Warhammer 40K: Darktide (2022) (4-player co-op from Fatshark, the Vermintide devs)

That is a big nerf to toughness. I hope the revert it.

I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, but I could never get into the Vermintide games despite it being so close for me and the Toughness mechanic in Darktide is what finally made it click, especially with the way it works with coherence and melee kills. If they’re gutted it that likely guts my ability to enjoy the game.

I’ll have to play some more missions to get a better idea how it feels in practice but my initial reaction was “What the hell is going on, I wasn’t having this problem last time I played. Where is all this chip damage coming from??”. And of course it’s not just me, it’s everyone taking it so the healing supplies are hoovered up by the plague of locusts that are my three kamikaze zealot teammates.

I started the game. It looks very nice!
I played the prologue. And then I had my first crash, on the basic training mission on the VR thingie. Yayy…

No, it’s a big buff to toughness. Prior to this, you got chip damage every time a poxwalker spawned from thin air behind you. Now, you take zero damage if you are at full toughness. It has made things much easier for my psyker.

The fix today addressed a bug for veterans and people with +toughness curios. The game was looking for exactly 100 toughness as “full,” while veterans with their base 200 toughness were taking (quite a bit of) extra damage.

I think you got it wrong. I am definitely taking far more health damage than I did before.

Also some math:
Old way: 10% damage made it through no matter what.

New way:
100% toughness, and now I take zero, so that is kind of a buff.
90% toughness, I take 10% damage like I did in the old way.
75% toughness, I take 25% damage which is much worse than was before.
50% toughness, I now take 50% damage.

So in the old way at the four levels I would have taken a total of 40% the total damage against my health.
In the new way I would have taken 85% of the total damage to my health.

No, this is a HUGE nerf, and not a buff at all.

I know I did. I read the patch notes and I thought it was a buff due to the way it was worded but in practice it was clear very quickly that I was taking way more chip damage.

Sorry, this is a giant thread, and I’m coming in without knowing anything. Is this worth downloading on Game Pass for single player? Or is it like Vermintide, where it’s really built for coop and not fun in single player?

It’s really just Vermintide with more guns and your experience will more than likely be the same. If you found the first one unappealing in SP I don’t think you’ll find this one any different.

That said, if you have it on Game Pass might as well download it overnight and give it a spin or something. :)

I’m not sure why a game like this needs such extensive backstory choices, but I get to have a Yorkshire accent, so that’s OK.

The latter. In fact they have made it more online than before. You need to enter an online public lobby at the start, and if their servers are full you get in a queue. (You are in third person in that lobby, like in Destiny 2, to promove the use of paid cosmetics)
And from what I have read, you can’t choose to play with bots if you want, they only appear if there are not enough people to play with.

I thought that was a pretty weird fit as well.

This game…
I could play 3 missions without issue. I have to say, the combat is even better than in VT2.

But in another mission I had a second crash, 10 minutes in.
Then upon trying to open the game again to connect to the same mission (if it was possible), it crashed and my computer rebooted O_o
And then I tried game, and I had a crash when clicking on a mission icon on the mission selector??

The loot acquisition in this game is fucking terrible. I wait an hour for the next store refresh and it serves up 7 dueling swords (out of 10 items, I think?). On top of that, I’ve only ever seen one voidstrike or surge staff my entire time playing the game (I’m L17 now). All I get are claw and dueling swords and various guns.

It’s extremely frustrating since those staves kind of define how my psyker plays. I am fine with chasing a staff with a particular set of stats I’m interesting in but not even being able to have one available is seriously getting on my nerves at this point.

This is what I get, refresh after refresh.

And a sample of the next refresh:

I’m angry i have a little over two hours in this thing, so i can’t return it, because it just ain’t finished. Not to mention it reeks of Tencent (forced early release, complete with a custom currency that you have to buy in set amounts) F2P predatory bullshit.

I’ve crashed like four times this morning as well. No subclasses, no crafting system, limited missions, and all that indicate you just might be right. Gotta get it out for the holidays, though! :)

So, by the time this game gets the development time it should have had, it will leave gamepass, I suppose.

Heh, my psyker was 26 before I found the staff that draws the explodey circle on the ground.

In VT2 you could craft any weapon as a gray to try it out, then upgrade it.

You get rewards as you level, right? you would think they would give you different weapons as you do, to try them out. But yeah, being able to create basic versions sounds nice. Or simply having all basic weapon types available for purchase at any time.

Yep. I have a large collection of autopistols thanks to it. I’m about ready to send the Emperor a cease and desist.

That is ridiculous, since that is the first staff you unlock (why the Psyker doesn’t start with a staff I have no idea). The silver lining is that staff is terrible, so at least you weren’t missing much. :D