Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


The Halloween color palette is available in the market for the low, low price of one credit (yes, credit). It’s great if you like reds, oranges, and greens.


That’s awesome, Bateau, thanks for making the video! Were you using a silence mod on your Vectis, or just relying on Prowl re-stealthing you, since you have to reload after every shot?

And thanks for the heads up, @Fishbreath. I looked for it in the color palette list and didn’t see it, so I totally would have missed it.


Yeah I’m using Hush or whatever the sniper version is. I use this with all alarming weapons on Ivara, it’s totally worth it. She has a passive damage bonus for headshots too which offsets the loss of a damage mod somewhat.

Also, Vectis Prime actually has two bullets in the mag! Fire rate for the gun is 1.5 per second and reload is 0.9 so it all kinda blends together if you delay the second shot a bit.


There’s a pumpkin head available for 1 credit too. I forgot how it’s called, starts with D.


Man I hope they do something about Focus soon, I’m on 4th or 5th day of capping it and it’s already wearing me down. Maybe I’ll shell out some plat and go full meta with sleep Equinox.


I took one look at the new trees and decided I’m basically never going to finish them. I unlocked the first two nodes of Zenurik, and will unlock other stuff as I can, but I’m not going to bother with a system that takes literal years of dedicated daily grinding to see in full.


Yeah, the Focus grind would be insane if the intention is to max them all out, and that seems to be how a lot of the Warframe community is approaching it (judging from /r/Warframe).

I’m choosing to look at it more like prestige/paragon/whatever levels that will always give me some progress bar to increase, no matter how long I play. My impression is that this is the intent of the system, but I could be wrong on that. As it is, I focused on grinding until I had enough for Energy Dash and now I’m good. I’ll just let it come in as it comes in. If they end up bumping up the rate later, then fantastic. If not… well, thus far there’s nothing gated for me, I’m already doing the content. So no worries. Besides, the majority of the items in the trees are far, far, from “must have” type abilities.

I do wish they’d eliminate those damn Convergence orbs, though. I get that they were placed there to deal with AFK focus farmers, but that doesn’t seem necessary as long as there’s a daily standing cap. I don’t like that in order to gain focus at any sort of decent rate, you either need to cheese stealth or play a couple specific maps with specific warframes in order to grind it out. I’m good with it taking ages to complete all the nodes, but I would like to make progress just through normal play.


I think the “fear” is that the game will focus more on the operator and if that happens then the system will become more important.

Personally I think leveling it up is far too bothersome, only “fast” way is through very specific gameplay (killing stuff that’s asleep) or through the use of Frames that can kill boatloads of stuff really quickly (mostly Banshee Prime it seems). Doing it time after time until your brain starts to bleed out of your ears. No thanks. I’ll play normally, get whatever focus I get.


Comprehensive video from Tactical Potato on how to capture (as opposed to merely kill) the Teralysts and maximize the rewards.

Another one from him showing a common method of intensive Focus farming to reach the daily cap using sleep Equinox.


Indeed. Peer-To-Peer matchmaking games really need to do some sort of network/bandwidth analysis before they pick someone on a 28kbps dialup to AOL as a host when there are others on gigabit connections to pick instead…
Had a terrible game earlier where all the enemies would basically warp around… was nearly impossible to hit anything and even had two people disconnect (to be replaced by other unfortunate victims).

The host of course had a smooth run…


Master Angler:


A Gay Guy Plays showing even more how it’s done.

Unedited and a bit long, as they capture 5 and nearly a 6th Teralyst in one night cycle, but if you’re familiar with what they’re doing it’s worth studying - if only to see what “git gud” means in the game :)

Builds used also shown - of course Rob himself is sporting a God-tier Vectis Riven.


One of my friends has picked the game up after a long absence, and with some shepherding through the opaque new player experience, has made it to Europa. He wants to farm Nova, so we’ll do that before I push him further toward The Second Dream and The War Within, which were two of the most enjoyable moments in the game for me.

Along the way, I’ve discovered the joys of Ash, and may have come across a new favorite frame. His abilities are very ninja-like, and with focus energy buffs and maxed efficiency, basically free. I’ve used north of 200 abilities in several missions. I was considering aiming for the Fatal Teleport mod, but I don’t need the extra energy, and my Dragon Nikana is already sufficient to one-shot everything which can be hit with finishers.

Which is another nice thing—Blade Storm does finisher damage, and so do the slash procs from Blade Storm and Shuriken. It’s a little new to me to have a way to kill endgame enemies with warframe abilities.


I’m intrigued. You have any videos to showcase the killing potential (enemy level 80+, if possible)? I actually have the frame built (Prime, I STILL haven’t managed to get all the parts for regular version lol) but I read so many bad things about it that I dismissed it outright.

Mainly I’m looking for a ‘fun’ frame for solo play right now. Current candidates are: Limbo, Titania, Octavia and now Ash. I’m getting a little sick of playing the same 3-4 meta frames all the time.


Nothing at present. If I have some time tonight, I’ll capture some simulacrum fun against some level 85 bombards, heavy gunners, and elite lancers. (I’d heard bad things about Ash, too, and was resigned to using him for mastery fodder. I was super-surprised to see him actually effective.)

I also really, really enjoy Limbo, and as an added bonus, he has an easy way to cheese the Plains of Eidolon drone escorts. Banish the drone! The Grineer will still attack it and not you, but they can’t do anything to it. The rift plane generally is a fun mechanic, even if there are a growing number of things (grr) that can attack you across the boundary.


Limbo is my jam, I love that Warframe! He’s my go-to sortie guy. Squishy as hell, and really tricky to play well, but that’s what I enjoy about him. People give him a bad name because a bad Limbo can really troll his teammates (even unintentionally) , but I’ve single-handedly saved a lot of sorties with his unique abilities.

I’m going to farm like a madman once Limbo Prime is out, especially if they smooth out a couple rough edges along the way.


I’ve just started playing this game and I’m a little lost when it comes to progression. I picked up the free Soma, which seems pretty good. And I’m using the free Frost Prime, which seems decent. Any tips on what warframe and/or weapons I should work on crafting (or avoiding)? Right now my strategy is to craft and try everything I can afford, but that’s probably not a good idea long term.


Do you know if his cataclysm destroys containers? I’m looking for some kind of ability that does this and goes through walls - to quickly find the medallions in syndicate missions.


I got the last piece of Ash (the bit that only drops from Grineer Manics) quite by accident the day before Destiny 2 released. I had everything else for the last year or something, had tried to farm it with no luck several times, and then got it in a random PUG doing some alert. So when I moved back in a few weeks back, I had a shiny new frame to play. Fun guy, and I did like his ninja abilities, too.

Now I’m on to Nova. I decided after getting Ash that I’d get back to acquiring all the “low hanging fruit”- the frames you can get by just working a boss. So I got Nova a few days back, yesterday I got the pieces for Alas (need Argon to build him, though). I’m looking at Trinity or Equinox next.

I did also finally get the standing in my fourth faction to get several new Archwing weapons. I’ve got a lot of new stuff coming up. I remember way back at the beginning, how you get one weapon, and it takes forever to level it and to unlock something new. Now I’ve got several in the queue at any given time. It’s nuts how much content this game has.


I don’t believe so, no.