Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


Ah, that’s why. I’m on Xbox- we don’t have PoE yet. :(

Still, there’s various things y’all mention sometimes (or I get a Riven for) I’ve never seen. So many weapons and mods.


It’s also a non-pellet-based “shotgun,” like the Arca Plasmor, so you don’t have to have the “you must reach 100% status before Hell’s Chamber in order to have meaningful status” thing that you have to do with the pellet-mechanic based status shotties like the Tigris Prime, Boar Prime and Strun Wraith. 2 x 60% dual stats plus Hell’s Chamber takes the status chance up to 94-odd percent, which is great if you think of it like a rifle status chance.

Astilla works very well as a hybrid crit/status. Add 3 x V forma, then slot PPP, Hell’s Ch., Blunderbuss, P Ravage, stick Sweeping Serration in the dash slot to up the Slash proc chance even more, then add 2 x 60% dual stat elementals for one elemental combo, leaving one slot for flavour or QOL. (Blaze is a trap unless just adding it as the last mod for a radiation build - you want only one status proccing element, not two, to give mathematical room for the preferred critted slash procs. Viral is most generally useful with this build, then Corrosive for Orokin stuff and Radiation for Teralysts.)


Having ranked and reactored Inaros, I’m going to find it really hard to go back to less tanky frames. 4400 health and 900-some armor is quite the effective hit point pool, and health restore on finishers synergizes nicely with my one-shot-everything finisher Nikana. (Not entirely accurate. It can’t take out a Nox in one go even on Saturn.)

At present, I’m mostly working on the mastery grind up to 13, so I can build the Tigris Prime whose parts are sitting in my inventory. Slow going so far, but I have a bunch of weapons in the dojo to work on, and a number of quests with new frames as rewards, too.


I finally got the Oxium to get my Itzal last night. Man, that was a grind. But the last piece is being researched, and then it just needs to be built. So, I’ll have it by Monday, I think?

Looking forward, what Frame should I start researching? I’ve done Volt and Banshee. Any opinion on Nezha, Wukong, Zephyr? Nezha seems easiest, with just some Mutagen, Fieldron and Detonite as the rares, easily gotten in quantity through Invasions. Z means more Oxium (meh) though a pittance compared to what I’ve recently been through (Only 900 or so). Wukong is a boatload of Nitain which can be a pain.

I’ve also realized the other day I never got a full Intensify mod, in the 2+ years I’ve been playing- the only one I have is broken, probably from the into mission. Damn. No wonder I feel like I lot of Frame powers are meh.


Hey Don, go to Earth and run the Excavate mission. I usually get an Intensify there every run, if I get around 1500 Cryotic.

I’m usually there just farming Cryotic, so I probably have a boatload to spare. If you can catch me online, I’ll be happy to give you one.


Are you on Xbox?

And what do you need all the cryotic for?

And thanks for the tip!


Oh I’m sorry, I’m on PC. Dang. Well, the tip about running the Excavation missions on Earth should net you an Intensify pretty quickly. :)

Cryotic is needed to build a bunch of different weapons and some warframe components. The Sibear alone requires 30,000 (it’s a huge outlier, though. Most take a few thousand). Right now I have a backlog of weapons to build that are being held up by a lack of Cryotic, so I’ve been running a fair amount of Excavation missions lately (it’s been a great source of Relics as well).


I really despise over-reliance on RNG. I’m now up to nine days straight of ayatan anasa sculpture rewards from sorties. Nine.


I’m on my third day in a row of getting Kuva and even though it’s nice to get it I’m hoping I’m not heading down the same path as you, lol.

As for Excavation, I’m done with Earth. Just did some Hieracon on Pluto and it was much, much faster (both solo). Power cell carrier spawns are atrocious when you’re solo vs Grineer, and Corpus on their shitty ice planet tilesets are even worse.


Heh… I am at about 30 hours played now, and I can only follow 75% of the discussion :)
This game is great, but so so complex at the start. I just worked out the endo properties of those statue things, which is clearly key to having enough endo.

Finally successfully navigated a player trade… thanks KevinC for all the explanations!



Got a Tenora riven today and now I’m considering an Octavia build because of it. Any suggestions, what’s worth building for?


Metronome is ridiculous. Just ridiculous.


Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. Melt face.


Do you have a youtube link? I just went through some guy’s 1000 something song library and now my ears bleed because most songs sound so off. These are the best two that I tried:

I’m leaning towards using the second, it seems it would be better for buffing.


Joined a pug yesterday that ran six Teralyst captures in a night cycle. After the first run, the team leader would invite us into the map a couple hundred meters away from the Eidolon. I didn’t ask, but I think he was using either a skywing or an upgraded void dash to get in position quickly.

Having two competent Chroma players didn’t hurt either; my Harrow’s buff was probably superfluous.

One of the runs only took about six minutes. I’m thinking seven captures in a night would be possible with a good team, and some advance planning.


Cool, I look forward to trying that stuff. PoE was sent to cert on Xbox the other day, with all the PC balance tweaks already included. Should be soon!


I haven’t even attempted any Teralysts yet…and I’m still rank 1 with the Quills. Every time I think of grinding those little shits to climb up in ranks and upgrade my amp I lose all will to live. Maybe I’ll just wait for DE to add some sigils or whatever, so I can grind the rep passively. I barely spent any time in Plains these last few days after getting to max rank with Ostron, the very sight of that zone makes me want to vomit. I hope that future expansions stay as far away from this design style as possible.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see how active the trading still is. Burned through all my trades (20) two days in a row, and it only took about 20 minutes each time.


You got much farther than me on Ostron faction. I’m only on the high side of Trusted. Picked up the Gara blueprints and a couple of lens BPs, and mostly lost interest. I’ll wait until they revamp the rewards. I don’t want to completely burn out on PoE content if I can help it.

I wouldn’t expect passive rep gain with the Quills. Don’t bother grinding on the vomvalysts though, just join a Teralyst hunt. A couple of runs will give you more than enough rep to rank up and craft an amp.


I’d like to get at least t1 amp before I start doing that. Currently still using the Mote version. I don’t know if T1 is even accessible without killing at least a few Teralysts to get enough cores to progress in rank though. What would be a good frame/weapon combo for someone new to the fight? I don’t have the Opticor built yet but I do have Chroma and pretty much every other frame available.


Any weapon with high single-target damage will work. Teralyst is immune to status procs. It has alloy armor, so radiation damage is best.

During an eidolon hunt you’ll want frames that can keep the lures intact (they can be destroyed by Teralyst’s AoE attacks), and boost weapon damage as much as possible once the Teralyst’s shields drop. Trinity with a Bless spec can take care of the lures. Chroma is the best choice for damage, but he can be tricky to play well. Team damage buffers like Rhino and Harrow are generally welcome. Volt is useful with his shields and speed buff. Don’t take this as gospel, those are just the frames I’ve tried, but you get the idea.