out of ammo in any realistic scenario, nor is there any need to use ammo mods. I still don't have any of the more unusual mods (like multishot) but this thing is going to be a beast eventually.


Soooo, Update 8 is out and it just has an absolutely ridiculous amount of content. Two new tilesets (Grineer galleons, Orakin Towers), a clan Dojo which is a cooperative building project where you can construct research labs and the like to research new bio and energy weapons. They've added a slew of new mods (8), a system to change or add Polarities on items, and scads of new weapons to craft (20) - even a new Sentinel! A new Warframe was just released last Friday as well, Vauban, who is a trap-oriented frame. Oh, and there's something about being able to build levels/content in your dojo for others to play, or something like that. Not sure how that works.

I'm excited. So excited that I formed a one-man Clan to partake in the Dojo aspect. THE MUFFINTOP FOUNDATION shall rule the known universe... or at the very least its baked goods. BEWARE THE MUFFIN-TOPPED TENNO.


Looks like Warframe will be a Playstation 4 launch title. I'm one of those PC purists but I think this game would make a great fit on a next-gen console. They're bringing in a new team for the PS4 port and updates across platforms won't have to be in tandem.

There's also a new trailer that's pretty spiffy. The story stuff looks to be coming together, I'm looking forward to that. While I'm typically a gameplay over story gamer, the Warframe setting is so cool I wouldn't mind seeing more story/lore brought to the front.