Wargamers (and board gamers) rejoice: GMT warehouse sale

Didn’t want to twist any panties by posting this in the bargain thread, but GMT is having a pretty incredible sale. Also, if you’re unemployed and can prove it they’re offering the same generous special they did last year where they’ll ship you any two games you want, absolutely free.


That is quite awesome.

That is remarkably touching. I will try and give them some business.

That is a scorching deal if you get in on the P500 of the 2009 reprint of Twilight Struggle and one more preorder.

Really recommend Empire of the Sun (not on special, but if you load up the discounts it gets significant) if you have someone to play with. Superb game.

“Clash of Giants 2 – Was $55 Now $35!!”

Get this.

If you have even a sniff of interest in a simple, fluid fast moving operational game of WW1 eastern and western fronts you should snag this immediately.

I had heard of their deal for the unemployed before and immediately pre-ordered a few things just to show my support. Heard an interview with the owners and they are basically Christians trying to be Christianly with that offer.

bleaurgh. why do they need an excuse to be nice to other people “oh yeah, we’re only doing this to get into heaven y’know?”

I don’t really see that as an ‘excuse’ to do nice things, just stating his position that he’s a Christian who is following his ideals. I personally don’t see the problem with it, and I think it’s great that they are offering large discounts and even some free games to those who are having a hard time for now.

Uh oh, this thread is nearing P&R levels of “The unemployed need to spend less time playing games and more time getting a job.”

I haven’t heard of many of the war games listed at that site, can anyone with experience tell me which of them are most deserving of my money?

How exactly does one prove that they are unemployed?

I was wondering that too. I guess if you accept unemployment checks you could send them a copy with certain info blacked out… Or a copy of your school schedule.

I would rather give free war games to folks in the military than the unemployed, at least playing them could serve as practice. :p

This is GMT, not the IRS. You could probably email them and just say you’re unemployed and they’d take you at your word. They’re just a great bunch of people.

Tracy, which of their games would you recommend?

People say a lot of good things about the following:

paths of glory
command and colors ancient
wilderness war
napoleonic wars
europe engulfed
asia engulfed
FAB bulge
for the people
here i stand
twilight struggle
ardennes 44
combat commander
empire of the sun
ww2 barbarossa to berlin

As for the Christian thing, I don’t think they meant as I’m doing this to get into heaven, just more they felt a desire to be charitable to those hitting hard times.

Thanks, now it’s time to read about War Games instead of boring photoshoppery

GMT is a high quality publisher overall so there are few dogs.

AW covered the main lines so on the specials list:

Apart from Clash of Giants 2 (did I mention you >should< buy this?), Gustav Adolf is very good although MUCH more complicated. C&C ancients white box is also good.

twilight struggle

Get this. Fantastic 2 player game. Fantastic.

Just ordered Clash of Giants 2 to help support a good company.

Why do these sales always happen when I have no income? New job starts in August and I feel like jumping on the unemployed thing would be taking advantage.

MMP also has a few of their Civil War and TCS/SCS system games on sale for $10.

It’s difficult to make specific recommendations without knowing your interests because they publish such a wide range of games. The guys I used to wargame with also aren’t around anymore so I don’t play as much GMT stuff these days. That said, look into Conquest of Paradise, Men of Iron, the Combat Commander series, the Commands & Colors series, Asia Engulfed and Europe Engulfed, Fields of Fire, and For the People.

If this deal applies to pre-orders for reprints (I don’t think it does, though), then Twilight Struggle, Wilderness War, Paths of Glory, and Manoeuvre are great.

Note that if you aren’t buying games already on sale and also aren’t buying four to take advantage of the 40% off then there are likely better deals to be had elsewhere. I just like to buy direct from them when possible.