Warhammer 40k, 6th edition

Any 40K players here? I recently finished reading the new rules and was pretty stunned to see the scope of changes they made. I was even more surprised to see the interactions of those new rules and how they seemed to be attempting to push the game more towards casual players than past editions. Things like the dozen-odd hand to hand rules changes that seem to give defenders a much better shot at survival than used to be the case, for instance, or defensive structure rules that make it harder to kill models in buildings.

This seems like it would be bad for tournaments but good for GW, and maybe the hobby. “Win at all costs” players don’t seem like they would care much for 6th ed. On the other hand, these are the players who only buy the models they need for their min/maxed list, often off of eBay to save painting and assembly time. When the rules change they then dump those models back on eBay. Casuals, by comparison, will often have several armies made up of thousands of extra points, just because they think the models are neat-looking or have interesting rules or stories behind them. It seems like good business sense for GW to cater to them.

I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to play the new rules yet, but will be attending the NOVA Open convention is a couple weeks and expect to see a lot of gaming there.

Has anyone here given the new rules a good spin? What did you think?

For what it’s worth that exactly how I played the game when I was deeply into it. I’d be curious to take a look at the new rules to see what’s what.

The problem I always had was finding opponents. And when I did get a game going they were always 4 hour marathons that in most cases never concluded. So I was more into “collecting” armies and painting and getting into the lore.

I was part of a casual group that sort of merged with a large group of hardcores a few years back. There is an immediate and obvious difference in the way the two groups approach the game. Within a few months of 5th edition coming out my original group had pretty much given up playing, as they just weren’t enjoying it any more against all the min-maxed armies and super-analysed math-hammer approaches they were facing.

I kind of hope 6th might bring them back to 40k, especially since we don’t really hang with the power gamers any more. We still game, but not 40k.

You have me intrigued. 75 bucks for the rulebook eh? I think I purchased the first edition at a walden books for 25 or 35 waaaay back in the day. That sucker was arcane but evocative as hell.

I just ordered it. Actually pretty excited to give it a read.

Yeah, it’s pricey. Big, too. Kinda unwieldy to read unless you are sitting down, too.

I hope they took a ard look at battle lore, cause their old system sucked solo bad