Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Apparently the next major update will revamp the star chart, and change the way void missions work.

Choosable rewards would be nice. Each player needs to have the projection though, so no more key leeching.

I don’t have any of the prime gear released in the last few months. Perhaps I should rectify that before this update goes live.


Specters of the Rail now here. Notes.

Massive overhaul of Star Chart, Void, Shop UI, Kavats (new companion type), etc.

Much hilarious confusion in forums and chats, very big changes to lots of things. Some ragequitting. Bugs. Bugfixes.

The new system for getting what were formerly Void drops seems to work quite well so far.


Hmm, on further review, while the new system for getting prime parts is good in principle and I can see the idea of having more varied tilesets, what it feels like now is that instead of doing several mission types again and again, we’re now doing effectively ONE mission type again and again.

The trash mobs on the way to the Fissures are currently irrelevant, thus nullifying the effect of the more varied tilesets. They need to be of the same difficulty level as the Void mobs, so that the missions have more weight as missions, so the greater variety of tilesets has some meaning.


I’ve mostly stopped playing after hitting what feels like a huge wall. The higher end weapons and warframes I’m interested in need Argon crystals, which you can only get from high level Void missions, which I can’t do without better gear. I’ll give this map overhaul a shot but can’t complain if this is the end – 50+ hours without spending a cent is good value.


I hit a similar wall a couple times- the resources needed were just too much. For what it’s worth, though, i found that Argon drops from any void mission, not just high-level ones. The more enemies you kill, the greater chance you get it. So, just do L1 Defence or survival missions, you should get some drops.


Void enemies are no tougher than other factions at a similar level. Top-end weapons are not necessary. Just make sure the weapons you bring are leveled up and modded well.

I’d offer to help, but after the last update I don’t even know where argon crystals are dropping.


Takes a bit getting used to the latest update changes in void.

Guess I first need to do all the void zone “unlocks” and then pick the dailies, as well as finding out which void-item I should use to get a chance of loot from that one.

Scanning the void item and waiting for a rift incursion or whatever it was was kinda strange… but worked out.

I guess I can get used to it.

Yea, you’d get the resources from lower level mission as well, just make sure you use a carrier sentinel to pick up stuff, and it helps if your team are staying close instead of spread all over the map.

No idea how they are doing void missions now though… i’e “t4D” is… what`?


Having played with the new update stuff for a bit, and since the Nullifier spam was toned down a bit, I’ve gotten into the groove of the new systems. As usual, they’re fixing apace the main broken things and bugs the update introduced and it’s all bedding down nicely.

Essentially, I think while the total amount of grind is about the same, I think the part of the grind that’s prime part acquisition has been improved. You get more parts more quickly per time you play. I think this will be balanced at the other end by more of a grind to get the relics, but since both prime part acquisition and relic acquisition can now utilize all the maps in the game, that will psychologically ease the grind somewhat.

It was touch and go there for a bit in terms of forum ugly mood - but it was touch and go for a bit with Parkour 2.0, and now almost everyone’s happy with that.

Basically, I think DE done good again.

There’s a slight worry re. the fact that DE Steve mentioned “marketing pressure” as a factor in why the update was a bit rushed and a bit botched. Could this be the Chicken Overlords’ influence starting to bite (Perfect World, the ruiners of Cryptic)? I hope not, and I think probably not, I think DE have demonstrated their commitment to hold the line again and again, and I doubt very much they’d kowtow to any sort of external pressure until and unless they were in bad financial straits, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. If I ever see a “lockbox”, that will probably be my cue to leave the wonderful world of Warframe, but I doubt that will ever happen. The game just keeps on truckin’.

Great article from PC Gamer on the history of Warframe here.


I read that earlier (suggested by Google Now) and was coming to post it here, but you beat me to it. Really cool stuff, and touches on a big part of what keeps me playing- the constant state of change. I played way too much Destiny for a year, but even when they added new content nothing ever really changed. DE is willing to rework entire systems in the quest for a better game (down to even the movement system, fer chrissakes!).


I’m not sold on the new Void stuff yet, but I still have a few more of them to unlock so we’ll see…

Should hit MR21 tomorrow I think.

Re. Market Pressure from the Chicken overlords… I really hope they do not change how DE are running the ship, or try to pressure them into anything. Surely DE had enough revenue to have remained independent?


All of those changes impact an aspect of the new player experience. As a veteran player, I have a difficult time giving advice to new players on where to go and what to do. Many of the things I did as a new-ish player to earn mods and credits no longer exist, have been nerfed, or simply aren’t relevant.

