Warhammer 40k: Final Liberation

I really enjoyed Final Liberation back in the day and I still have the original CD for it, but it’s been over ten years since I’ve even had it installed on my PC. (And I have no idea if it will even run on newer OS.)

I didn’t have any experience with 40K or the Epic tabletop system that the game was apparently built upon, but it was a decent little beer-and-pretzels wargame, from what I remember. The one big issue with the game, IIRC, was that it only allowed you to use the Imperium and the Orks – no Eldar or Tyranid.

I’m not certain that the comparisons to Panzer General are really all that appropriate here, except in a broad turn-based strategy sense. The game is basically Steel Panthers, using the same engine, with the Warhammer theme; it’s a fun and competent little game in and of itself, and those cutscenes are marvellous, but Steel Panthers isn’t for everyone.

It’s a shame that all the modding efforts to make playable Tyranids and Chaos failed.