Wargame Red Dragon just adds water

Look at that Russian ship. Stately, majestic, deadly. If Wargame: European Escalation can do such an awesome job adding planes (read the review of Wargame: Airland Battle here), imagine what they can do with ships. Only you don’t have to. You just have to play Wargame: Red Dragon.

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DAMN YOU CHICK! I love me a naval shoot 'em up.


Great article. AirLand Battle (which I bought due to your review) was my favorite game of 2013, but Red Dragon is really rough around the edges.

Balance and bugs can potentially be fixed through patches and DLC, but I don't think there's any hope for ships.


I blame your user name

TomChick proves, yet again, he's completely out of touch with reality and the gaming industry.

In before he calls everyone dumbasses and accuses of them of being Halo fanboys.

Curious: how come this article isn't a review?

"imagine what they can do with ships[.]"
"The ships did that standard [RTS] thing"

Because someone forgot to enter it into WordPress properly. I fired that person. And then immediately re-hired him because he was me and I really need the work.

To be fair, you are a total dumbass

I really wanted to like this game. I have ALB and thought Eugen would follow up that game with more superb stuff, but the naval stuff sucks and the campaigns are a weird step back from ALB's.

Upvoted for the username. Seriously, dude, that's far too good for a one-off comment. Pearls before swine!

We'll see, but, doubtful. This will be another "review" where TomBitch once again is standing alone in a field holding his flaccid self worth while everyone else praises the game with scores in the upper 70-80%'s on Meta / Gamerankings.

Let's hope that with enough honest negativity in the comments section we can get Tom to have another outburst and go on a tirade that he deletes the morning along with all of the comments that mocked him for his tantrum.

Thankfully he'll always have a few lapdogs to sit and lick up his table scraps, much like yourself.

It's not at all doubtful that you are a total dumbass

Hey dumbass, don't forget to upvote your own post again! If you don't, no one else will!

You've resorted to creating alt-accounts Tom? This is a new low for you. Absolutely pathetic.

In your defense, well, at least you aren't deleting comments anymore.

Ignore his review. The game is fine, I've been playing it since the MP was available pre-release on Steam. If you're familiar with the Wargame series this one is just as good. Rating it a 40% out of 100% is just a tactic this shit shovel uses to get his site attention.

Thanks for the honest review, even for a game series you like.

I imagine you know quite a bit about shit shoveling, amirite?

Says the dumbass upvoting his own post with alt accounts! Are you having fun entertaining yourself? It's always hilarious when some guy throws a tantrum accusing someone else of throwing a tantrum. The only outburst here is the ourburst of your delicious butthurt rage. Cry on, dumbass!

Why not post on your main account Tom? Did you get reprimanded for your last outburst? Maybe it wasn't you who deleted all of your comments....Maybe it was a superior who was ashamed of your behavior. Perhaps they've given you a green light to act like a repulsive child, but only if you do so under accounts that aren't associated with the website itself.

Regardless, it's obvious, you act the exact same, you say the exact same insults, and you even insinuate the exact same things you did on the other articles. Keep saying I'm the only one up-voting my comments Tom, please. I'm secretly the 30+ people on the Banished review, and the God knows how many others on the Infamous review.

Whatever keeps your pathetic self delusion active, keep at it, God forbid you come to grips with the fact that you're the most hated, criticized and mocked "editor" in the entire gaming industry.

have you tryed the multiplayer it is on of the best parts of the game as i look at your screen shots you are only playing the computer