Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - MMO shooter


Still getting patches, anyone able to report in on the state of the game?

I played a few months ago and you can tell they’re making progress on it. There are more maps and challenges now, and they keep planning on expanding it further.

I was a Founder but gave up on it a while ago. Might be worth me downloading it again to see what has changed.

So this is on sale again, up to 90% off. Anyone try it recently?

I saw they put out a patch today with the Warhammer Skulls promotion going on.

Is this the game they turned from a MMO into some team-based shooter, or am I thinking of a different game? It’s getting hard for me to keep them straight.

Wait, there’s a WH40K MMO? Where has this been hiding?

under the rock where it deserves to be imo. I’ve gone back and tried this half a dozen times since it was first available for early access. Regret every minute I have played it.

This is the game you are thinking of Kevin. Was supposed to be like Planetside but WH40k, and really isn’t.

I’ve enjoyed my time with it, I’m just terrible at it and honestly don’t see myself getting any better. Props to 'em, they keep plugging away at it.

Well, it being terrible would at least explain why I’ve never heard of it. Moving on!

So I just played a round of this. I had fun, but wow do I suck. It’s so fast and brutal, even with AI. OR maybe especially with AI. I dunno. It’s not BAD, it’s just…exhausting.

I wondered what ever happened to this, and apparently its still being updated and receiving new chapter packs.

Sadly player numbers are low, very low.


I put 102 hours into it, but then my interest just fizzled. Got my moneys worth out of it for sure.

I think this died last year and no one noticed. Last update was at the end of July.

Unsurprising. I wanted to love it but it never felt quite right.

Officially dead!


Took long enough.

Followed development a lot and played it but it just lacked in general. I was hoping for a larger Space Marine multiplayer game with more factions.

I bought into this on day one, but sadly their reach far exceeded their grasp.