Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

Just noticed this little item over at IGN, a new action RPG Warhammer 40K game. Unfortunately light on details, I guess because it’s a year off, but they’re calling it a “persistent sandbox action-RPG”. I really liked Space Marine and am always up for a cool new sci-fi RPG, hoping this turns out interesting.

WH:40k would be a perfect fit for a Diablo-like game imo

I would be completely down with that. If you ever played Kill Team, it was sort of, kind of Diablo-like. If you squinted just right. And kind of fun in a lightweight way.

Nice. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Interesting. It will be developed by Neocore Games, of King Arthur and Van Helsing fame. This could end up being good.

I call shotty on Eisenhorn!

Just started Van Helsing, which might give an idea of what they are doing. Tbh, theres alot from 40k in that so far, right down to enemy with chainswords and a grimdark feel.

I totally missed this a couple weeks back, but apparently there was a 15 minute gameplay demo at Gamescom, check it out.

And…delayed until 2017.

That’s a pity, the Van Helsing Trilogy is a very passable ARPG, (with an obvious 40k influence in Act II) so I have high hopes for this one.

New video detailing the open world of Martyr, and the procedurally generated levels. Also sounds like they’re going to add seasons kind of like Diablo 3 does, if I understand correctly.

Randomly generated content - check, open world - check, coop gameplay - check.

Cant wait! I am in!

Yeah, this is sounding more and more like a Warhammer 40K-themed Diablo clone - which sounds pretty ok to me!

Yeah, it looks good… but then these WH40K games always do.

I dunno… I am a rabid GW fanboi (or I was when I had enough energy to be worked up about stuff), but I have to say that the near-endless flow of Warhammer-themed games is starting to wear a bit. I mean, one out of every three is great (TW: Warhammer for instance), and that’s a really good hit-to-miss ratio for any IP, but by Gork’s Flatulent Toenail there are so MANY of them recently that the mediocre ones are starting to drown out the good ones.

I guess I am… optimistically pessimistic.

I also love me some Grimdark, but c’mon. Most of the Warhammer themed games don’t even look that good. It hasn’t seemed hard to me to weed out the lame ones.

I’m all in for a cool sci-fi Diablo clone!

But instead of that it’s darn Warhammer again… ;)

I loved these bits:

Randomly generated missions … There are than 50 different mission types … huge variety of mission types

Then they show:


It also sounds like the single player campaign doesn’t take place in the open world, as it’s set in an ‘abandoned fortress monastery’? I’m guessing this sandbox may be a bit MMO?

Lastly, it wasn’t posted here but perhaps everyone saw it anyway - a destruction and cover system video from last May:

It’s out, it’s out!

What the what? This totally sneaked up on me! You’re getting this right? I need some inside man coverage here.

I usually don’t like to dive into games at near-full price like this, but Warhammer 40K ARPG with random maps, mini campaigns and co-op? Man, it pushes so many of my buttons I might just have to.

Yeah I’d consider paying full price for this if it’s done well.