Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Was in a team that took down a Teralyst (the big fellas) today - it’s actually a lot of fun, quite hectic. But you can see the need to beef up the Operator, we took ages and only just got it down before the dawn. Cell composition was random, but we had a Trin, a Harrow, an Ivara and my Titania.

Basically you need to be in Operator mode to take down the Teralyst’s shields, then in warframe mode you sequentially focus down the knees, shoulders and head in phases. Each time you get one of those parts, the Teralyst falls (and spams a huge AoE emp aura type thing that can one shot a frame, so you have to get out of the way) then it disappears and respawns somewhere nearby on the map, and you have to go through the shields again and focus down another part (note, Shield Disruption aura is useful here, apparently). You do need a Sortie-capable team to take down the parts quickly, they’re hit point bags. (Harrow’s crit buff was really useful here, especially on the last point, the head).

There are phases with the Vomnalysts (the wee fellas) too - some of them attack, some heal the Teralyst, not quite clear what’s going on there, but basically if you see lots of Vomnalysts around the Teralyst just kill them with your Operator (and pick up their drops, they’re for the Quills standing).

At this stage my Operator was dying a fair bit but you respawn quickly in the frame, and it’s all fairly fluid, as well as fluid switching between frame and Operator.

The graphics and audio fx are very impressive and the thing spams uncounted varied AoE attacks, you do feel like you’re fighting a giant Kaiju thing.


I’m loving the new Zenurik. Increased energy from orbs is great but the energy zone is amazing. Now I just need to figure out what to bind Operator to, 5 is in a position that is already making me wish I had octopus hands.

@KevinC: mind posting your Titania loadout? Also, are you soloing highest level bounties with her?


I haven’t solo’d high end bounties, the majority of my time on the plains has been with a friend or two. My loadout right now isn’t very optimized, I’m just running with this at the moment:


Rush might end up getting replaced with a Drift exilus mod. I put Intensify on to give a little extra punch to my weapons in Razorwing form, but I’ll probably rejigger some things so that I have more range for CC. I think that’s a lot more important than a little extra damage when things get rough.

I’m still trying to settle on a primary weapon. I like Shotguns for Razorwing, but their limited range is frustrating when I’m not in that form.


This is kinda genius. I got a pretty nice riven for Nami Solo and came across the above link when I was researching how popular this weapon is. It’s a pretty interesting way to bring the overlooked weapons back into the fold, reminds me of the threshold jewels in Path of Exile.


Really starting to warm to Operator mode quite a bit, after having spent a couple of “nights” hunting Vomnalysts, just getting used to switching.

I absolutely hated using the Operator before (for Kuva missions and for the final Harrow mission), but now with this more fluid switching it makes a lot more sense and is actually quite enjoyable - it basically feels like being one and the same “entity” just with a suite of extra abilities for certain circumstances, counterbalanced by some vulnerability.

Another top tip for the pile: use the Luminous Dye for fishing, it makes the fish easy to see, so you spend less time peering into the water (although that in itself is quite fun to do now and then, feels quite immersive with the sound of the water lapping against the rocks and the light glinting on the water). The downside is that it’s a one-use bp for 500 rep, which provides IIRC 20 goes of dye which last a few minutes each - the upside is it’s made with common resources.

But I think, in view of the fact that there are quite a few of the new odds and ends (the customizable weapon bits, parts of operator stuff, the Skywing) that require fishy bits (you can break the fish down into wonderfully named bits and pieces - DE’s “naming things” team is soooo good), it’s worth the rep sacrifice to get more fishy stuff faster.

Generally it’s all starting to hang together more and more, and the grind isn’t as onerous as I anticipated it might be - maybe just a tad, but it doesn’t need much adjustment. If you just play normally, as with all things Warframe, the mats start to pile up quite satisfyingly.

Note that to use the dye (and also presumably to use the bait) a new gear wheel opens up when you hit your gear wheel key with the harpoon equipped, the dye will appear there if you’ve crafted it.


Speaking of the grind, they have said that economy balance is on their ASAP list, and it sounds like they will be upping rates for various things.


Yes, I’m saving all my cores until further notice.

Anyone tried the new snipers? I managed to get a full Vectis Prime set (currently vaulted but I had some old relics) together so I’m gonna forma it 2-3 times and try it on Ivara on the Plains. I’ve never played with any snipers though so I have absolutely no clue which are good and which are not.


