Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Unlocking nodes on a planet no longer gives mastery xp. Instead, players get a nice chuck of xp (1K) for completing the planet’s junction mission(s). I read this back when the patch notes came out, but I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that players like me who unlocked all of the nodes under the old system will still get xp for the junction missions as well. I was already close to the next mastery rank, and running a few junction missions while leveling Titania was enough to bump me up.

I appreciate the fact that I don’t need to use a void relic to run a fissure mission. No prime part reward, but will still get void traces for completion. Makes it easy to farm traces, since I don’t have to use up a bunch of relics in the process. The next time I receive a 2x resource booster as a login reward, I intend to do just that.


Seems like the way to do VOID missions these times, if you’re looking for something,

  1. Farm Fissuers
  2. Radiant upgrade your Relic
  3. Use “LFG” Channel to find 3 other people that also have a RADIANT Relic
  4. Run the same mission 4 times with each person using a Radiant relic ONCE.

So pretty much reliant on finding people who would be willing to run the same mission (up to 20 or 40 minutes) 4 times, or you’ll be doing it with clan.

Alternatively you run the mission ONCE with 4 x Radiant Relics, but from what I read then you risk “Overspending”.

From my playthrough since Patch I only had enough materials to upgrade two relics to RADIANT… It feels like I should have more. To be honest I kinda liked the old system more, just run the void and get reward, run it a few more times and get the item you wanted.

Now I feel I have to farm one resource to upgrade another before I can even do the void mission and not get the item I am after…


Another major update is coming next month:



I got a rock forma.


HUGE New update now, continuing the epic quest from earlier.

Also introduces a new region, tileset and game mode (Assault).


Another new patch. (U19.5.)

More Quest!
Summoned by Ergo Glast of the Perrin Sequence to the outpost known as the Mycona, you have discovered that Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and it is up to you to get them back. You must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game. But Tenno, beware, not all is as it seems.

New Index Enemies & Mods:
The index is back with new Corpus champions! You can also find two new weapon mods: Tether Grenades & Flux Overdrive.

New Riven Mods:
You can now acquire Riven Mods for Shotguns and Secondary weapons as Sortie rewards, as per our Dev Workshop here.

New Game Mode - Infested Salvage:
A ship and its crew have fallen victim to the Infestation they were researching. Locate the ship’s manifest to recover their extensive research, but be fast as a corrosive gas fills the ship degrading your armor integrity. You can find this new mission type on Oestrus, Eris!

New Warframe - Nidus: Command the Infestation to mutate and grow ever more destructive.

I trying to clean up the missing Junctions, being stuck on LUA trying to do treasure rooms with randoms is somewhat annoying, as they do not always tend to follow directions. These are sort of “Puzzle”-ish as well.

One more to go and I can start the U19 (or was it 18?) Quest.


So I just played this for the first time earlier this week. WOW, so fun. They need to do a better job marketing themselves, though. I thought this was some MOBA thing until someone explained to me it was basically a 3rd person futuristic Diablo with a Helldivers-like meta game. SOLD.


A MOBA?! Where on Earth did you make that connection, spaceguy? :)

That’s pretty cool you’ve just discovered the game, though! I’ve been playing off and on since early beta and it’s pretty remarkable how far the game has come. Still coming out with frequent updates, too!


Well the Steam page tells literally NOTHING about the game itself, and the videos looked kinda MOBAish, and it’s F2P, so that’s where my mind went.


Hah, you’re not kidding about their Steam page. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it before. You… it’s not even that you need to fill in the blanks, you pretty much have to come up with the whole thing.

So yeah, if someone thinks it’s a 4X/MOBA/Match-3 mashup, I wouldn’t blame 'em.


I mean now that I’ve played it, I GET it and I love it, but shit, that Steam page tells me NOTHING. They seem to be doing alright despite this, however:

I mean geezus, that’s a lot of people.


When I first played it a long time ago, it had a MOBA feel in the beginning. Things have changed drastically for the better. But I can get Brian’s having that initial impression.


I’m there too, and I play every once in a while. Just add me as a friend if you want to play together (same name as here).

And it’s perhaps the only F2P game that, for me, reaches a good balance of paid/unpaid content, with mostly fair prices. If you do decide to buy anything though, wait until you get a 75% discount daily reward - you’ll get at least one of those every month, just so you know.


And it’s not even a Steam-centric game, so those numbers don’t count all of the players. I never launched Warframe through Steam.


It is awesome, welcome to the club. :-)

The only thing I use the steam pages for with regards to a game is to check out videos for the game that show actual gameplay. Not sure how much of those they have though, but I guess there’s always youtube.

In the case of this game though; You should’ve listened to use months/years ago, but better late than never :-P


Gotten back into Warframe again, combined it with using “OBS” for Video Recording/Streaming after Nvidias Geforce Experience became utter SHIT with their v3.0 release. Still struggling with the video quality being terrible on Twitch though… Guess you need a “pro” account?

Twitch link - Autoplay users need a better browser methinks.

Just starting on ‘the war within’ quest and it looks very promising from the intro (around 1:29 in that link).

Finally did the last remaining “Locks” I had on planets so got rewards I already had.

Todays login bonus was a Blueprint for a new weapon, only took 150 or so days to get one :)

Here’s a video of the whole ‘The War Within’ Quest chain. Some nice parts there, and some really annoying ones (where I died repeatedly).

Twitch link - Another autoplay link for people with evil browsers


Not sure what you’re talking about, that looks fantastic.


Guess I shouldn’t compare it to Youtube 1080P Uploads. The average upstream rate I was recording at was around 3900kbps, so shouldn’t be surprised if it looks like a aged DVD :P.

Think I’ll up the framerate to 48fps, since 30 seems too low for Warframe.

Alternatively I’ll just go back to “Frapsing” to my ramdrive then encoding it before uploading to YT.


This is my little WF video, does it looks bad to you?

I used restream.io to stream to Twitch and YouTube, and keep my upload to around 3,500kbps.


I guess it looks about the same as mine, so maybe that’s the image quality we get at ~3500 :-)

Compare it with this:
Which is a local recording/x264 encoded, then uploaded to YT ages ago.

I guess it is decent enough until I get more upstream bandwidth. :-)