Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War gets a second expansion pack


Wow, this came out of nowhere. New single player campaign, new multiplayer content (?), and 2 new races, including the Tau. I hope Dawn of War is still feeling fresh when this second expansion is released in the fall. I’m really surprised, and pleased, that Relic is creating a second expansion (a first in RTS gaming since the days of Total Annihilation I believe), but with the plethora of huge RTSs being released this year, Dawn of War could possibly be outdated by the time Fall '06 rolls around.

Spellforce has had a couple of expansions as well.


Edit: And now that I think of it, so has The Settlers (V): Heritage of Kings–tho, alas, neither has turned up in the US.

I’ll buy it. Dawn of War is one of the most solid multiplayer RTSs out. Plus watching a Bloodthirster or whatever they’re called crack units in half and guzzle their blood never gets old.

Tau and who I wonder. I reckon Neocrons due to them half being in. I look forward to this one. DOW still gets regular play from me, either mod games or vanilla WA.

I’ll certainly buy this pack on day one. Dawn of War is such a gorgeous and fun RTS that it really has long legs. Even for people like me who only play single player.

I just reinstalled Winter Assault the other day and have found myself sucked right back into Dawn of War so this is welcome news.

I fail to see the depth and longevity in multiplayer Dawn of War. The tech trees for most of the races feel so linear and lacking in variety, so most of the multiplayer tactics seem to revolve around unit movement and positioning, which just isn’t as engaging and varied to me as it might sound on paper. However, I do enjoy the single player campaigns, and the occasional skirmish, so I’ll probably get this one.

Isn’t that true of almost all multiplayer RTS experiences though? Once the optimal build order for a faction/race/etc is discovered player who wish to be competitive must follow it with little variation.

I’ve had the Winter Assault expansion pack for five months and haven’t installed it yet. Same with Chaos Theory, Freedom Force vs. IIIR, Vampire: Bloodlines, Ninja Gaiden (haven’t loaded it once), Oddworld: Stranger, Dai Senryaku VII, Kirby’s Canvas Curse… there’s not a single system I own that doesn’t have a huge backlog now. Hell, I haven’t even finished the basic hard level of Osu Tatakae Ouendan!!!

Between just starting WoW recently (with my wife, yet), having a 14-month-old girl, and starting up my own personal programming project for real… well… total gaming time is down to 2 hours PER WEEK and that mostly goes to WoW.

Won’t stop me from getting a 360 later this year, so I can start a whole NEW backlog, though :-D

Out of that list, I noticed one that stuck out that would be a lot better the longer you wait. Bloodlines should benefit a lot from the fan patches that are still coming out.

Still coming out?! Those lunatics!

OK, so what’s the latest and greatest? What’s the best VtM: BL site to track this on? Is this going to be like some kind of Morrowind fiasco where to Properly Experience The Game, you have to have 50 different mods, installed in the precisely correct order, under a full moon, while burning a black candle and reciting the Necronomicon?

Dawn of War had the best single player RTS campaign since the last Blizzard game, which says a lot. I mean, yea - linear. Yea - contrived plot. But it’s fun and fast and engaging. Try the dreadful single player campaign for AoE3. Of course there are some RTS games i haven’t tried, like Dragonshard or whatever, that might be better.

I think Dawn of War is a game that really captures the spirit of a tabletop game series in a video game. You have a discreet goal that doesn’t change the universe in any way (unlike a Blizzard game where the goals will completely change the it’s game universe, at least if the designers carry it to it’s conclusion), so you “paint” your army, hop in and blow shit up to the beat of an orchestral soundtrack, and log off and go do something else when it’s over. As a visceral experience Dawn of War still can’t be beat.

That’s not really the case with WC3. WC3 has multiple ‘best’ build orders/paths for each race, and a lot of the game is based around scouting out your opponent and modifying your build order to counter your opponent’s build order. And having insane micro management skills, but still.

It’s discrete. i suppose if your goal doesn’t change anything it’s discreet too. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU MEANT, IS IT.

Criticize not my internet mistypings prole! :)

I’m pretty pumped, I was hoping for a 2nd expansion. Winter Assault was good… but ultimately the Imperial Guard just fell flat for me. I just wish they would push for an even 8 races… but hell I’m not going to complain.

A big problem I had was with the direction Relic seemed to be taking it. In multiple interviews I recall them stating that most DoW games ended in 10 minutes without ever seeing tier 2, and tier 3 just never happened. So they streamlined the game so that you can hit those tiers in a shorter time frame… instead of trying to lengthen avg game time. IMO anyway. I wish the game was a little more flexible. I’m a long suffering Ork player and it just feels like I HAVE to play a certain way. Not build order, but style. With Starcraft or Warcraft I could go with various unit mixes. But with DoW I don’t have that freedom. I don’t MIND it, DoW is probably in the top 5 for me… but it’d be nice.

It’d be really cool if they added more customization options… beyond the aesthetic choices. Give us multiple “styles” of commander units. Give us multiple “relic” units but only allow us to take one in the army. One thing I thought was cool in Warhammer40k was that you could build an army based on points. I’d like to see that here. But it probably won’t happen. Oh well. Go Tau, if only because it drives some of the old school Warhammer people crazy.

Yay Tau. They model army is being re-released with new units and stuff next month, I figure this lets them do a dual marketing push and get more cool stuff in the game.

I wonder what they’ll do for a campaign. Unlike practically every other race in the Warhammer universe the Tau are not seen far outside the borders of their own territories so a safe bet is that it’s set in Tau space.

Two new races? Bought.

I’m betting it’s the Tyranids. The Necrons aren’t that popular.

Nah, it’ll be Necrons for 2 reasons…

  1. I <3 me some tyranids. I used to have a pretty beefy army of 'em until I quit gaming. I miss those guys.

  2. Tyranids would play completely differently from any other race. They’re not at all “shooty”, prefering to eat faces at close range. Also, you have to look at the rules for control radius from the “boss” monsters that the hormagaunts and termagens have to maintain.

I do think, however, that tyranid “screen and rush” tactics would be pretty interesting though in this RTS. Run in your termagens with hormies behind them, shooting all the way into range and then the hormagaunts leapfrog into the front with their bounding charge and swarm the marines. Meanwhile hellbore warriors lob some AOE death in and a carnifex or two rips their tanks in half. Yeah, I can smell burning marines already. The only hope the marines have is to either flank some units or hack a hole up the middle to take the “brain” units out.

Does tabletop 40k still use the control radius rules? If not, the Tyranids wouldn’t have to pack-rush, and things might get silly.

I really hope they’re in the expansion, if only to show the Zerg how it’s really done right.

Tyraninds can no longer screen in 40k. Actually, nothing screens anymore now that they’ve made the jump to 4th Ed. That jump corresponded to me putting 40k on the backburner, so I may not have the most up-to-date information.

But yeah, I’m super psyched for another DoW expansion. I like Warhammer 40k and I like RTS games, so DoW has been one of my favorite gaming experiences of the recent past.