Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS


You can get almost all the frames and weapons just from playing the game, and there is almost always something new available to you even if you’re farming for something specific. I wouldn’t recommend paying for weapons or frames.

What I would pay for is weapon slots and warframe slots. Those cost platinum, and you will likely want extra slots as you go.

I would also buy a couple of color palettes that you enjoy so you can customize your appearance.

But outside of that, I would just play the game and watch things unlock.

You can also get a free sword using the promo code: FREESWORD

It gives you the Heat Sword with a catalyst. The sword itself is pretty decent for the early game, then later you can sell it if you want and you get to keep the free weapon slot it comes with!

I’m sure that everyone here has their own groups, but I have a solo dojo i’ve been working on for anyone who is interested in joining and getting the research fruits of my labor. Clan is called ‘Bennonites’ on the PC and I’ve worked my through about 1/2 the research thus far.


Save your platinum initial for slots and potatoes (Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors). There are plenty of low-hanging fruit to acquire that should keep your Foundry humming for a good little while. I would never spend Platinum on weapons, they tend to be easy to craft (relatively). I will spend it on Warframes occasionally, more as a way of supporting Digital Extremes than anything. Most of the Warframes aren’t too bad to acquire, but there’s a couple notable exceptions (Excalibur comes to mind, but if you picked him as your starter frame you won’t have to worry about it anyway).


Blind Rage shouldn’t be an issue for Valkyr once you get the Rage mod. You’ll have nearly unlimited energy when you do, as she has no shields and very heavy armor (Rage gives you energy when you take health damage). Same holds true for Nidus, Inaros, etc. For Trinity you would just need to use frequent Energy Vampire, but for me I wouldn’t slot Blind Rage on her. I’d just use Intensify if you need a little extra Ability Strength and save the rest for duration and/or range.

When I use Blind Rage, I don’t like to go too low on efficiency, so I don’t max it out all the way and use it in conjunction with Streamline to keep myself around 100%.


Snow Globe has some interesting mechanics. When you recast it inside one of your existing globes, the new globe will absorb the current health of the old globe. Globe also has a brief invulnerability period when you cast it, during which damage is absorbed and added to the globe’s health.

So maximizing Snow Globe is a bit complicated, and may depend on what you’re fighting. I go with high efficiency and high armor, and sacrifice duration.

Blind Rage is good for Chroma to get the most out of Vex Armor, which is popular for eidolon hunting. I have used it in a Saryn nuke build too.


Event standing requirements got nerfed to the ground. Same goes for arcane crafting requirements. Nice move by DE, but also about 5x more severe than I expected lol.

Also, the event boss (variation of Lephantis) is pretty fun to fight - you can spawn 4 of them back to back and it’s hectic as hell if you go solo. I’ve successfully completed it twice, once with Hydroid and once with Nekros - both of these can force additional loot drop (before it will likely get hotfixed), so get on it!


There’s a new mod available at Baro today - Primed Fever Strike (melee toxin mod, 165%)! He’s also selling Primed Regen which is very useful for sentinels.

And as always, rip ducats. I think I blew through 5k just now.


Look for iFlynn and Brozime on Youtube. iFlynn has an Ultimate beginners series, Brozime has a few fairly up to date guides, a couple even focused on the newbie F2P experience.

Just bear in mind they’re not so much focused on why you should play, but stuff like what you should be doing to progress, what frames are “required”, best places to spend your time to achieve x, etc.

And as a newbie, money should be spent on room for stuff only. Everything else, you’re just taking content away from you. Once you’ve experienced more of the game, trading money for x hours farming for pita frame or Orokin [x] is okay. Or for Fashionframe. IMO.


Oh, snap. RIP ducats, indeed.


This is one of the few games where I’ve put 400 hours into it and still feel like a noob. This and EU4 I think.


There is no way to get to Baro easily right? You need to have played your way to access that relay, which is quite late game?

I am at Ceres, just about ready to clear to Jupiter… and have been pushing mostly to get access to Nano Spores to build some of the items I have sitting about in the foundry!


I bet you could have someone “taxi” you there. I know it works for missions.


I don’t think it works, relays have an MR requirement. Iirc I actually tried it with a friend a couple months ago and it didn’t work.

For anyone looking to solo speedrun the event boss, Gara is probably your best bet, especially if you go solo. Stack her 2 (with 4->1 combo), jump up to heads, hover for a second or two while they’re open, and that’s it. I’m using a relatively simple 0 forma build with ~180 power strength, 140% range and 140% efficiency.


No stress, this game just does not signpost what is accessible to you now and what is late game content. Given that I do not have any key mods maxed yet, I probably don’t need to be worrying about missing out on Primed mods in locations far away :)


Huh. It’s different on Xbox. He’s got Primed Flow and some Primed Damage mod for Shotguns. I decided to get the Flow, and sold a bunch of duplicate pieces, only to realize I don’t have the credits. I’ve managed to burn through 2 million credits in the last few months- I’m down to 20k or so. Whoa.

Been enjoying PoE the last few days, but disconnection issues are bringing me down. Literally every time I decide to actually go and do some fishing, I get a good pile of fish, and then either the host drops or I do, and I lose everything. I haven’t got to turn in any fish yet. :(

Other than that, Plains are fun. Haven’t done any real Eidolon hunting yet, but just doing around and doing bounties and incursions is good times, and a welcome change from the usual mix.


Yes, Baro and sorties are different on consoles compared to PC.

Is anyone here actively grinding the Plague Star event? If so, drop your IGN here and I’ll add you, people in my clan are not very interested. I can solo the whole thing no problem, but it’s more fun in a group.


I haven’t been, but I’m always up for being on people’s lists. I’m OneTrueCod in-game.


Was leveling Mag Prime last night, which was a frame I was hating (except the visuals of the frame are awesome), up until I had my ‘ah ha’ moment with her. I had played with combinations of her abilities for awhile, and just found everything underwhelming… then I decided to just get spammy while on a deep Hydron run.

What I realized is that I was trying to be too precise with magnetize. Once I started spamming magnetize (you can have up to 4 bubbles) towards any and all choke points, her value became clear. Spam magnetize, the drop a polarize in their midst, and clean everyone up after. Magnetize is also decent when you need to take down a tougher enemy like a bombard or nox.

I think efficiency is definitely going to be key, so I can spam away, then thinking about boosting strength and not worrying too much about duration.


Fleeting Expertise has become one of my go-to mods on every frame I’m not explicitly building for duration. Being able to use a shorter-duration ability more frequently is a win in my book.

In related news, I got kicked out of an organized Eidolon hunting group yesterday for being insufficiently up on the meta, but I did have some success with two drop-in pickup groups: one full-on kill, and one where we made it to the last stage but couldn’t bring it down before sunrise. In any event, the standing gains mean I’m now nearly to the point of assembling a better amp, which I’m looking forward to (although not the resource grind).


Oh, looks like Baron had something interesting this week then… shame I missed it. Haven’t really played much since I noticed how much of a grind the planet based stuff was.


What was the reason? I’m thinking of speccing Trinity for DR/healing for (hopefully) easy access to groups. I’ve also pimped out my Lanka yesterday, 7 forma down the drain. This thing better deliver the dps, or else. (I do have a pretty good riven for it, with 178% crit hit chance and 93% electricity)