Show your love for your current favortie wargame.

Sadly… Civ4.

Not much has come out that’s appealed to me this year. And I’m about as grognard as they come. I reviewed War in Europe fer cryin out loud.

I’ve slowed progress on my second campaign in M:TW2 for some multigaming action. I was surprised how much fun all-cannon-and-gunpowder battles are. Stately marching your dudes in lines into enemy fire, cannons ripping up the ground all over the place, handgunners making bayonet rushes, pops and booms ringing out through the woods… and this from a game mostly about melee and cavalry. Great stuff.

Panzer General 2 on Gametap…firing it up RIGHT NOW!

If those Gametap bastards ever added Fantasy General, I’d be a subscriber for life.

Forge of Freedom
Birth of America

I’m playing alot of Medieval 2: Total War with the Stainless Steel mod lately.

In a nutshell Stanless Steel mod adds quite a few other single mods into one really good one.

Double army size (adds alot more to battles but beware if you have a low end video card).
Better AI army composition (no more all peasant or siege armies)
Alot more General traits
Added cities (Belgrade for instance)
Assassins and Merchants are more effective

Good stuff…


Tried M2TW, even used Lusted’s Lands to Conquer mod, but it still needs the 1.2 patch from CA before it’s going to be much fun. Too many bugs (shield, 2-handed weapons, kill rates, diplomacy, etc.), but CA has a good record of cleaning these up eventually.

So in the meantime, I’m suffering a severe case of gamelock with Rome Total Realism: Platinum Edition + Candelarius’ Extended Realism mod. Playing as the Macedonians, and having an absolute nail biter of a fight, caught between a still powerful Seleucid Empire and a surging Roman Republic. Highly recommended!!


Battlelore, Combat Mission: Beyond Barbarossa, Rome: Total War.

Conquest of the Aegean, though I just got it this week and am only at the first tutorial.

Strategic Command 2. It’s come a long way since release.

Command HQ today… Command HQ forever.


I’ve probably put 200+ hours into Hearts of Iron II. I’ll get around to finishing that game one of these days.

Operational Art of War III<g>

There’s a patch coming out soon that will allow updateable equipment.

Ralph Trickey
Operational Art of War III Programmer

Combat Commander: Europe.

Card-driven goodness.


The Perfect General 2 on my laptop, cause it won’t run on my desktop video card.

I think Dominions counts.

Is there actually a computer version of Battlelore?

Been playing the “new” (re-release) Close Combat game, CC: Cross of Iron. I picked up Battlefront but haven’t worked up the nerve to really play it yet. I still owe Guapo a Combat Mission turn…

Does EU3 count as a wargame? I guess if M:TW2 does…

Hearts of Iron 2 continues to rock.

A lot of Civ 4. Some squad leader in solitaire play. About to try some HEarts of IRon 2.