Warhammer 40k Battlesector

Hope they sprang for the “whole hog” option, with those talons.

So how is this game at present? The reviews seemed somewhere between mixed and somewhat positive - it’s hard to tell. How does it compare to say, the PC version of Deathwatch? (which the appears to resemble, to some degree.)

It’s not a 6 year old mobile port for starters. If you like turn based squad tactics games you will like this. If you like 40k stuff all the better.

You can’t do this in Deathwatch

Not on Steam, reviews there are 91%.

What is the size of your army? How many units do you typically manage in a scenario? I tend to like the tactical games with small to moderate squad sizes (like 4-6, maybe up to 8) better than the games with larger numbers of units to manage. (I don’t mind if the enemy has a bazillion dudes; killing the hordes of baddies is fun!).

I still haven’t been able to commit to this and the lack of ongoing interest or chatter seems a bit of a weak sign.

Here’s a specific question - how does this compare to Sanctus Reach? It turns out I own Sanctus Reach but only played it for 30 minutes. My memory is that I just found it extremely generic. Despite loving turn based combat and WH40K, Sanctus Reach didn’t do much for me.

Or maybe I need to give that another go, since I do own it already…

I gave Sanctus Reach a go after playing Battlesector and the comparison did not do it any favours. SR plays slower, looks worse and as you say it just feels like generic W40k game number 382.

Probably not much chat in this thread because while BS is good, its basically the campaign and skirmishes and once you’re done with them, unless you’re into the MP, that’s it. I got a good 30 hours out of it and I’m just waiting to see what the new race is - if another campaign drops I’ll play that.

It’s weird in that although Deathwatch was a ported version of a mobile game with a sleazy P2Win Buy Packs model (somewhat improved by the port), I feel like Deathwatch had more flavor than Sanctus Reach and also a much tighter tactical model. I gave Sanctus Reach another try tonight, playing the (pretty weak) tutorial and the first campaign mission and it felt… OK.

Right now I’m thinking Battlesector doesn’t sound like it’s worth $40. Perhaps if I can get it on the Steam Holiday sale for half that…

It’s on gamepass so you can play it for $1.

The demo should be out there still, and playing that told me a lot.

Necrons! New single player campaign!

Ohhh love that new campaign.

Hmmmm. Are the mechanics in this game transparent? Are the rules conveyed to the player? Weighing a buy

I’m a known idiot and had no problem understanding the rules. Game is thicc with tooltips and shit.

I was very confused clicking on those videos and wondering why they wouldn’t play!

I had a great time with this game, I really need to get back to it.

It’s on Game Pass, incidentally. Been thinking about taking it for a test drive myself.

Yeah, that sounds awesome and it will be free to everyone!

FYI, this is on PC Game Pass and I played it tonight. The raves up above are worthy. It’s really solid and a lot of fun. I say that as a guy whose only real contact with Warhammer has only ever been through PC games. The setting is perfect for turn-based games like this (obviously) but as noted in that Kotaku review, the over the top voice acting really sells it.

Chainswords never get old, man. And flamethrowers… and plasma guns… and aliens going splat. I’ve only done the three tutorials and the first real mission, but I’m already more than interested enough to keep going. This is quality turn based entertainment.

So I also tried this, played the three tutorials, and am on the 2nd campaign mission. Good superficially, actually great superficially, BUT…

I can’t speed up the animation of my dudes? (Yes, I know how to speed up enemy animation, but I see no way to speed up my dudes.) My slow, ponderous dudes, who shoot heroin, then eat stacks of turkey, then slooooooooooooowly “run” into position and shoot like somnambulant possums? WTF? I mean, WHAT THE HELL?

It makes the baby jesus cry. It’s game breaking, for me.

Is there a mod that I can use? A hack? A console command? B/C F Me I want to enjoy this but the freaking animations, Jesus wept.

It’s worse than unpatched Battletech on release and THAT was some bullshiiiit. I click. Dudes go. NOW, goddamnit. That’s what I want.