Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr


Agreed. Having fun with the game but they could have delayed it another month to launch with consoles as they said they needed to do a while ago. People would have howled but the product would have been better received with another month of QA. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.


Absolutely. I was skeptical of a miracle patch that was going to make everything so much better, which I commented on a while back when they announced they wouldn’t be releasing any more beta updates on Steam (they ended up recently one in May, though).

While the release update was no miracle patch, it exceeded my expectations, which I think were pretty closely calibrated. The game is in a state where I can enjoy it, especially once I discovered the issue with Nvidia power profile settings and was able to run the game at a good framerate, but I do hope they get some serious polish work in. Not just on bugs and performance, but overall balance, progression, etc.

A lot of it feels like a work in progress, with wires and tools and debris seen everywhere. But I can see the framework is good and if they can just get the finish work done, I think this can move from good to great.


Yeah, I’m having fun with it, and I see the framework of greatness here, or at least, really good-ness, once the wrinkles get ironed out a bit.


I have an Nvidia card and only ever had stuttering once. What are the power profile settings you mention? Thanks.


This setting here:


Optimal power is what you should want it set to, and Nvidia selects it as the default. This means that the GPU will spin down when not under load. For instance, if there’s no change on the screen, it won’t re-draw the frame. This saves on power consumption.

The issue I was running into was that the game was often running like a pig, down in the 20-30fps range. This didn’t seem to change no matter how I tweaked the in-game settings and I felt was unacceptable performance on a GTX 1080. I tweaked my setting from Optimal Power to Max Performance, and the game ran smooth as glass after that. I also heard my GPU fan kick in, which thinking back is not something I ever heard happen while playing Martyr. So clearly the GPU was not being kicked out of low-power mode like it should have been.

Since then, I noticed the problem in a few other games (although not all by any means). Once again, turning on Max Performance resulted in massively better framerates. While you can set the power profile per game, I got sick of checking it on every title and fixing it as needed, so I just changed the global setting. I’m not on a laptop running on battery or anything, so if it results in a couple extra bucks on my power bill or something so be it.


OK, thanks much.


Decided to put my Crusader on hold for a bit and play around with a Psyker. First impressions are that you get to use more skills, and he is a lot squishier so more kiting will be needed. That was expected of course. Liking the first few levels and looking forward to unlocking more skills. Not going to spec into the AoE line at least until after it gets fixed, assuming they don’t nerf it too much. Using a staff for now as it’s the best weapon I have. I’m purposely not going to use anything take feels like a Crusader weapon, even it means I miss out on something.

Just realized storage is account bound so if/when I play the Crusader again he’ll have to put some higher level Psyker gear aside rather than sell/salvage it.


My Psyker is just 22, but it’s all AoE, pretty much, except for the death beam and the constrict single-target attack. I can’t imagine playing the Psyker as anything but an AoE machine, really. He’s way too squishy for anything else, and killing stuff fast enough without AoE seems not viable. But then again, I kind of suck at it.


OK, thanks. Will look at AoE then although I’m reluctant to use the one broken skill.


What’s the broken skill?


Can’t recall the name of it but will check and edit this later. I “think” it’s Optimal Dispersion. It’s one that gives way more damage than intended, at least according to what I’ve read.

Edit - OK it is Optimal Dispersion that I read was doing way more damage than intended.


Is Optimal Dispersion something from the skill tree? I"ll have to check and see if I have it. If I don’t, I’ll definitely get it! Because the bugs are so numerous that anything that lets me get through the campaign missions on my Psyker faster is a plus.


Yes, it’s in the AoE tree. You put 5 points into the upper right part of the tree to get it. However the Emperor won’t protect you if you use a known exploit! :) I’m guessing it will get fixed in the next patch.

Link to the post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/527430/discussions/0/1696049513778233978/


Depends on if you’re a Puritan or a Radical…

In other news, the bugs, they are legion! Fiddling around with my Crusader, doing a story/priority mission. You liberate checkpoints and get reinforcements in the form of Guards. Well, they tend to get hung up on the reinforcement pylons, and cluster there forever, or all rally to a point somewhere far from where you are, but you still here their stupid and amazingly repetitive barks as if they are right next to you. Then, of course, the visual artifacts, the flickering textures and stuff start, but this time they don’t progress into full-blown geometric Armageddon. To top it all off, as I’m about to liberate the fourth and final checkpoint,a tiny message pops up about maintenance in two minutes. Um, no notice of this at log in, or whatever, as far as I could tell. So I rush, finish the mission, and as I’m collecting my rewards, get disconnected. No idea if it counted, not that it matters much at level 6 and the mission is fun anyhow. But yeah, this game has some…issues.


Maybe this is the big patch before the event starts tomorrow? And of course I have charity golf and a dinner after so no time tomorrow for the event until late if at all.


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login. We may extend maintenance if we see fit, so please be patient until servers go live again.

New Features
Steam Trading Cards are now available.
Fixed Bugs
Fixed major GFX artifacting that occurred in the Unholy Cathedral and on several Campaign missions
Fixed a crash tied to party disconnects
Fixed various additional crashes
Fixed a bunch of minor issues on Campaign maps
Revamped Cabal Quest objectives
Reset Cabal Quests
Glory Leaderboards will work properly from the next reset onwards
Added an auto item refund feature that is triggered when players enter the Command Bridge or open their Stash
Fixed a dupe method with the stash
The Burnished Weaponry perk now works and displays values correctly
Fixed the Psychic Retribution Heroic Deed
Fixed an issue where changing languages reset controls
Fixed the Scourged by the Warp Heroic Deed
Fixed a bug where players could not talk to Ragna to start Chapter 4
Several localization improvements across all supported languages
Fixed a stuck supply crate for the 5th Black Legion mission
Fixed a stuck inoculator crate for the 4th Alpha Legion mission
Fixed the last mission of the Seeds of Corruption investigation
Meme Virus now works properly
Fixed infinite artillery charges on the Feral Beasts Siege map
Ragna and Omikron no longer offers to sell/craft higher level items than intended
Fixed a missing string for Chaos Sorcerers
Fixed a missing string for Chaos Space Marine Champions
Fixed a typo on one of the loading screens
Fixed Void Shield tooltip to state the correct value, 2000
Fixed a Typo in Omikron’s dialogs
Fixed missing Bunker names
Fixed terminology for skill resources in Assassin and Psyker Skill trees
Fixed Stealth + Flashlight display issue with the Assassin
Fixed double skill tags in tooltips
Fixed Rank display on Social panel
Fixed missing icon/name for Warp Anomaly and Psychic Escalation
Some baseline resolutions will now be available without any condition
Character Window received some polishing
Added -novid launch parameter
Added new sounds for several enemies
Reduced Nurgle Pustule regeneration significantly
Adjusted Multiplayer difficulty curve
Some enemy Regen spells will now be interrupted when they are hit


Apparently the are some Crusader skills/perks that you can pick that will result in a Crusader that cannot be killed. I expect some nerfs to be coming, but I guess that is par for the course for these games.


Sounds like a good start on the Augean stables. To be fair, there is so much stuff in a game like this, and so many combinations that players can come up with, that this sort of patching is probably an ongoing thing. It will diminish over time as the most egregious stuff gets fixed, but it’ll never go away.


Just had my first crash. A message popped up saying the game had crashed and that it was reported. The minimized game icon was still there so I clicked on it and the game came back up for a second where I had left off, but then it just closed the window.


Not sure what happened with the patch, but my performance is now slowed down and choppy where it wasn’t before.