Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Ah, cool, thanks for the tips. I’m not too worried about farming plat at this time, I was lucky enough to get a couple of 75% off coupons, got the 2000 plat pack, but from what I’ve seen on Youtube corrupted mods are still decent plat makers.

Game’s fun. :D


I finally got around to doing The War Within (and the preceding ones) quest. That was pretty damn cool.


I was much more ambivalent about the game generally until I got to The War Within. The story makes the random murder much more impactful, in my mind, and now I’m really looking forward to the next main story quest.

Also, the music that plays in the Transference room, the little vocal Operator theme is super-pretty.


Last time I tried this game was, at least, two years ago, and it didn’t click with me.

I’ve been trying again this week as I read it had improved and polished over time. And while it seems much more fully featured, with more content and polished… I have to ask, when the game starts to be fun?

I have to clarify: my complaint here is how easy are the missions. I’ve played almost three hours and they were trivial. You are just pressing forward and firing every enemy it appears. No need to change weapons, look for ammo, or take care of your health, enemies have bad AI and you have a strong shield with quick regeneration.

So I suppose the question is, Am I still on the ‘newbie phase’, and the game will increase the difficulty after some more missions?


In a word, yes.

In several words, it was my experience that I wasn’t really challenged unless I was using less-than-fully-upgraded gear, or if the enemy levels were greater than about 30 or 40. Nowadays, with almost the entire star map unlocked, I can pretty readily find missions to suit the whole range of difficulties, from “lo, I am unto a god” to “oh god, they’re killing me”.


At lvl 35+ is when things start to heat up. It depends on the frame though - something like a Rhino with the right supports (mods) can be stupidly tanky while a frame without any mitigation, low health and no healing ability would fold like a paper bag. Unless it was a timed mission or one with energy drain I generally defaulted to Ivara with a silenced weapon (shotgun lol) because it was less stressful than juggling cooldowns and stuff.

If they can’t see you they can’t kill you.


Absolutely. But you can start ramping up the difficulty in a way just by playing Defense or Survival missions. Push as many rounds as you can, the relic and (potentially) mod rewards will be very useful. Keep an eye on the level of enemy when things start to get dicey. You can look around the star map and see what planets start around that level.


Well, I finally got all the labs built in my solo dojo. I’ve been starting on actual research now; lots of frames and weapons for mastery purposes, which is nice. Most of the field of archwing equipment is open to me, too; not that I do much archwing stuff, but having more exciting gear will be fun.

I have slowed down somewhat, playing an hour or two every few days, but I’m still enjoying myself. If anything, I have too many things to do in Warframe to sustain my interest rather than too few.


I hear you! I binged on the game pretty heavily this weekend and still felt like I didn’t get around to starting half the things I wanted to do (let alone finish them)!


This is a common theme with WF - it’s so easy to get distracted! When I played I always had plans to level this or that frame or a weapon, but then I’d always get caught up in doing Nightmare modes, an alert that just popped up (gotta get those potatoes, man), few dailies and then whoops, where did the last few hours go?


The Void parkour rooms have been there long before Ayatan treasures. Failing the mission because of the rooms is a more recent development, probably to accommodate Maroo’s weekly mission.

Over the weekend I did an alert on a Void tileset, flubbed the parkour challenge, and had to re-run the mission. It needs to be changed as it provides real potential for griefing in public missions, especially alerts with limited windows of opportunity.


Huh. Well before my time. I guess it never really works to assume anything in Warframe has been a certain way for very long.


I just do those missions solo. This game is total farming, sorta like War Thunder… but its addictive enough and varying enough to keep me playing now than when i first tried it a couple years ago (didn’t seem to have alot of content then). When I see the list of all the weapons and frames to unlock… its like when i started war thunder and see all the tanks and planes to unlock! I’ll get bored eventually, but the treadmill is fun enough. The gameplay is more fun than ME Andromeda MP and its doable solo, and grouping is very easy and people seem to know the drill.

I just noticed youre a vet! I’m still a newb at the game so you must be referring to something i haven;t even gotten to yet. I’m rank 5, so still definitely newb.


From the patch notes today:

Fixed failing the mission if you fail to complete the puzzle rooms in Void/Orokin missions before the timer runs out.


Good to know that the devs read QT3 and react quickly!


PSA: the Warframe devs mentioned that the Focus system will be revamped along with the Plains of Eidolon update. If you have invested in the Naramon tree and enjoy the melee affinity bonus, the next couple of weeks would be a good time to use it before you lose it. Otherwise you may want to wait on placing lenses in your gear until it’s clear how the new system will work. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then ignore everything I just said, and go do the Second Dream quest.


By the description they gave, I’m not a fan of the direction they’re taking Focus. I’ll wait for more details, though. Super excited for Plains of Eidolon!



Looks like it’s already fixed. That’s a big oopsie; someone’s not getting a Christmas bonus (or maybe paycheck).


Yeah it was fixed within minutes. One of the devs on steam forums confirmed that we’re keeping the goodies though :)


EDIT: This price issue occurred due to circumstances beyond our control. We will not be acting to remove any items at this time - buy a lottery ticket today.

In any case, looks like I’ll be playing some WF again in the very near future.