Wargame: Red Dragon is going Dutch. In more ways than one.

Title Wargame: Red Dragon is going Dutch. In more ways than one.
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When May 18, 2016

Wargame: Red Dragon, a supersexy for-serious modern military RTS that adds naval stuff to a game that really doesn't need naval stuff, is still getting content from developer Eugen two years after its release. They've been adding armies, units, and maps all along..

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Maybe I'm not military hardware nerd enough, but is there a country that builds its own original vehicles left worth adding and if not, what's the point? Or maybe it's just a chauvinism "people will buy their country DLC" thing?

It's sad to see Eugen abandoning their policy of free DLC, but Warame remains the greatest RTS franchise of all time, and Wargame: Red Dragon has been patched into good shape. Provided you avoid naval maps.

It's probably good that Eugen isn't going to have to rely on sales of Act of Aggression to keep them in the black.

I think it's a milsim hardware nerd thing. I'm not hardcore enough these days to care whether a particular AFV is Czech or Polish, but I can imagine that a lot of the Wargame fanbase is. I'll bet this goes over very well for Eugen, much like sports games can get away with selling, uh, sports team...thingamajigs. Or however that works. You'd have to ask someone who plays those sports games.

The reason its cost money is so they can have the funds to create more of the nation pacts