Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


You should. Plains of Eidolon might be out as soon as next week.


You’re kidding? I thought it was still months away!


I stress the might, but per Rebecca Ford:


Nice! Now I’m wondering if this whole thing was planned and we’re just part of an elaborate marketing ruse to get more people in for the next expansion, lol.


Nice, grats on that!

The market may be inflated in the near-term with the influx of platinum. I should try to sell off some old prime parts, see how much I can get for them.


If you happen to have a Rhino Prime set I’d be very much interested in buying it. I’m also slowly upgrading my archwing arsenal in preparation for PoE - anything else I should be doing to prepare as much as possible?

Also, the boosters from the botched steam sale are a godsend. I got 1 million credits in what seemed like a couple hours of casually leveling my frames and weapons on Akkad, which turned out to be very useful because I started crafting new stuff like crazy now that I got more slots available.

Overall I’m really enjoying the game again, I forgot how good it controls. Nidus is still my favorite frame :).


I just watched some of the Prime Time stream from Thursday, and it turns out all my advice was wrong. When the Focus revamp goes live, any installed lenses will be uninstalled and returned to inventory. Also, they demoed the new Naramon tree, and the melee affinity bonus was the core ability with a couple of new ranks added.

I do, and I’ll send you a PM.

As far as preparation for PoE, on the Prime Time stream they recommended earning as much focus xp as possible. I’ve already been doing this for the last couple of weeks, but not knowing what the new skill trees will look like makes it a crap shoot in terms of choosing a school on which to concentrate. So maybe that’s not great advice either.


That’s what I read too so I just slapped the few normal lenses I had on the gear I use most of the time for now. I guess the focus refund will go towards their respective schools and won’t be one giant pool that you can allocate at will - which sucks a bit because most of mine is in Zenurik and from what we’ve seen so far it got gutted pretty bad. I’m not a fan of the shift towards more active Operator role to be honest, right now I only use it in the very extreme cases, like resetting resistances on some mobs or for kuva farming.

I sent you a PM btw, and I’ll be online for about 2 more hours today if you want to make the trade.


Thanks again for the Prime, @J_Thomas!

This system is great for trading, today was the first time I’ve seen it in action (I don’t think I’ve ever bought a blueprint before).


I see what you meant, that 's cool. I haven’t seen that before either.


New trailer:


Just so you know, if you get into Warframe in any way like you do Path of Exile, check out http://warframe.market. @gurugeorge linked it upthread, but it’s a godsend if you’re missing a prime part (or want to make some plat on your extras).


Way ahead of you ;)



Baro is back in town and has Primed Flow and Primed Ravage. The major bulk of my playing time took place before Baro existed, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting Flow in particular.


I swear the more relics I try to open the more I end up with. It’s like I’m Sisyphus.


Thanks for the heads up, dont think I have Primed fLow yet.

Looking forward to Open World Warframe.


They are prepping to launch Plains of Eidolon (Steve Sinclair, the creative director and developer) is livestreaming the prep process now. The hope is to launch it later today, if they can nail down a couple reported crash issues.


Plains of Eidolon dropping now. Update notes.