I hear good things about the Vectis Prime. I missed the boat on that way, I don’t have any of the relics and I’m not shelling out the kind of plat that warframe.market is asking for.

I haven’t played around with snipers much (honestly, aside from mastery, why would you previously?), but I did enjoy the Rubico the most I think. Of course, they all got buffed in the Eidolon update, so I’m not sure where everything stands right now.

I did try the Lanka post-update, and I really disliked it. Now that punch-through is shared across snipers instead of being unique to it, I think it falls even further behind the pack. Maybe I just needed to spend more time with it.


Yes, the Rivens were an ingenious system for a game like this. With hundreds of weapons and more being added frequently, there’s no way that they are all balanced (and I don’t think they’re really supposed to be). There will always be a FOTM, or weapons that fall by the wayside and are underpowered. A team their size has no way of being able to go back through all those weapons over and over and make sure they’re all buffed up without creating new imbalances.

Rivens are great because they naturally buff the weakest weapons, and it reacts dynamically with the playstyles of the player base. It’s honestly the most clever idea I’ve seen to tackle this sort of issue in long-term persistent RPGs like this.

Also, the first Sortie I ran since PoE update netted me something from the new reward table: 6000 Kuva! I can’t complain. :)


I just tested the Vectis P in plains and I’m loving it. Pretty much oneshots everything (if you land a hs, but body shot still drops most mooks) except the capture targets. Easily soloed the highest level bounty with Ivara. And I mean EASILY - defense parts were easier than when I’m grouping with a friend who plays Mesa. The hardest part of the bounty by far was finding those 3 caches before the time ran out, lol.


I spent a lovely day cycle running around the map, fishing, mining, hunting Grineer, and working out how to lead with my Dread. I probably should have saved my minerals, fish, and so on—I understand that tweaks, both to the rate of standing gain and to the rewards for bounty missions, are coming soon.


Good lord, you were not joking that this game is a bit impenetrable when you start…

I have been having fun playing the ultra early parts, as a couple of mates wanted to try some co-op in this game. Still have a voice in my head, but hopefully I get to kill him next mission.

Is there a QT3 style clan I can join? It sounds from what I read above like everyone is split up, but a clan sounds required for research. I am playing as Belisari.


You really should look for guides, iFlynn and Brozime on Youtube have some nice starting guides for Warframe. They’re outdated now with Plains, but they should provide a nice sense of what to aim for, a general sense of what you should be doing, no need to follow religiously, just a helping hand in a sea of “WTH do I do next” …


Thank you, I have read a little already but some of it is fairly counter intuitive (I had started disolving broken mods for endothingy, only to see I need to fit four mods into a suit/weapon in order to progress through the first gate into the next world… bah)

At what level can i drop into plains? Is it end game only.

(Open world is more interesting to me overall)


I think you can drop into the Plains fairly early into the game, just need to finish the starting quest (Vor’s prize I think it is). That’s for daytime Plains, Night time, you can go there, but you won’t have a good time.


It’s designed for all levels. You need to complete Vor’s Prize quest and reach Earth on the star map. One of the nodes on Earth is Cetus, which is where you’ll want to head.


Ahh, thanks. I can get to Cetus now. Will see about exploring if it is day!



Yes, you need to join a clan to get access to the various research weapons, warframes, and items (and there’s a lot of them). I think my clan is full at the moment, but I can see about opening up a slot when I get home later this evening, if you’d like to join for the Dojo/research. It’s just a very small personal “clan” of mine with various friends, though, so you won’t find many active players besides myself and one or two others.


That is badass. I wish I hadn’t missed the boat on it, because the prime parts for it are way, way, too expensive for me (even well before the PoE update, I cant imagine they’ve gone down since).

Speaking of market costs, though, I made a nice amount of plat last night selling mods and prime parts. There’s an influx of new players as well as returning players, so the market is really hot right now to move some stuff. I’ve had multishot mods listed for ages for cheap and kind of forgot about them, but I moved a few for 5p each last night. Syndicate mods also did fairly well for me (and a great way to spend standing, if you don’t have anything else to do with it).


Good to hear, I should really update my orders too. As for Vectis - I’d hold off on buying it for sure. I think the reload speed might nerfed, it’s just too good at the moment. Rubico might be a good alternative, same rate of fire as VP, 5 bullets per mag but the reload speed is long - 3s.