In a way, I feel as if I’ve been grandfathered by a lot of older systems and rules. If I had to start over, even knowing what I know about Warframe, I would have a much harder time getting to where I am today. My hat’s off to those new players who stick with the game.


Wait, what needs to be unlocked? I haven’t done any fissure missions yet, but I did get the void relic segment from Mars.


You have the “VOID” Zone that you have to unlock the entire zone. I’m not sure what will happen once I’ve finished that one, as it seems the “mission menu” (top right) has void-rifts appearing all over the galaxy, so it seemed that the “Void” itself no longer serves any purpose…

Just wanted to add an awesome image ruined by the “ui” elements :)


Ah, ok. I unlocked most of the nodes already so that I wouldn’t miss any alerts. I did pick up a couple of argon crystals, but nothing else notable. I hope that’s not gonna be the only way to get argon crystals now, as there seems to be no other reason to replay the nodes.


I ran through the rest of the Void nodes and got… the good feeling that comes with unlocking all of the star chart. So no reward, but it’s still useful to do just to have access to any alerts or fissures that may pop up there.

Ran a few fissure missions, and encountered a nasty bug. Apparently I was the only one who saw the rare reward option at the end of the mission screen. The first time it happened the other members of the team all selected another item, so I thought maybe nobody else needed it. But I started talking with one of my teammates, and he said that he never saw it. The second time it happened, he read off all the rewards that he saw on his screen, and one of the uncommon rewards was duplicated instead of the rare. I’ll submit a bug report, just giving a PSA here too.


My understanding (which could be incorrect) was that it had to do with market access to China. You’re a Western developer trying to run your service in that market? Lots of problems. If you’re owned by a Chinese company, many of those problems go away.

I’m not business guy, that’s just what I heard when the deal was going through.


Its a very odd update. I think DE mentioned that they wanted to make “where to go next” more clear. The starchart looks very nice but more clear it is not. The relic system is so convoluted it could not be less beginner friendly.

Tier 1 Defense Key is a key that opens up a Tier 1 Defense Mission.
Lith S2 Relic is a what? An object you can take with you to a void tear mission that will then open only if you close the tear by killing the eximus enemies who drop glowey reactant then you jump into the tear while holding…

-new player’s eyes glaze over-

… then you make sure you have a Necros so more traces drop and you, did I mention you have to complete the mission…

-new player loads up Doom-

That said, I love the update. The starchart looks great, the junction “quests” add some more objectives to feel good about completing. The new relic system, once you get it figured out, really encourages public groups. As a solo player I was a bit reluctant to PUG the tears but it has all been great.

There are some bugs: The Grineer torpedo bug seems to be back on Invasion missions and my Nyx has her melee weapons sticking out of her chest but overall I think its a great update.


New update out for the PC today - “The Silver Grove”. New warframe, new quest, new features, streamlined fusion. More info:



Damn, now I have to farm yet another frame :)

Do not forget the addition of servers!
I wonder what the requirements for one is.

Another major complaint directed toward our Conclave game modes has been the potential for laggy experiences due to the game running on our peer to peer system. With this update we will be rolling out the first stages of a potential solution to this issue: volunteer player hosted servers - we’ve got the tools in place to allow you to host Lunaro.

At this stage volunteer servers are limited to running Lunaro only, and require a separate dedicated computer to host.

The initial roll-out will be conducted via an invite-only process due to the need to gauge scalability and success. We will be using this soft launch to gather valuable feedback and stats and once we determine that the system is ready to provide the best experience we will be moving forward with a full scale public release.

Guess it will be a while still.

Never tried Lunaro, but it seems good from what I read about it. A bit like Speedball?


The new junction system with mini-missions (just kill stuff, pickup, do a mission, etc…) and mini-bossfight/event is kinda nice. Gives a few nice rewards for new players as well. You only do them once per junction though, so it is limited by the number of planets available.

Did one of the first ones now and it gave me a codex scanner, a lith s1 relic, a void relic segment (needed for refinement of relics (which increases chance of rare drop on missions)) a fragor blueprint and the archwing quest.

Also noticed what on the VOID RELIC REFINEMENT UI, you can search for a DROP and it will show which relics give you that, so you can see if you have any for a particular drop, and choose to refine them to increase your drop chance.

A lot of stuff to learn even for old players it seems. Might be a bit overwhelming for newbies, unless they have a good tutorial for it – everything is on the WIKI of course, but you dont open that when you play until you’re higher level :)

Then I update my Excel Spreadsheet:

A Junction mission: