Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Oh nice, good to know. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a quick melee change!


@Fishbreath , @KevinC, mind posting your respective Limbo builds? I’m still playing around with various configs and I think that high duration (180+) / med range (130-140) / med efficiency (150+) is what I want for solo work but it’s a bit hard to get there with Quick Thinking and Rift Torrent slotted. I might actually just drop the latter.

Currently running 185 dura, 100 eff, 111 range, 145 strength, with QT slotted and it’s pretty ok, but I feel like that power strength is going to waste.

I absolutely love QT though, but I did drop Rage. Going into rift to get some energy back is enough, and if it gets really bad I can always use my 5e/s Energized Dash.


I’ll put it up when I get home, but I’m still fairly early into the advanced mods game. Offhand, I think it’s just Continuity, Flow, Stretch, Constitution, and Vigor, with some other random stuff thrown in.


I don’t bother power strength on him, unless I’m going for a Rift Torrent DPS kind of build. I don’t like the flow of Rift Torrent at all, though. It’s effective and I can make it work, but I enjoy other frames when it comes to mass murder of baddies. I’m hoping this gets smoothed out a bit in some way once his Prime version comes out, because i do like the idea a lot.

He’s definitely more my “Get this mission objective completed” frame, which means he’s my default for Sorties. I also love the ability to rez all my splatteried squadmates at will with no risk to myself (well, aside from a nullifier sneaking up on me).

Build-wise, I like duration and I do throw both Redirection and Vitality on, which most people probably don’t. That’s mostly because I’m getting older and my reflexes aren’t quite as quick, so for something like a Sortie I want to able to survive a hit and get back into the Rift. I also like the Cataclysm augment when I’m running defense missions.


Thanks to you and @KevinC for the tips!


I think QT with Primed Flow is a vastly superior option, despite the occasional stagger. Even with Natural Talent and Speed Drift I get wrecked pretty hard in between popping cataclysm and casting a new one (roughly one second). Without Quick Thinking I would have died many, many times so far.

Here’s my current build, I made some small modifications:

Speed Drift feels like a waste of a slot so I’ll probably put Cunning there and replace Exilus with something like Mobilize, Patagium or Rush.

edit: Just soloed my first t5 bounty with this and it was really easy. I did however fail one before that because I literally could not see enemies at night from inside the cataclysm when I got to the Liberation part. I’m now rethinking Mobilize in favor of Enemy Radar lol.

edit2: Did another bounty and this time liberation went off without a hitch 8). I could use just a little more efficiency to keep recasting cataclysm since I had to move around a lot. Alternatively, maybe it’s time I start utilizing Rift Torrent.


Ok so I think I finally figured out a good setup for bounties:

Rift Torrent is pretty much a flex spot, I’m still deciding if I should replace it with Streamline or something else. Streamline is not needed for Plains but I’ll definitely sub it in for syndicate missions. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to still hit 100% more damage on plains with that range.

Have to say that doing bounties with Limbo is way more fun than sitting in a bush with Ivara and picking people off with a sniper rifle.


Finally got around to trying out the Arca Plasmor. I’ve had the riven for it for a while now but two days ago I managed to roll a pretty decent one so I decided it’s time to forma this thing and take it for a test ride. 4 forma and many Hydron waves later I can safely say that this thing is outstanding. If most shotguns in the game operate in the fuck that guy in particular mode, Plasmor operates in fuck everyone in that general direction mode. The innate punchthrough and very large projectile size allow it to quickly decimate entire groups of enemies.

edit: Took the gun for a more serious test to sortie 3 (Sargas Ruk) - with Rhino’s dmg buff (136% with my spec) I was comfortably oneshotting pretty much everything on my way to the boss, which I also killed rather easily. Solo, of course :).


Arca Plasmor, even without a riven, is my most used gun. I love that thing!!

I like the whole weapon line. The pistol is a very nice secondary and I find the hammer to be a lot of fun with Berserker.


The pistol looks really good too, but I can’t tell from the vids that I watched if it’s hiscan or projectile? If it’s the latter at least it seems like the projectiles are fast enough. Also, is it good enough to quickly take down nullifiers? So far my go-to secondary has been the Akstilleto prime and I’m a little hesitant to replace it.

As for hammer, I don’t know. The range seems rather limited. I’m using Lesion on Limbo and it works rather well but since I mostly use it to quickly take down enemies (with quick attack) after I stasis them I’m actually looking for something that has more frontloaded damage - are there any melee weapons in the game like that? Meaning, that they don’t require high combo multiplier to deal good damage.


The range on the hammer is great! And the pistol is hitscan, although it looks projectile/railgunny.

The pistol does fine with nullifers, but nothing amazing.


Good to know!

Still not sold on the hammer though, it looks like it needs some time to get to its full potential. And I’m rather fond of the sweep and spin attacks on Galatine P and quick melee on polearms. I actually did some googling and it seems that Lesion is one of the top choices for quick melee so I might just stick with it for Limbo.


Fomorian is active.


I finally finished the Sands of Inaros (and subsequent building of Inaros) the other night, and I’m enjoying Inaros. Like Ash, he benefits from a good finisher weapon, and my dragon nikana has a Finishing Touch on it for just that reason. (If I had Covert Lethality I could use that, but I don’t.)

The only thing I’m missing on Inaros is a Rage, which I don’t have and which is also a little on the expensive side. I’ll have to farm for some random prime parts and/or corrupted mods to make the plat for it. I don’t know how well Inaros’ survivability scales into the endgame, but it seems pretty good up into the middle-late game, especially when there aren’t nullifiers to worry about. I like the aesthetic, too, and another reason to use an otherwise-oddly-modded weapon like the finisher-focused nikana.


Inaros is tough as nails. I’ve used him on 3rd sortie missions with no trouble. The Rage/Lifestrike combo works great to keep him alive, but I prefer a Hirudo crit build as I can just quick melee to gain health back with no energy needed.


Rngesus has been kind these last few days: Astilla Riven, Akstilleto Riven, Mios Riven (not sure if this if the weapon is any good, seems fun though), Tempo Royale, couple forma from Lua and today, out of nowhere, a Vengeful Revenant drop when I was unveiling a riven on Lua! On top of everything I got both missing parts for Karak Wraith and Latron Wraith this weekend, as well as complete Imperator Vandal in about 10 runs.

This, my good Tenno, is karmic justice for getting nothing but cetus wisps and Axii N4 on bounties.


Anyone using Astilla? Just rolled this:

Not sure how much reduced capacity would hurt the weapon but with this + chilling reload I think the reload time would be under 1 second.


It’s funny/amazing his after a couple years of playing this off and on (mastery L12 right now), I’ve never even heard out some of the weapons you guys mention, like that one.

That said, I love modding things to have as little reload time as possible. I have my Hikou Prime down to under a half-second (as well as huge multishot/fire rate- it’s hilarious).


Astilla is very new, I think it was released along with Plains of Eidolon? It’s an automatic shotgun, looks like it has some blades attached in the front.


Yup, it’s one of the weapons associated with Gara (the new frame).