Warhammer 40K: Darktide (2022) (4-player co-op from Fatshark, the Vermintide devs)

Oh true, I had forgotten that!

They speak not of skaven, which aren’t present in 40K, but of ratlings. Abhuman ratlings are the 40K equivalent for hobbits

I may have celebrated victory a bit too early. It seems a bit less crashy than before, but still, I got a crash late night and today two more.

Ugh. I’ve only had time to play here and there since release. Fired up to play my lvl 13 Melee operative, and… she’s gone. Just poof.

I’ve only got some lvl 1 Psyker I dabbled w/ for a mission.


EDIT: Quit the game and re-launched and now she’s back. WTF.

EDIT AGAIN: Nevermind. I bought on Steam, but must also installed the Gamepass version, and launching that version was the discrepancy.

And today I played a good number of hours, and I didn’t crash in any match. Uh.

Well, I have to say that, despite several complaints I have, and I still could do*, I have played already 40 hours. I leveled up my Veteran to 30 and I got a Ogryn to level 9. So it’s clear the game have done something right.
That said, my Gamepass subscription is expiring soon, and I want to play one more game before that happens (Deathloop) so I think it’s time to say goodbye to the game, for now.

*: for example,the very same system used to pick missions. Just a handful on the map, and with a difficulty selected. So for example, if you want to play the new mission they put int he last update, it may not be there and you have to wait until it appears, or it may appear but only with a very low or very high difficulty. I find games that do stuff like this maddening, because they are doing this bad practice on purpose, the easy simple thing IS to just put a list of missions on a menu, and let the player select difficulty.
DRG has a similar system but it has more missions to choose, it makes more sense because there are more mission mutators (or they are more interesting, instead of just ‘more doggies’) and you still can pick the difficulty you want.

Gamepassing this one, so far its ok, level 4 on my Psyker , hopefully a new outfit drops soon.

I wish this game had solo play. I do feel that there is so much pressure to “be good” and know everything that I don’t find playing multiplayer enjoyable.

Just look at your team’s ammo/grenade/health statuses before picking up any respective refill and you’ll do ok.

Easiest difficulty is very forgiving, unfortunately it’s almost entirely populated by L30 characters speedrunning it currently in order to grind out cosmetics.

I don’t think there is a lot of pressure at all playing the lowest difficulty? And you only should increase the difficulty once you see the current one doesn’t give you any problems.

If you stick to missions w/ a difficulty level of I there’s no pressure. Anyone w/ competitive expectations of rando teammates won’t be playing at that level.

Ah, flashbacks of the Horn of Magnus.

Some outfit pieces are unlocked just by leveling up. Others are unlocked by satisfying “penances”, aka the in-game achievements. You can preview these cosmetics from the penances menu

A tip that has really helped me: Put on headphones, turn off the music. Everything dangerous has an audio cue, and most of them are positional.

This includes a sound that indicates you are about to be hit. Those infuriating spawns just behind you will never hit you again if you learn it, and instinctively block when you hear it (block is omnidirectional). It sounds like a short, sharp intake of breath. Learning to react to that properly got me the “don’t take any health damage” penance.

Just hit level 7 and now I am getting a mission freeze and crash to desktop almost every other game, sucks as it takes forever to get into the game as it is, with so many loading screens.

Will they learn one day? Possibly, no

Did this ever get bots for solo play?

“Over the next few months, our sole focus will be on finishing the game we sold you”, is how I interpret that.

If you’re going to release a game that’s not done yet, just put an Early Access label on it.

Why do I have the feeling that by the time this is truly worth playing long-term, it will no longer be on game pass?

If you want some shooty co-op action, you could do worse. Graphics are fine. The game is active now, so finding missions is straightforward. Runs are predictably around 20-25 minutes. I haven’t had any crashes or failures that I can recall.

Gripes and problems? Sure!

  • Most players not using mics, which makes real coordination difficult, meaning…
  • Lots of full squad wipes (especially in the climactic last 5 minutes)
  • Gear and loot systems feel stingy and punitive. If you like a particular weapon type/kind, you just have to hope one shows up in the shop or you get it as a rare reward. This feels really dumb, given how different all the weapons play (and how many there are, and how many are “locked” until you hit a given level), and also seems like something easily fixable: Players should always be able to buy at least a gray/basic version of every weapon they have unlocked, and it should be scaled to their current level. Players should get tokens as a reward which they can use to pick the gear they want, instead of a random piece of gear.
  • Repetitive, but that is also the nature of these games
  • No gating of levels for missions. You’ll be 5 seconds from launching a top-tier mission and a n00b level 5 will pop in. You’re gonna wipe.
  • The bots are horrible. If you’re playing with all bots, you pretty much have to stick to the bottom tier of mission difficulty, and note that some secondary objectives become impossible (the bots will not pick up scriptures or grimoires)
  • Characters are completely isolated, so they all have their own currency and gear pools (Destiny does this, too). Given the loot system, this is more frustrating
  • The weekly assignment system is pure grind (Run 15 missions! etc.)