Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS

I wonder what inspired this…

I could try to guess, but you would have to give me 40k tries or something like that… ;)

I love Warframe, but Dog, that UI - that screen in particular - is soooo horrible.

Also, great bug or greatest bug?:


(All the customizable parts are invisible.)

I only started playing Heart of Deimos after the first 5 hotfixes - in part due of vacation and in part due to previous experience with big Warframe patches :-) So I haven’t noticed a lot of bugs so far.
Except some irritating bugs when running isolation vault runs yesterday after the latest hotfix. But DE is pretty quick about hotfixing stuff, so I’m sure it will be sorted soon.

Overall I must say I really enjoy Heart of Deimos. The new open world is not revolutionary, but a good evolution from the first two. I especially enjoy the isolation vaults. I also find it quite easy to rank up with the different factions - the introduction of tokens works pretty well IMO. Looking forward to trying out the Necromech later today.

Deimos really looks good . DE did a stellar job creating the look of that place.

Agreed, but.

So. much. red.

Try using Reshade :-)

Not sure if you need a custom version without the DepthBuffer fix.

So it’ll be really pretty many shades of red? :-)

And, nah. Not willing to risk it.

I used Reshade for at least a year without issue, but then they updated Reshade to block certain filters if it detected Heavy Network Traffic. Not sure what you mean by risking anything.

I see on their forums that you can supposedly get banned for using Reshade or other visual modification tools which is kinda ridiculous considering the game is 99.99999999999999% cooperative/singleplayer and a visual modification doesn’t give you any “advantage” over other players what-so-ever.

Seems like a fucking stupid stance by DE to block Reshade/SweetFX/etc if that is what they are doing.

Steve Sinclair was asked recently about this on Twitter and he replied that you wouldn’t get banned for Reshade. Unfortunately is seems Twitter has banned the user that asked the question so I can’t really link to it anymore. Heh.

Edit: This is the closest link I can find: https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1302014863733071874

Steve was asked once a few years back about SweetFX and said it would be cool. And then someone (possibly the person that asked, I don’t recall) got banned by their cheat detection while using it :-)

Suffice to say, I don’t trust their ability to not ban me!

I contacted support about it, and they said I could try using it, but I might get flagged by their anti cheat.


In part inspired by this post - I’ve finally also maxed all focus schools!

Wasn’t quite as bad I as feared. With an affinity booster (I bought 2x 30 day boosters), the daily limit usually took about 30 minutes in ESO @ MR29. My personal record is about 210.000 focus from one zone.

Still - I think it’s time to play some other games for a bit :-)

But… are all your waybound nodes unlocked?


Hehe - they absolutely are. That was part of the motivation. Killing Teralysts solo was awful before I started focus farming. I think I spent about 50 minutes the first few times. Now it takes ~5 minutes.

The last thing I completed today was maxing the focus pool. The only thing missing is that I haven’t maxed Void Radiance in Madurai since it gets actually gets worse the more ranks you have…

I played the hell out of WF, but then never figured out how to do the advanced stuff like focus farming, fighting Eidolons and other stuff. The game doesn’t go out if its way to explain things, so I sort of drifted away.

Game over! With no real end game, progressing through the mastery ranks has been the goal I set myself. Empty feeling and no sense of purpose next, I guess :)

Best part of the rewards? 15 extra loadout slots.

And now you can go to relays and give all the plebs a random buff!

The New War is out!

What is with this trend lately where gameplay trailers are full of cutscene stuff? I’m glad they showed some glimpses of gameplay, but as someone who last played Warframe with the Railjack launch (was that 2019?) I have no idea what new gameplay elements there are, if any.