Warhammer 40K: Darktide (2022) (4-player co-op from Fatshark, the Vermintide devs)

Could be! Although it doesn’t seem to be taxing my system too much – my computer usually turns into a space heater when it’s being pushed and I haven’t noticed anything like that. I hadn’t had much in the way of crashes until yesterday, but it seems like it’s one map in particular that was the culprit (I don’t know the name of it offhand). Zero problems the rest of my play session.

I want to like this.

The minute to minute gameplay is great but it get repetitive. There are 3 levels. 1) Boss w/shield and knockback. 2) escort the team mate carrying something. 3) use a doohickey to find something. Throw in fighting along the way. I will play a round and then wonder why I want to queue up again.

I feel like I really need “a grind” to push me forward. The grind to collect foozles, or new abilities, or to try new characters or get better loot.

My Darktide Review:

Gameplay: Great
Loot Meta Grind Game: Awful. I ended up playing Battlefield 2042 instead this weekend.

Once upon a time, a horde shooter was just something you jumped in to. There were no grinds for better loot, no better gear (just what you grabbed in the level), and when the level/campaign was done, you got a final scoreboard showing how many mooks you killed and how many your friends killed. Your reward was that you got to brag about surviving the campaign and talking to your friends about those “whew that was close” moments or trash-talking inferior play.

Now it’s all about logging on and sitting around the epic gear shop until it refreshes. Actually playing the levels is all about efficiently scoring equipment with slightly higher numbers. The gameplay is less polished and tweaked because it doesn’t matter - it’s merely a shiny object delivery slot machine.

Guess something got lost on the way from here to there.

With the new update in Gamepass, I stopped crashing upon exiting the game! But I still can crash inside the game!

I just loaded the patch and my game is now a slide show. Performance has gone through the floor. And it was perfect yesterday.

Check your settings. The update resets them, and it turns RTX on.

I got it wrangled back to playable, but my crashing went from twice a night, to once per match so I think I’m waiting for another patch.


Yeah, every single patch they reset your video settings. It is really annoying.

I have kind of put this game down unless I have a friend who want’s to co-op in it.

They really need some varied boss fights, not the guy with the shield all the time. There should be like 10 to 20 unique bosses to fight.

They could mix up other things too, like the servitors skulls crashing. It should be random. Maybe they never crash and you have non-stop combat for a few minutes or maybe they crash 4 times.

Basically they need to add some random variations to every level to try and reduce the repetitiveness of it all.

Also the loot system sucks. I have tons of crafting ingredients and never have a reason to use them. It would be nice if we could update the base stats of weapons. However doing that would eliminate the need to go shopping for gear.

I’m still crashing over half my games, with the thread count already reduced, so I give up. I will try in a few weeks again. Because sure is nice to crash 20 min in a match and not win any xp or gold (rejoining rarely works, too).

DF make a big deal of how these guys used their own engine… to make what to my eyes is an updated Unreal :)

I had read the gamepass version had been updated too, up to the same version in Steam, so I reinstalled the game to see if now I could play or it was a crash-fest like before.
I played a full game, then went to dinner, now I want to run it again and…

(Translation: error in the server. error upon registering)

Cool. cool cool cool.

Is it your GOTY?

Thanks for the Digital Foundry link. Main takeaway: I want a new graphics card! In the meantime, here’s a screencap from the video:

Can it be more my DEATY?


Because the core is good, but the fact they had a delay and later they decided to not release the console version now and wait for later gives you a hint. This is a Early Access release on PC. The lack of crafting at release, the very few maps, all the buginess, the lack of solo play (confirmed now it’s coming later), it’s clear the game wasn’t ready for final release.

Agree 100%. To me it’s clearly an Early Access title, just not labeled as such. Kind of shitty of them, honestly, but whatever. If I just look at it in a vacuum and not compare it previous titles they’ve launched, it’s an okay (if buggy) $40 game.

… or Gamepass expt :)

This is why we often return to L4D because that’s literally all there is.

The latest update decreased substantially my crashes, from 75% of the missions to something like 25%.

In fact, now I could play more these last two days, I have one comment to do:
Apart from lacking in variety of maps and environments, the game is lacking some epicness that was in VT2. The graphics, atmosphere and big mobs needed are there, but it is missing some missions with cool set pieces like Righteous Stand, Screaming Bell or of course, Skittergate.

Man, few times, few times I’ve seen a game which such dichotomy:

-the core gameplay, moving, shooting and killing is so good. World class. Both in feel and in nuance.
-the graphics, atmosphere and art are also great
-music rocks

-Repetitive, few levels (it should have near double of what it has)
-As said above, it’s lacking some good, epic set pieces as finales, and some decent bosses.
-Character variety is poor (only 4 classes, no subclasses)
-Crafting is barely in there, pure EA in that regard
-Very slow loading 3d game hub, a simple 2d menu without other players moving around would have been SO much better. Somehow, even changing class character will make it load again, despite already being a in an online session on the hub.
-Item acquisition is so bad. You can’t create weapons, you have to buy them at a store that refreshes every (real time) hour, and the variety is super limited. For example, I want to try the power sword, I want to buy one of them, never mind one that is good, but I couldn’t in the last three hours. It has not appeared in those three tries.
-Difficulty level gating should be higher. I’m tired of failing missions at the third difficulty because a level 4 noob entered, not knowing that difficulty 3 of 5 doesn’t mean 'normal ’ difficulty like in other games, you are supposed to start from zero and rise up slowly.
-The stability at the start was horrible, although I think in a pair of weeks it will be finally fixed.